Man In Hospital With Coronavirus Destroys Liberal Narrative Against Trump For Suggestion Of Hydroxycholorquine As Possible Treatment

(Right Country) – We are living in some very strange, very dire days in modern America, thanks in large part to the coronavirus that is sweeping the nation, leaving a path of destruction in its wake. Not only is this virus making folks deathly ill — literally in many cases — but it is also destroying our economy by forcing businesses to shut down and whole communities and states to go on lockdown.

However, what’s truly mind-blowing is how liberals have refused to ban together with those who think differently about politics than they do and opt to help ease the suffering of others by coming together as one people. Instead, Democrats have been using this whole situation as a political weapon to attack President Trump, no matter what decisions he makes or things he says.

A good case in point is when Trump mentioned that hydroxycholorquine could be used as a potential treatment for the coronavirus as it has been tested on some patients with a 100 percent success rate. Trump noted that those who have the virus could talk to their doctor about using the medication to treat the illness, noting the FDA would approve the off label use of the medicine.

The left then began to attack him over this, stating that the FDA had done no such thing. Then when a couple wrongly ingested a poison thinking it was the prescription drug Trump had mentioned — it was actually fish tank cleaner — and one of them died, the media again pointed the finger at the president.

Well, Jay Forman, a man who became ill with the coronavirus earlier this month, is exploding these narratives. Forman was given hydroxycholorquine and it saved his life.

Here’s more from Gateway Pundit:

Jay Forman became very ill earlier this month and tested positive for the coronavirus. He went to the hospital on March 16th with a fever and a cough. The doctor gave him Motrim and a cough medicine and sent him home. After he went home he got progressively worse.

By last Friday Jay was in bad shape and had to go back to the hospital. He had a 102 degree temperature was coughing and couldn’t speak and couldn’t breathe.

Then the doctors gave him hydroxychloroquine on Saturday morning and a Z-Pak. Four days later his fever broke and he has no symptoms. He was released from the hospital on Thursday morning.

Laura Ingraham: Before you got the hydroxychloroquine you felt you were going in a really bad direction?

Jay Forman: Absolutely. I think the hydroxychoroquine and the Z-Pak definitely saved my life.

Laura Ingraham: And what do you think of governors who are saying doctors cannot prescribe it in off-label use if it’s not part of a controlled study…?

Jay Forman: They have to do what they have to do to save people’s lives! I’m laying in the bed in the hospital and I’m watching President Trump saying this can possibly can work. And I’m living proof! I’m on the TV now with you!

Isn’t it strange that you haven’t heard any other major mainstream media outlet report on this story? Have you noticed how quickly they jumped all over the couple taking poison bit? You see, the left are political opportunists. The only thing they care about is their own agenda. They do not care for the “little people” as they claim to. It’s all about grabbing power for themselves and winning elections.

If the media cared at all about the truth, they would’ve noted the couple who took the fish tank cleaner misidentified a chemical used in the substance as a medication that Trump clearly specified as needing to come by prescription from a doctor. And if the truth were important to these people, they would report on this man, Jay Forman, and his success with the drug.


Because it would give folks a little bit of hope and back up the studies done so far that say this medication is helpful for those with COVID-19.



  1. Very interesting to note that some democrat governors feel qualified to preempt a physician’s recommendations and medication for a patient.

  2. I think this is such a despicable unconscionable story it sickens me reading this. Do you honestly think that Dems want to smother good news and see people die-cause it would make Trump look bad? Are Dems mothers, fathers, grandparents, Drs m, adult children not dying by the hundreds too? This Pandemic doesn’t distinguish who’s political party anyone is from-and if there was a miracle pill-it would be handed out to save lives and touted so that overstressed health workers and first responders could get even a moments rest. They’re in hospitals sacrificing their own lives to save others. You think DOCTORS would keep it hidden?
    Dr Fauci said they’re doing trials and right now and it showed some promise BUT most did NOT result in success. Maybe getting your head out of FOX might help. He was talking on CNN with a chart. Two patients out of 20 became wel-finally. That’s why they need testing! Vaccines can have good and lots can have bad results. Trump telling about this chemical ( in malaria pills) needs sorting out and this unfortunate couple whose husband died-took the fish tank cleaned because it TOO has that same chemical in it! Trump talks and people believe it-which is why claiming for weeks this pandemic was a HOAX stalled everything including response so people began to die amid his false rhetoric. Just like this Ingram disgusting partisan garbage about Dems gloating over Trump failings. We’d all be cheering in the streets. What an abomination! Glad this guy recovered except for his brain which must be in the gutter

  3. susan, you are nothing more than another liberal HACK. Trump NEVER said the virus was a hoax. he said the medea talking points were a hoax..Get your DAMN facts strait. CNN, MSNBC, and the likes are Trump haters who work only to destroy the president. I didn’t vote for Trump, but he is the PRESIDENT. And like all you liberals told us when Obama was elected “GET OVER IT”, i’m telling you now “GET THE HELL OVER IT”.

  4. In Ohio, we just got this from the State Medical Board:
    Pursuant to paragraph (B) of rule 4729-5-30.2, the Pharmacy Board’s Executive Director, in consultation with the Pharmacy Board President have authorized the dispensing of chloroquine or hydroxychloroquine for presumptive positive patients for either of the following:
    For use as part of a documented institutional review board-approved clinical trial to evaluate the safety and efficacy of the drugs to treat COVID-19. Prescriptions must include documentation that the patient is enrolled in a clinical trial.
    For the continuation of inpatient treatment for COVID-19 using chloroquine or hydroxychloroquine for patients discharged from a hospital. The prescriber shall be required to notate on the prescription that the patient has been discharged from the hospital and the prescription shall be for no more than a fourteen-day supply.

    So only if you have been prescribed it in the hospital. The excuse they give is they are afraid there will not be enough for the people that have SLE and other diseases. What a bunch of crap!! There are plenty of other drugs that can be used for those conditions if need be.


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