Michigan Governor Pleads With Citizens Not To Travel To Summer Homes; Guess What Was Caught Parked Outside Of Hers…

(Right Country) – If you’ve ever wanted to see what an American tyrant would look like, all you have to do is Google Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. This woman has shown what our great nation would look like under the thumb of an all-powerful individual in charge of the government, and it ain’t pretty. Not at all.

Whitmer has overreacted to every aspect of the coronavirus pandemic, taking measures like banning the sale of “non-essential” items — who decides what is non-essential, anyways — and then, when folks protested against her guidelines, she actually extended the lockdown, several times, in a petty gesture to “discipline” the citizens of her state for not getting on board with her program.

And now she’s been caught in the height of hypocrisy. Whitmer recently signed an executive order that banned folks from traveling between residences in the state, including summer homes.

The ban on traveling to summer homes was extended through April 30th. The ban was eventually lifted, though Whitmer begged folks not travel.

Well, guess what was found outside her summer home?

Here’s more from Gateway Pundit:

Joe Biden is looking at Gretchen Whitmer as his possible running mate!

Evidently the rules do not apply to the elites like Gretchen Whitmer or her family.

Radio host Randy Bishop posted a photo today of several vehicles at Governor Whitmer’s summer home in or near Birch Lake, Michigan.

Evidently Gov. Whitmer's "Stay Home, Stay Safe" executive orders DON'T apply to HER family!!! Two (2) vehicles at her…

Posted by Randy Bishop on Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Tonight we researched the license plate on the Tahoe in Gretchen’s summer home driveway.

Guess what we found?

The vehicle belongs to a Marc Mallory from Lansing, Michigan.

Guess who Marc Mallory is married to?

That’s correct Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

Gretchen and Marc were at their summer home today.

Gretchen doesn’t want you to visit your summer home but she will.

She must love her new power.

How do you like that?

I guess the rules that Whitmer comes up with are only for the peasants in the state of Michigan, not the elite ruling class. After all, the lockdown, which is meant to keep you safe she says, keeps people like her from getting sick, allowing them to enjoy the world while you and I are stuck inside with nothing to do, not being able to work and provide for our families.

This is truly gross. If the law applies to one, it needs to apply to all. Equality under the law is a central tenet of this country. It’s part of what makes America the greatest nation not only in the world, but in history. When that principle is balled up and tossed in the garbage, when it is trampled on and ripped up, well, we’re no better than anyone else.

Our leaders need to show they are not above the law by obeying their own rules. Part of the reason for having that mindset is to prevent tyranny. No one is going to create rules that leave themselves oppressed, right?

Source: thegatewaypundit.com/2020/05/confirmed-governor-whitmer-bans-michiganders-traveling-summer-home-cars-seen-parked-outside-summer-home/


  1. Everyone in Michigan who has a summer home should pack up and go there. If she can do it you certainly can. She had forgotten that she works for the citizens of Michigan. She’s not your dictator.
    No one is above the laws!
    Why aren’t you impeaching her? Abuse if power.
    Remember this in November when you vote. And God forbid if she is Biden’s running mate. More reason to vote than ever to Republican.

    • Marggy Happy Friday 🤓
      After reading your post above, I thought I would share another view.
      For about 50 of the last 70 years, I have tried to view life and events by lQQking 👀through the small end of the funnel! Perhaps this is a residual of being a Michigan farm boy, a Veteran, a Husband, or most importantly a Christian ✝️ ! The operative is “critical thinking! It is not difficult and works efficiently and effectively! Example: upon gathering the facts, I put my seatbelt on before the crash!
      Personally, I would be fine with whom ever the “Probable Comrade and the politburo”
      put before We The People🇺🇸 This will move Michigan firmly to confirm President Trump’s re-election! 🙏🇺🇸
      As a critical thinker, I find myself wondering WHY some survive and yet they;
      C = Can’t
      U = Understand
      N = Normal
      T = Thinking
      T = The
      R = Reason
      U = Uniting
      M = Millions of
      P = People
      M A G A Trump 2020
      Remember, all the glory goes to God! May He bless you, your loved ones. God please continue to bless America and President Trump ✝️🙏🇺🇸

  2. She needs to be removed now! Hasn’t she abused her power enough! ! This us fugues ting ! Strip her if her powers ! Send her our king !

  3. Figures…
    I’ve heard there are reports just like this one about other City and State
    Legislators all across the Country.

  4. Why do the good citizens ignore her overreach? She needs to be recalled and booted out. She thinks she is the Queen of Michigan and the people are doing nothing of significance except cutting hair on the capital front lawn. That will teach her. Maybe she’ll go back to the country on that one.

  5. I guess he will just have to arrest herself, put on her handcuffs, walk to the jail, go into cell, show up in court, get behind the bench as Judge, walk over to the prosecutors table to prosecute herself then walk over to the defense table to defend herself, threaten the jurors, lose the case, give herself 50 years in prison then pardon herself. Wow. Am I glad I do not live in that State.

