Major Red Flag: After A Month And A Half, Why Has The Name Of Ashli Babbitt’s Killer Still Not Been Released?

(Right Country) – The left has made it plainly clear that the only deaths that matter are those of minorities who are suspected of committing crime.

When George Floyd was killed in May of 2020, all hell broke loose in the United States and it went on for months. Yes, a police officer kneeled on Floyd’s neck in Minneapolis for 8 whole minutes and in the end Floyd died.

Nevermind the fact that Floyd was a suspected criminal and his autopsy revealed that he had both fentanyl and methamphetamine in his system at the time of his death.

Floyd was anything but a stand-up, law-abiding citizen and it seems more likely that his unsavory lifestyle caught up with him rather than systemic racism in America.

Nonetheless, this is the narrative that we have all been forced to swallow. “No justice, no peace.” Anytime a black individual is shot by police it turns into a national controversy despite the fact that in most of the circumstances the “victims” were either refusing to comply with police orders, behaving in an aggressive manner, attempting to run, or is armed.

This is all, of course, after they had already been suspected of other crimes, hence the whole reason for encountering police.

When a white woman is shot and killed who was doing nothing aggressive and had not been suspected of committing any other crimes, the left eagerly brushes that under the rug.

Such is the case with Ashli Babbitt. In the video of Babbitt’s shooting death, everyone can clearly see she was not doing anything at all that warranted her being shot viciously in the neck by law enforcement.

Not only have there been no violent riots or calls for “justice,” the name of the officer who shot Babbitt has still not been released to the public. In the George Floyd case, four police officers were fired the very next day after Floyd’s death.

Meanwhile, the killer of Ashli Babbitt, an Air Force veteran, remains under anonymity.

Ashli Babbitt was unarmed and the video of her just prior to her death shows she wasn’t doing much of anything inside the Capitol building. If anything, it appears as though she was caught up in the chaos and madness of the event.

Despite the fact that Democrats’ and RINOs rushed to blame Trump for the “insurrection” attempt and impeach him a second time, there is very little factual information available concerning what really happened on Jan. 6.

However, we do seem to know that authorities and government officials had prior knowledge that an attack was being planned. They did nothing. Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnell and DC Mayor Muriel Bowser are among those who knew and took no action.

If anyone bears responsibility for the deaths of Ashli Babbitt and three other Trump supporters it’s these politicians who knew and did nothing for political gain.

We still don’t know who shot Ashli Babbitt and now that it’s been over a month, it’s certainly starting to look awfully suspicious that this information is still being withheld.

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  1. LET’S FACE the FACTS here; the WHOLE Freeking mess is nothing more then “DUBIOUS” BULL$#!&!! That is the way it is! These people who went after th7e election and stole thge same put this event uop to keep people thinging oon this matter when the real matter was something more sinister, and eventual, GOVT TAKEOVER! PLEASE, don’t give me a line of “THIS CAN’T Happen, our govt wouldn’t do this etc etc! To that I say the H E DOUBKE Hockey Sticks they wouldn’t! This govt uses EVERY EVENT of disaster to “USURP” and cling to more and MORE Govt control and power! EVERY time any event, i.e. Twin Towers and ever Hurricane or stock market crash or now, the COVID event, always leads to USURPING of more and more power! The NOOSE TIGHTENS, and CLOSES< and leads to eventual takeover! Communism is NIT RED or any Color, it's GREED! IT IS the LAST, FINAL, and WORSE system of Govt on this planet!

  2. Truly amazing…. we have an American that was shot at point blank range – we have the video, and we can’t find or name the shooter..??

    It took 3 big cops 6 minutes to finally get Floyd into the back seat of the Police SUV, only then did he make it to the ground — that video was held for 3 MONTHS, it was held back by a black prosecutor.. meanwhile the country was set ablaze.

  3. I saw that video and if you watch the suited hand come from in the shadows he was picking his target before he stepped out and when he did he shot her at point blank range, not once but twice… a deliberate kill shot. The cop in riot gear standing right behind her was as blown away as everyone else that this happened, so much so that he raised his weapon at the shooter as if to say ” WTF Man!” I was sickened by what I saw, not so much of the fact that some one was killed, but how calculated and cold it was that it was a deliberate kill shot. My question is what was the purpose…there was no call for it whatsoever and the cops in riot gear knew it, they were just as shook up as anyone near her.

    • No coincidence that he was “filmed” by Sullivan who got to the front of the line:

  4. This is just another stake in our constitution. You see the double standard. Nobody has been tried in all the gov. scandals yet and none will be if they are democrats. When are we going to stand up to the corrupt polititions? Are we going to wait until they wreck our country? Everyone says wait till the 2022 election. We already see how much damage they have done in just a month. We cannot wait. Now is the time to take down the tyrants like Jefferson said.

  5. The only reason that woman was killed is so they had proof that a least one of the people in the capital building was a Trump supporter.

    • No coincidence that he was “filmed” by Sullivan who got to the front of the line:


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