Mazie Hirono Refuses To Condemn Antifa. Now, She’s Basically Calling For Civil War.

(Right Country) – Senator Mazie Hirono (D-HI) doesn’t seem to do much in Washington D.C., other than randomly appear to make wildly radical or extremely stupid statements.

Of course, the media never pushes back on any of her antics.

Now, Hirono is threatening that there will be “consequences” if President Donald Trump fulfills his constitutional duty of replacing recently deceased Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

She’s not the first leftist to use such bravado.

Speaking with CNN’s Pamela Brown on Thursday, Hirono made her newly-minted and thinly-veil call to violence.

“[T]he president has long been against the Affordable Care Act, which provides health care to millions of people, including 100 million people with preexisting conditions. That has been on the top of his hit list for a — well, ever since he got elected,” she said.

“And then it’s also been on the hit list for the Republicans. So now they have a chance, with this Supreme Court nominee, to put somebody in there who will strike down the Affordable Care Act.”

She went on to point to a mythical “McConnell rule,” which caused Brown to ask if there was “anything, given your views on this, that you can do” to stop the Republicans.

“Oh, one of the biggest things I’m doing is to lend my voice to alert the American people that their health care is at jeopardy, and they should rise up and say, wait a minute, this whole Supreme Court nomination process shouldn’t even be happening right now,” Hirono replied.

“Republicans should stick with their word. That is what I am doing. You know what? I tell you, I have faith in the American people that, when they figure out that their health care is in jeopardy with this nominee, and they can stop that by one, raising their voices, one hopes that even Republicans, they will listen to their constituents,” she went on.

She then added, chillingly, “But, if not, then we will have a situation where they will ram through a nominee and steal two Supreme Court seats, so that the president and the Republicans can get their way. And I should say — think that there will be consequences.”

Any anchor worth her salt would have asked exactly what these consequences were.

Brown is apparently not worth her salt.

Instead, she asked Hirono about what she has to say to RINOs like Sen. Mitt Romney.

She joins many Democrats making such statements, who are receiving little pushback from a complacent media complex.

“Let me be clear: If Leader McConnell and Senate Republicans move forward with this, then nothing is off the table for next year,” Sen. Schumer reportedly said during a Democrat Caucus call last Saturday, BizPac Review explains.

More examples:


  1. Who are they trying to fool? We (Republicans) know them inside and out and if the tables were reversed they would NOT give a damn about an election year or any other excuse! THEY WOULD VOTE!!! So we must fill the seat without hesitation. It’s the one most important step in cleaning the swamp and getting the pond scum out of Washington! Peelosi, crybaby Schumer, shitty Schiff, dumb as a rock Cortez, Oreo Omar, pisspot pressley, wimpy waters, stupid swallowwell, needy Nadler, and the rest of the greedy, corrupted, deceitful democrats. Believe me you don’t know the half of it about the dirty tricks they have pulled. It truly has opened my eyes since I started paying attention 30 years ago how these corrupted demoncrats have turned this beautiful country into a sham!!!!!! We need to stand up and unite as they do!!!!!!!

  2. Talk is cheap and Hirono is broke. Take the war to her neighborhood. She wants Republicans to keep their word – the Dems lie cheat, and steal when they can’t win. Give me a break. How can people elect such an obvious moron?

  3. why is it that politicians can say & do anything & get away with it !!! IF a citizen would talk like these politicians we’d be arrested & jailed !!! Oh yes the elitist status label must be it !!! Why a double standard for Republicans & different one for democRATS !!! My opinion is that is what wrong with Washington DC !!!

  4. It’s the proximity to salt air. Breathing It affects the brain cells of many people in New England NY, NJ and the West Coast and causes them to vote for idiots and crazies.
    Loon Crazy Mazie comes from Islands surrounded by salt air! Further proof of my theory.

  5. Round up all of the idiot BLM, Antifa and MS-13 skallywags and relocate them to Hawaii permanently. Let the diapercrats there contend with them and see if they change their minds about these violent communists. If not, then our problem with them is solved and everyone can be happy.

    • Native Polynesians in Hawaii already have Hana go Home signs dotting the housing area, those little signs would change to billboards if we did this. This action would destroy these pretty islands for ever.

      I think a better fit for relocation would be out on the Bikini Atol.

      For you youngsters out there look it up, I think these idiots would get a blast going there. Talk about nuclear families.

  6. Been to Hawaii many times but As long as this racist lady is a politician in Hawaii I will never visit! Boycott Hawaii when they start letting people back on the island without restrictions.


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