Love Wins? Outspoken Conservative UNCW Professor Was Forced To Retire, Now Look Where He Is…

(Right Country) – Apparently, now, being a Trump supporter is reason enough for someone to be killed. The left has truly lost their minds. The supposed party of “love” and “tolerance” has officially gone off the deep-end and is now murdering people who support the President. This is how love wins, evidently.

Mike Adams, an outspoken University of North Carolina Wilmington criminology professor, was forced to retire after posting tweets that the University deemed to be too controversial. Thursday, he was found dead at his apartment during a welfare check. What a coincidence.

Adams, a professor of criminology, was found dead inside his home during a welfare check around 2 p.m., according to Jerry Brewer, the public information officer for the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office.

New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office public information officer, Jerry Brewer, said an investigation into the professor’s death is ongoing, as CNN reported.

BizPac Review has more:

The author of “Feminists Say the Darndest Things: A Politically Incorrect Professor Confronts ‘Womyn’ on Campus,” Adams was set to retire next week on August 1 — the UNCW announced in June that Adams would be retiring after a series of tweets stirred students.

The Office of University Relations on behalf of the Division of Academic Affairs at UNCW released a statement on Adams’ death:

“It is with sadness that we share the news that the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office is conducting a death investigation involving Dr. Mike Adams, professor of criminology. Please keep his friends and loved ones in your thoughts. Students may call the University Counseling Center (910.962.3746) for grief support; faculty and staff can seek support through the Employee Assistance Program.”

In the spirit of President Donald Trump, Adams did not mince words when tweeting, which didn’t sit well with social justice warriors on campus.

In late May, he referred to North Carolina’s Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper to “massa,” after the state moved into phase two of reopening.

“This evening I ate pizza and drank beer with six guys at a six seat table top,” Adams tweeted. “I almost felt like a free man who was not living in the slave state of North Carolina. Massa Cooper, let my people go!”

Adams also tweeted that those rioting over the killing of Floyd were “thugs looking for an opportunity to break the law with impunity.”

The news outlets eager to report on that tweet rarely note he also tweeted: “Police departments need to relieve anyone using the kind of neck restraint that was used on George Floyd.”

Adams also called Cooper out for his hypocrisy over the protests that saw plenty of violence.

The day before, Adams tweeted: “Don’t shut down the universities. Shut down the non essential majors. Like Women’s Studies.”

While you can imagine how that went over, the tweet was surely more of a statement about how women’s studies is dominated by radical left activists than it was a protest of women’s education.

A petition was eventually started that called for his removal which gained over 120,000 signatures. Having an opinion in 21st century woke America is an extremely dangerous thing if it goes against the party of “tolerance” and “love.”

UNCW released a statement calling his tweets “vile and inexcusable” which is completely absurd when you consider the actual vile and inexcusable things liberals tweet on a regular basis.

“We are listening to the outrage being expressed regarding the vile and inexcusable comments made by a UNCW faculty member,” the school said in the release. “However, we are not just listening; we can confirm we are very carefully and assertively reviewing our options in terms of how to proceed. We are not able to comment further at this time, as this is a personnel matter.”

Now the professor is dead. What kind of world are we living in? Having conservative opinions, or even just factual ones, are cause for ruination. This is completely insane. America has had enough of the left’s “love.”


  1. “When GOOD becomes EVIL , and EVIL becomes GOOD “. And you say the Bible is a fairy tale . This is ONE indication that the END is soon to be. There will be Tribulation for 3 1/2 years , then the end.
    Rave on children of darkness. YOUR time is near.

  2. I think that UNCW’s statements regarding Dr. Adam’s exercise of his first amendment rights were uncalled for and supported intolerance (and hatred) of Dr. Adam. . Apparently there is a “cabal” of leftist at UNCW who cannot tolerate free speech that does not toe the liberal (Communistic) party line ! Wake up American, understand where this uncivil behavior (riots, looting arson, assaults, killings) is taking you in “establishing a more (in-) tolerable social order”. WOW, we have deviated a long way from when I was in College, and for the WORSE ! ! !

  3. The left wish to take away our 2nd amendment rights so it will be easier then to take away our 1st amendment rights. Hopefully we will still have our 5th amendment rights because when we stand up for the other two…we will need the 5th amendment in our court appearance.


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