Looks Like Trouble In Portland Antifa Paradise As “Peaceful” Protestors Turn On Each Other

(Right Country) – Looks like trouble is beginning to brew in liberal dystopia paradise. On Tuesday night, rioters gathered yet again in Portland, Oregon, in a continuation of violence and civil unrest that has plagued the far-left city for months. The majority of the aggression has been aimed at law enforcement agencies and anyone else who makes it known that they do not agree with the radical Marxist groups Black Lives Matter and Antifa.

Tuesday night saw a second night of rioters gathered near the Penumbra Kelly Building, which is the location of several law enforcement agencies. According to Breitbart, around 75 riots showed up and the street had to be closed due to several from the group dancing mosh pit-style in the street blocking traffic.

The rioters also engaged in other peaceful activities, such as lighting and throwing an explosive mortar at the Penumbra Kelly Building and attempting to enter it, which resulted in arrests being made.

According to a press release by the Portland Police:

A lit commercial grade firework was thrown towards the property by someone in the group. The firework landed near several police cars parked in the lot.

For several hours the group continued to block traffic in both directions on East Burnside Street at East 47th Avenue. At around 12:18 a.m., members of the group entered onto the property of the Penumbra Kelly Building and were arrested.

By 1 a.m. the group mostly dispersed into the neighborhood.

That wasn’t all of the pleasant and tranquil activities of the night, however. The Portland Police Bureau issued a report detailing a peaceful shooting that occurred earlier in the night during the protest involving two rioters:

On September 22, 2020, at approximately 10:30 p.m., East Precinct officers responded to the 4400 block of Northeast Glisan Street on reports of a shooting. Officers arrived on scene and learned there had been a physical altercation between two subjects. The altercation led one of the subjects to fire a gun towards the other subject. The subject was struck by gunfire and subsequently a business was hit with gunfire as well. Both subjects were transported to an area hospital by ambulance. Both subjects sustained serious but non-life threatening injuries.

Prior to this incident, both subjects were participants in a group that gathered at Laurelhurst Park and marched to the Penumbra Kelly Building located in the 4700 block of East Burnside Street.

The carnage continues in Portland where gun violence is ramping up. As Breitbart points out, Portland was the site of a fatal shooting last month in which an Antifa supporter killed a member of the Patriot Prayer group. The Antifa supporter was later subsequently shot and killed by police when they attempted to apprehend him and he became aggressive.

These radical rioters continue to prove exactly why Attorney General Barr has named Portland as one of three “anarchist jurisdictions” in the US. Oregon’s Democrat Governor Kate Brown has refused assistance from the federal government to stop the violence and riots despite the fact that Portland’s Mayor Ted Wheeler has recently asked for the help. For Brown, proving how much she hates President Trump is far more important than the safety and security of her constituents.


  1. It’s time to arrest the incompetent,worthless, mayor, and governor for not doing the job they were elected to do, can’t do your job,step down, or get thrown out.

    • Don’t blame the incompetent, worthless, mayor and the governor they are doing the job the people elected them to do or else they would have recall partitions submitted and would have thrown these bums out or maybe they should have done a little research on the candidates instead of just voting party. People sometime get the form of government they deserve instead of the government they want.

  2. Whatever happened to the “Rule of Law?” When someone steps forward with the unquestionable authority to do so, this nonsense, rioting, burning and disregard for all authority would be summarily terminated, in my opinion. It brings to mind, “One person said, ‘I speak the truth.'” “Jesus Christ said, ‘I am the truth.'” So be it!

  3. The state and local government need to be suspended from there duties until they can be broth into a court hearing based on the facts that they have not giving sufficient assets to protect the citizens and property of the government and citizens that they took an oath to protect when they were sworn into office . The federal and other state and local representatives need to govern in the meantime . This is crucial to our way of life and to our government to segregate peaceful protest from anarchy and violence against our citizens .

  4. Sad that the writer thinks a mosh pit is protestors turning on each other. This reduces the reliability of the website. And I am easily as right wing as anyone can be.

  5. If we wait long enough, maybe they’ll continue to shoot each other until they are gone – you can only hope. These are the slugs dragging down society.

  6. Don’t tell anyone that I was born in Portland, Oregon………it is an embarrassment to me. AND now I’m embarrassed to admit I have lived in California most of my life. NP, her nephew the CA governor, MW, the LA mayor, and that San Francisco is now the poop capitol of the US are some of the reasons I’m embarrassed. CA used to be a beautiful state, a wonderful place to live. But if you own a gas station, want to keep a car &/or truck that runs on gas, if NP’s nephew has his way, by 2035 you won’t be able to buy a gas run car or truck in CA. Anyone else want to move out of CA? We can form a caravan.

  7. Gee two thugs arguing and then shooting each other- imagine that! Maybe Portland should set up a “Peaceful Protest Zone “ where they pull all the law abiding citizens out,refuse to send the police and let the protesters go ape shit- maybe they’ll eventually kill each other off. Better yet, set it up around the governor’s residence and see how long it takes her to screech for help. Just goes to show that a lot of these so called “protesters” could care less about what the legitimate demonstrators are there for- they see an opportunity to loot, steal,destroy property and do whatever else they want, including killing each other. The Federal government should tell the governor to go to hell and put a stop to this BS but with the election so close it won’t happen. Another thing to remember in November- Biden won’t do anything and would probably forget if asked for help…

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