Major: Did President Trump Ban Mike Pence Chief Of Staff From White House?

(Right Country) – President Trump has seemingly been completely left alone to fight the good fight for election integrity in America.

Those around him who have supposedly been loyal to him over the duration of his first term, have proven to be wolves in sheep’s clothing, including Vice President Mike Pence.

The VP had the power to send the slates of electors from contested states back to these states so that their legislatures could make the ultimate call, which would have been far more constitutional than Pence claiming the Constitution “constrained him” from exerting “unilateral authority” over the election.

It’s important to note that nobody ever asked Mike Pence to decide the election all on his own. The request was simply to defer back to the state’s and allow the legislatures the opportunity to take action the way in which they saw fit.

Also worth noting, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Arizona all sent letters to Washington DC ahead of the joint session pleading for more time to investigate what happened in their states.

Mike Pence, apparently, had no problem exercising “unilateral authority” in denying these state’s that opportunity. Pence had no problem exerting “unilateral authority” in denying these state legislatures their constitution rights.

Now rumors are swirling that President Trump has banned Mike Pence’s Chief of Staff Marc Short from the White House and said that he is “not welcome” for advising Pence against Trump’s request.

Just so it’s crystal clear, there was nothing inappropriate about the request President Trump made to Mike Pence for handling the contested electoral slates. It would have been most appropriate to defer back to the state’s but it appears that Mike Pence is no less a swamp creature than Barack Obama himself.

Pence has stuck the knife in 74 million American’s back and history will not forget. If President Trump did, in fact, ban Pence’s Chief of Staff, who could blame him?

If Short had advised Pence to literally do nothing in the face of corruption and the stolen election, Short is as guilty as those on the left who actually stole the election. He doesn’t deserve to be welcome into the White House.

Nonetheless, Short was reportedly spotted at the White House Thursday indicating that most likely this was just a rumor, likely started by some leftist to effectively kick President Trump while he’s down.

The left never misses an opportunity to make Trump look as awful and authoritarian as possible.

President Trump did blast Mike Pence for not having the “courage to do what should have been done to protect our Country and our Constitution.” I think at least 74 million Americans agree that the states should have been given the chance to correct their slates of electors, if appropriate.

Any reasonable American concerned with election integrity would have to agree.

Mike Pence let us all down and now our Republic is in grave danger.

Copyright 2020.

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  1. Mr. President I feel so bad how you been treated and I fear and pray for you and your family of what may happen if you don’t stop this steal if the election, please don’t stop fighting. Get these traitors in jail. Is martial law an option

  2. Rigged for sure and someone has to pay. I say that the 6 million patriots that bought guns this past year ban together as an army and go through each state eliminating the socialist dems. I’ll join you.

  3. President Trump,
    You are an amazing President and I support you whole heartedly. It’s a disgrace the way some of those closest to you in your own administration have not stood by you and have not done what is right for America. I’m ashamed of your VP, more than anyone else. My prayers are with you, your family and those who STILL stand with you.

  4. Dear Mr. President, America loves you and your family. You have done the MOST for us than any other in history. We are behind you and will always pray for you. I cry for the way all of these nasty evil people have treated you. Your VP turned out to be as Bad as the rest of them. Shameful !! I can’t believe that he can even show his face. We will always be here for you! God is on your side❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸👍. You’re the best!!

  5. President Trump, go to Texas. Give them them the go ahead to secede as they’ve already indicated and run the show from there. Texas does not need the US. The US does need Texas. Texas would need a President and nobody would be better. He’s already proven to be the best we’ve ever had. If Texas should secede, I have no doubt other Southern and Southwestern states would follow suit. Anyone who complains that we should never destroy the Union is deluded! The commie Dems have already accomplished this feat. The new nation could adopt the original Constitution as their own because our own government has thrown it out the window. They no longer abide by it’s laws and do not want it.

  6. I am so worried about where we are going with this new corrupt government and all the lies the liberals are spewing now that they have their way. I am also worried about President Trump and his family in the days going forward. I have some relatives and friends that are crazed with their beliefs against Trump. Face Book is loaded with lies and they don’t stop that, just our posts, SAD!

  7. I am disappointed that President Trump (in my opinion) was robbed of his second term. I love Mike Pence, and have the utmost respect for him. If that was the case,that there were states requesting via letters, then V.P. Pence should have brought those letters out in the open at the beginning of the session. As the president of the Senate that would be his right, and if those letters where presented and read, then the senate would have had no choice but to send the states that requested back to them. This way President Trump would not be blamed for pressuring V.P. Pence to make this decision. Please remember V.P. Pence has been the most loyal supporter of President Trump, even when the President did some (again in my opinion) really stupid things.

  8. I’m praying for you every day to find a way to stand strong fight against this Evil Corrupt machine We need you to save our Country and our Democracy and for all of the good people who love this country You are our only hope


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