Migrants Resorting To Drastic Measures To Try To Invade Greece

(Right Country) – Although the Turkish government has finally closed the border it so recklessly opened earlier this year between its own nation and Greece due to the coronavirus, the surge of migrants has not entirely quelled.

They are now using improvised ladders to try to storm the border in an attempt to travel to Europe.

Footage of these migrants along the border near the Envros river showed them building makeshift ladders with tree trunks and tree branches in order to scale the Greek border fence, which has been preventing, for the most part, the large number of migrants who have gathered there to enter the country.

The video footage of the migrants circulating on social media was credited to a report from a Greek media outlet, Proto Thema, which gave credit to Turkish media for originally publishing the recordings.

The paper also added that Greek border officials, along with the European Union border agency Frontex, were, fortunately, able to repel the migrants faster than their attempt to breach the border wall.

According to the Minister for Citizens Protection, Michalis Chrisochoidis, several thousand “provocateurs” are still on the border and mostly consist of young men.

“The aim of the Turks is to break our borders and blackmail Europe into a better position,” he said.

Chrisochoidis said that most of the families and elderly migrants previously camped out at the border were left following the Turkish move to close the border out of fear of spreading the coronavirus.

He also went on to accuse the Turks of throwing tear gas towards the Greek border, forcing the Greeks to deploy large fans in the area to propel the gas backward.

“In Europe, they did not believe that Greece would withstand this border attack, they were pleasantly surprised by our resistance,” he added.

Breitbart notes, “Following Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s move to open the border to Europe in late February, Greek authorities have said that over 50,000 migrants attempted to break into Greece, with 410 being arrested.”


  1. this is an invasion –treat it like it really is –A WAR ON YOUR COUNTRY–tear gas –flame throwers — everything is fair in a war that you didn’t start —

  2. This is going to become a shooting war if Greece wants to survive as a nation.😲 if Greece falls, then Europe is lost to an invasion worse than the nazis in WWll!😲

  3. What gives everyone the idea that it is ok to invade any country? Instead of ruining others country FIX YOUR OWN COUNTRY. And respect the boarders and laws of others. This is a liberal attitude that you are entitled to go anywhere you want and shit all over that country…UGH. FIX YOUR OWN COUNTRY.


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