Mark Levin Shuts Down WaPo Report Of Corporate Memo Seeking To Silence The Likes Of Shapiro, Bongino

(Right Country) – The leftist mainstream media are desperate to totally and completely shut down conservative news outlets and personalities. They’re now, apparently, even making up stories with what appears to be the goal of making popular, high-profile conservatives appear to be rogue conspiracy theorists.

A Washington Post reporter ran a story in which she claimed that Cumulus Media, a talk-radio network that features conservative commentators like Mark Levin, Ben Shapiro, and Dan Bongino, sent out a memo threatening to fire any talk-radio personalities who continue to question the 2020 election outcome.

The WaPo “journalist” alleged that Cumulus Media, along with its syndication entity Westwood One, sent out an internal memo in which they said “We need to help induce national calm NOW.”

The supposed memo allegedly went on to say that the company “will not tolerate” any further suggestions of election fraud or that the election has not ended. It purportedly said that the “election has been resolved” and anyone continuing to dispute this “can expect to separate from the company immediately.”

This report was, however, immediately disputed by well-known legal scholar and conservative talk-radio host Mark Levin. Levin insists he has never received any memo like this and that if he had he would have made sure the world knew about it.

Levin has been very outspoken in his criticism of Democrat officials in key battleground states who he insists unconstitutionally weakened ballot verification procedures without the approval of the state legislatures. He has claimed repeatedly that because of this unconstitutional behavior rampant irregularities and statistical anomalies in the election resulted.

If this memo is legit it would mean that yet another corporation has succumbed to the pressure to please left-wing activists and advertisers while protecting their brand in the wake of the siege on the Capitol on January 6.

Levin, however, says he never received the supposed memo.

“I never received that memo, and my crew never received that memo. This story is done by a reporter who has never spoken to me – ever.”

Levin further stated that had he received the memo, “I would make sure the entire nation would hear about it…I would like a correction and an apology from the Post, but I won’t hold my breath.”

A producer for Ben Shapiro’s show, Jeremy Boreing, also spoke out debunking the Washington Post’s story saying that “Cumulus is not Ben’s employer and hasn’t told Ben jack sh*t about what he can or cannot say on air. Also, Ben never said the election was stolen.”

Dan Bongino has yet to speak out about whether or not he received the memo but it would appear, for now, as though the Washington Post story was some kind of propaganda aimed at furthering the idea that talk-radio commentators can have their own opinions as long as they fall within what is acceptable according to corporate mandates.

Perhaps the writer of the Post story simply wishes Cumulus would send out such a memo and thus attempted to write it into fruition.

Who knows. One thing is for sure, however, and that is that we can’t trust a thing the leftist mainstream media outlets put out there.

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  1. Perhaps this apparently unidentified ‘writer’ is the one that needs to be worried about their job. This sort of ‘reporting’ is likely borderline character assassination at the very least – or maybe libelous conduct.

  2. It’s happening even in the Red State of Tennessee. The local NBC station Channel 4 News has attacked a local pastor for attending the January 6 Trump Rally in D.C. The facts are pastor Steve Berger was in Washington on other planned business and walked through the plaza to see the event for himself. The channel four reporter accused him of being part of it while also associating Pastor Berger with Tennessee’s Republican Governor in order to atrack the Governor. The liberal MSM have unleashed their minions at every level to accuse and attack ALL conservative Republicans. How far can they push before conservatives fight back? Be prepared.

  3. I believe some reporters will ‘jump ship’ if the word comes down to being put on notice over any words that are spoken of; “Un-constitutional” like behavior in the ranks of our trusted people that have been placed in gov. offices to run this nation. I think the protest rally worked very well to let the democrats know that it’s “WE the PEOPLE” not them “The democrats” that are in charge of our democracy and deciding the good of this country.

  4. If you want to know the truth about our what is going on in the Federal Government, listen / watch Mark Levin, Dan Bongino, and Ben Shapiro !
    TRUTH has only a few outlets and we, outside the beltway, need to know what the federalis are doing. Knowing over the last 4 years was easy, they only tried to tear down our elected President and did nothing constructive !
    Thank you Pres.Trump for accelerating the CCP virus vaccine !


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