Massive Protest Ensues After Connecticut Makes This Absurd Decision On High School Football Season

(Right Country) – The coronavirus continues to plague America, but not in the sense that the government wants us to think. The number of cases continues to drop and even fewer people are dying or being hospitalized. Yet, we are still being forced to live under absurd Draconian lockdown rules as if the black plague were loose in America.

The rules and decisions being made by Democratic leaders in states all across the country are not only oppressive and unfair but they aren’t being backed by any kind of credible science or medical data at all.

The latest in totally unfair and infuriating decisions comes from Connecticut where all-knowing and benevolent state leaders have decided that allowing the state’s youth to play football would just be too dangerous so they cancelled the 2020 season entirely.

Connecticut has the 3rd lowest rate of the coronavirus and while football is being played in other states like Texas and Florida, not to mention professionally in every state with a team, high school students in Connecticut are going to be deprived of their season.

Needless to say, the folks of Connecticut aren’t happy with this nonsense decision and they showed up in big numbers to the state’s capitol to protest. In a video tweeted late Wednesday by Dave Briggs, you can see parents, players, and coaches gathered together at a massive rally in Hartford, chanting “Let us play.”

There is literally no evidence whatsoever to suggest that football needs to be cancelled yet it’s happening randomly all over the country. There is absolutely no rhyme or reason to any of it. Whatever the Democratic dictators seem to feel like doing is what goes.

While other “low risk” sports will be allowed to continue, the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference (CIAC) claims they are just abiding by the state’s health recommendations.

“The CIAC is obligated to provide its student-athletes, coaches, administrators, and superintendents with a clear direction on football activities that aligns with (Department of Public Health) recommendations,” the CIAC wrote, “Without DPH support, the CIAC cannot move forward with a full contact season, as it would place superintendents and boards of education in the impossible position of acting against the recommendation of a state agency. As such, the CIAC Board of Control, in alignment with DPH recommendations, has determined that high risk full contact football is no longer a viable option.”

This comes in spite of real, actual evidence that suggests there is actually nothing dangerous at all about playing football during the coronavirus “pandemic.”

It truly boggles the mind how leftists can claim to be “pro-science” yet blatantly ignore said science when it’s convenient for them and their agenda to do so. More than 1,000 high school football games have been played in America and not a single one has led to an outbreak.

These young athletes in Connecticut are having their season stolen from them, many of whom are seniors. These seniors won’t get the opportunity to play their last season, they won’t be scouted, and they could risk losing out on scholarships that they’ve worked most of their lives to earn. It’s absolutely tragic and absurd.

If football is safe in other states and safe to play professionally, then it should be safe in Connecticut too.

Let them play!


  1. with that many people they could’ve easily entered the building and dragged those self serving politicians out into the street. Let them know that WE THE PEOPLE are not gonna take it anymore……..

    • If they would have held up a BLM sign, they could have burned down the building and been praised for it on the media. Then, they could have beat up the politicians. Those politicians….democrats….don’t believe you should call the police for such actions because they are “peaceful”

    • So, in your exalted estimation, “deplorables” are anyone who displays enough discernment to know that the liberal democrat officials have and still do use the virus as an excuse to eliminate as many freedoms as possible while they themselves break their own rules. Such hypocrites!

  2. CIAC has it’s own agenda and it’s not for the benefit of high school athletes. Don’t forget that they have been accused of violating Title IX by allowing biological boys to compete in girl’s sports. US Department of Education Office of Civil Rights found them guilty of the Title IX violation along with 6 other schools in CT and yet they all refused to change their policy and follow the Title IX anti-discrimination law against women.

  3. The Democrats and left wing liberals are playing this to the max, and people are realizing that it’s a load of BS. You can only fool people for so long before they wise up and say enough is enough. I think these states that have being run by the Democrats are in for a rude awakening this November. And oh yeah Cheetoh Hair or Head or whatever you call yourself these days- Mommy’s basement is waiting for you to come down, play video games and eat more Hot Pockets….

  4. People of Connecticut remember when you go to vote in November that your democrats that run your state are the ones that are ruining your lives and your kids lives by using your kids to further their agenda against America. The smart move by education across America was to teach on line this school year cancel all sports and then
    Have all students repeat their grade next year. There would be no stress from parents and teachers couldn’t complain that they are going to die.
    Kids are not ready for college or the real world at 17 and 18 so they would be 18 and 19 graduates. All kids could play sports! I don’t know what the rush is from people running education to continue education this year. It must be about money! This China virus is a once in a lifetime event that you need to think outside the box to defeat it and live a better life.


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