  6. Michigan has its own Marie Antoinette: let the serfs rot at home while I go vacation comfortably on the lake. When is the US going to reject the despotic criminal class of elitists referred to as the Democratic Party? BTW, this Tliab congresswoman is an extremely poor representative of your state.

  7. This woman is on a serious POWER TRIP ! Of course it is “Do As I Say, NOT Do As I Do”. How DARE she go to her summer home, yet not allow the citizens of Michigan to go to THEIR summer home ? People of Michigan THROW this woman out of office !

  8. Michi-ganders WILL NOT TOLERATE her past the next election. The good news – she – “whats her name. . . has moved Michigan into the Trump win column!
    Now, the sovereign must “also EXPELL the spawn of Satan out of congress. THE FOUL MOUTH EVIL NASTY RUDE
    R A S H – I – D A H T A L I B must be removed
    as non effective, non productive and pure evil social communist!
    FIX BOTH ISSUES and return Michigan to the level of former greatness!

  9. I’m glad I live in Georgia where our governor Brian Kemp actually seems to care about his constituents and who had enough balls to be the first state to ease restrictions, much to the dismay of the left wing media and Democrats. If Whitmer gets re-elected the people of Michigan deserve what they get…

  10. Have Democrats figured out yet that Whitmer is actually what a dictator looks and acts like……not President Trump?

  11. Someone PLEASE explain this witch’s 70% positive polling in MI! Are the pollsters there on her re-election committee? Or are they the same pollsters who are now telling the nation not to bother voting in November…Biden’s a shoo-in?

    • Polls ask people and questions based upon the answers the poll taker wants!
      2016 all polls had whats her name winning overwhelmingly! The title of whats her name’s book : WHAT HAPPENED? 🤔😳🤣
      The media spent the first 24 hours after the election lQQking at each other in bewilderment wondering, speculating and conjecturing “what happened?” Life is circular ⭕️!
      Today, polls show whats his name defeating President Trump – – – a symptom of TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) and DELUSIONAL NON THINKING / EMOTIONAL DECISION MAKING!

  12. You know, I think this woman is just plain overwhelmed by the pressure of actually having to try to lead her state and a lot of these libraturds govern by the idea that the people should do as they say not as they do…but, if those photos were taken 5/20 and the so called travel ban was lifted 4/31 what’s the point of this complaint??? The individual who posted it said that there were no vehicles there all spring that would be consistent with her ban. She does enough stupid stuff for her citizens to note but this one seems to be a little bit picky! Just like the libraturds do to all conservatives.

  13. Some of us are old enough to remember the incremental spread of communism. Chances are outcome based education and common car has not taught the youth of today how communism spread to consume most all of Eastern Europe.
    After World War II Eastern Europe fell to the communists one country at a time. Romania, Bulgaria, hungry and all of Eastern Europe fell to the incremental encroachment of communism.
    Now compare the incremental creep of European communism to that of the American Soviet Socialist (ASS) mule party in America.
    Look at the power assumed by the gods of California, Oregon, Washington state, Colorado, and much of the East Coast. All of their gods refuse to recognize the constitution and choose to empower themselves.
    Look at the example of the communist leader of the American Soviet Socialist (ASS) party in America. What’s her name, the speaker of the house, has determined what we the people must except. Wrong, wrong!
    The a ASS party has divided America and we will not tolerate it anymore.
    Fight stupid, become informed, vote factually not emotionally! ✝️🙏🇺🇸

  14. It’s great to be Queen bee isn’t. I know what’s better for you than you do so listen to me and do as Commrad tells you. Vacation homes aren’t for you peasants as I will take them from you by keeping you locked down and unable to work and pay for them. Then they will be all mine and your little dog to.
    Don’t forget to vote Michigan people and remember how you have been treated by certain politicians.

  15. So, Gretchen, I understand you demand the sovereign citizens of the formerly great state of Michigan bow down and obey you! Do I have this right?
    And, you demand the sovereign citizens to remain locked 🔒 in their homes! You have “TOLD’” them to avoid going to “their second home – – -> cabin!”
    1. Will you waive the property taxes on the second home 🏠 during your reign?
    2. Have you set up border guards into the formerly great lakes state?
    3. As a non sovereign citizen of the formerly great lakes state, must I bring a passport to travel to the cabin “up north” near Manistee?
    4. Is Michigan still part of the “CONUS?” (Continental United States?
    5. Will I be allowed by the godz of the formerly great lakes state to – – – travel freely in the AmeriKan Soviet Socialist block of Michigan?
    6. Will finger printing and photo documents be required?
    7. Will I be required to post a security deposit in advance of crossing the border from Ohio into Michigan?
    8. Will I be inoculated with a vaccine to include a G P S to track my travels?
    9. Must I bring my vehicle title to prevent confiscation by the road godz ( non-resident tags)
    Will I be required to surrender my first born child for indoctrination by your godz?


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