LOL: Woman Tries To Get Pro-Trump Pizza Place Canceled…It Backfires Horribly

(Right Country) – There is a very odd phenomenon happening during this, the Age of Trump.

Those who don’t support Trump, the sitting President of the United States who was duly elected by the American people, believe that it is somehow offensive to support Trump. Who, one again…is the President of our nation.

You can hate his politics and even him as much as you want…you’ve got to be crazy to think it’s offensive to hate a man who won a national election.

And if a business is owned by someone who does support Trump, why, this is still a free country. You’re perfectly entitled to take your business elsewhere.

God bless America.

Well, one triggered New Yorker has apparently never even considered such a possibility because, after visiting a Long Island pizza joint and discovering, to her horror, a Trump flag, she decided the whole place needed to get canceled.

Only…her Facebook campaign to do so kind of backfired.

Fox Business reports:

A Long Island, New York pizza shop owner is speaking out after he was canceled for flying a Trump flag in the back of his store.

In a Thursday interview on “Varney & Co.” with host Stuart Varney, Patio Pizza owner Guy Caligiuri explained that a woman who had come into store last Friday night to pick up an order noticed his flag and “took offense” after one of Caligiuri’s employees explained it was his.

The customer then announced that she was the administrator of a Facebook page and would post about the encounter on the social media platform with the intent of driving Patio Pizza out of business.

“I’ve been in business for 43 years and I’ve seen a lot,” said Caligiuri. “And, I just took it in stride… I just ignored it, basically.”

However, a short time later, the restauranteur recalled his phone began to ring with calls about “this woman who had posted nasty things about me online and was asking the [St. James] community to boycott Patio Pizza.”

But to Caligiuri’s surprise, on the following morning, New Yorkers from all over Long Island came to Patio Pizza, vocalizing their support for his business and for the president.

“They supported our president. They support the flag that I had hanging in the back of my store,” he recalled.


  1. Great advertising for the pizza place! Thanks woman! You’re an idiot but we’ll take the publicity and the increase in business!

  2. somebody should punch that cunt in the mouth and then tie her to a telephone pole in front of the store… that’s what she deserves…

  3. Praise God! We pray for an honest outcome of voting this November, we come against all evil tactics to hamper legal voting in Jesus name expose any irregularities!

  4. Ahh freedom , it seems to be misunderstood by many on the left and also the underlying deep support for Trump also misunderstood. Let freedom and the American Sprit carry this election to such an overwhelming victory that losers like the Facebook tattle tale hide under a rock .

  5. What a sad little girl. Her life must be as small as her hate is large. Shows the left has very few adults on its voting base. Glad the residents showed their support for the Pizza Place……..well done.

  6. Looks like New York isn’t a total lose. But let us see what happens in November if De Blasio and AOC are re-elected.

  7. DeBiasio, AOC, Pelosi, Schumer, Hillary, Schiff, and Creepy old Biden on and on…should all be tried for treason. They are trying to take over our government, and change it to a Socialist, Communist government. What is wrong with you people, who want to vote away your freedom, your rights, your love of this country as we know it, just because you don’t like Trump…The question is DO YOU LOVE YOUR COUNTRY OR NOT? Pretty simple…The one thing that Trump does have over all these Socialistic idiots is this fact…HE LOVES AMERICA AND HE WILL ALWAYS CHOSE AMERICA OVER ANYTHING…ALWAYS. So get over it…or you will be losing the very essence of freedom. Biden and Pelosi, AOC, and the rest, hate America, hate its citizens, and have only greed in their minds. Control and greed. Beware America. If I were Trump, I would be bringing the lot of them to court for a court martial, and a hanging in Times Square. Its all they deserve…

      • What really gets me is their audacity. They truly think that they can control everything and everyone. We have absolutely got to support these businesses that are being attacked.

    • Would you kindly add to the list of “Charges”, Anarchy , Subversive Activities , Sedition, and Activities to Overthrow the Government. All need a “Military Tribunal” under Military rules. This would take place in Gitmo, and of course , if guilty , Immediate Death by Firing squad.

    • Well said fellow patriotic citizen ; America suddenly is being saturated with traitors, illegals , violent criminals ,true racist , all agents of death and destruction by Dems, Soros, Left , Media . How and when all this happened to good old peaceful America ??!! When the demons and traitors like J. Carter , Bushes, Clintons , Shitbama were (by cheating ) put into White House , they sold , betrayed , destroyed America and good old loyal to America nations like the Kingdom of Iran to terrorist Islamic Regime, Venezuela to evil Maduro , etc etc. We the freemen /women of America must take over and stand strong 100%+ behind Prs. Trump to save badly damaged and endangered America and clean up the swamp/sewage asap .

  8. Congratulations Patio Pizza for standing your ground!! More companies need to do this and support our president instead of giving into the negativity and chaos that has been created just because we as Americans support Trump and fly this flag along with the American flag. If I lived in your area I would stand on the corners and praise you for standing up for your beliefs. Everyone needs to get out and vote and not be afraid to speak their mind in support of our president!! We need many more like Patio Pizza!!!!!

  9. It amazes me that someone from the far left can will put her way to push hate, they don’t believe is free to have their believes. These people only believe we have to follow what they say and NOW. What makes this whole process hilarious is the the can’t even come up with their ideals they follow these young that were raised and taught by OUR far left universities. Family is the center of what’s right and it’s a unfortunately a fact that too many men of various colors would rather chase other unfortunate things instead of THEIR own wife and children which should be the center of their universe!

  10. Hmm, am I the only one (hopefully not) that has noticed that it is always the lefties who get ‘triggered’ and seek to destroy legitimate businesses for DARING to support DJT and/or the Republic (IOW being patriotic)? Can anyone cite a single instance of anyone on the right trying to get a business destroyed because that business supported the ‘wrong’ politician.
    BTW, in the same tone, name one republican led city that is experiencing the riots er um ‘peaceful demonstrations’ that are common in democRAT ruined er um run cities across the Republic.

  11. I live in Queens I am happy that you are supporting Trump he is the only person that can save our country and the people that believe And respect the American flag And believe to work hard believe that all lives mater not believing in Destruction believes in construction we are for police funding not police haters if it’s not police around we will not be able to go to work or go to visit your friends and relatives so patio pizza live forever and someday I will come to visit after November 3dr I will need your address just in case I don’t find on google google is Trumps enemy

  12. I have you address I will come and have pizza with eggplant mushrooms green-red peppers thank you for your support for America and our President the best ever in White House no. One I mean no one can come close this is the most important election ever in my life time I have cancer but I just want to stay a life and see Trump win and after that in god’s hands and don’t matter any more god bless America and God bless Trump and his Supporters and I hope that was a lesson to that customer that supports radical left to have some respect for American president that was elected by people that loves America

  13. Finally new yorkers are waking up if it could only happen in the whole northeast. If i was close i would by a pizza as well nothing like a NY Pizza the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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