Mike Bloomberg Raises Millions To Help Felons Vote In Florida…But Only If They Fit This Criteria

(Right Country) – Michael Bloomberg, the one-time “Republican” who ran in the Democrat Party primaries last year, is investing millions helping felons to vote.

In the key electoral state of Florida.

This may sound like a wildly crooked plan on it’s own, but there’s another catch.

He is only paying the fines of felons who are black or Hispanic.

So he’s literally dolling out cash to help black and Hispanic felons to vote in Florida.

Does this have anything to do with policy, with helping American progress, improving the lives of Floridians?


He’s using these people as props in a very crooked election. Good grief.

On Thursday, The Washington Post reported:

Former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg and his team have raised more than $16 million to pay the court fines and fees of nearly 32,000 Black and Hispanic Florida voters with felony convictions, an effort aimed at boosting turnout for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

The money will go to fund a program organized by the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition to pay the fines, fees and restitution costs for former prisoners who are already registered to vote in Florida but barred by law from participating in the election because of those outstanding debts.

Bloomberg, who has committed at least $100 million to electing Biden in the state, raised the money from individuals and foundations over the last week, his advisers said. He saw the donations as a more cost-effective way of adding votes to the Democratic column than investing money to persuade voters who already have the right to vote, a Bloomberg memo said.

The Bloomberg effort, which will be pooled with about $5 million already raised by the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition, is narrowly focused only on Black and Hispanic voters who are already registered to vote and whose debts are less than $1,500.

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  1. None of these convicted felons bailed out by Bloomberg should be allowed to vote in this election. Rep Matt Gaetz is having the Attorney General for Florida investigate this matter to see if Bloomberg committed a crime, and it looks like the AG believes that Bloomberg has committed a crime, with attempts to bribe people to vote the way they want. The Democrats are disgusting.

  2. Bloomberg is doing a great service. Trump needs to be defeated. And the way the Supreme Court is being decided is ridiculous Republican deception.

    • Carmine,
      President Trump is not breaking any laws by filling the SC seat. It has been established that it is his duty and right to “fill that seat.” There is no deception involved here. You want to talk about deception. The entire Democratic party is a total lie and Obama is the head of it all.

  3. It’s time to arrest that billionaire minny mike, for bribery charges, who does this jackass, think he is. U can’t bail some one out, and tell them to vote for dementia,slo.joe, we call that corruption,u would know that very well, LOSER

  4. Mike Bloomberg has committed a class 3 felony in Florida per Florida law. I believe he has committed it for each person he has paid fines for. He should be jailed and fined for collusion to interfere with and election.
    These convicted people have just been put into peril again as they may have unwittingly accepted a bribe for their vote and would be subject to conviction, and would have taxable income provided to them as well.
    I think he should be SWATTED like Stone was with TV cameras tipped off to be there.
    Anyone who contributed to the fund with him should also be punished. Maybe their voting rights should be revoked as well.


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