Mississippi Governor Has Explosive Response To Armed Couple Who Defended Their Property

(Right Country) – On Monday, a middle-aged couple became instant viral sensations after they were forced to defend their property with firearms as it was raised by Black Lives Matter protesters.

While the couple’s clear lack of training gained them some criticism from more educated gun rights advocates across the nation, there wasn’t a doubt in anyone’s mind–anyone who actually understands the Second Amendment–that they were well within their rights.

This includes Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves (R).

The governor took to Facebook to say that actions taken by the armed couple was “totally within their rights.”

He wrote.

The media is swarming to attack a couple in Missouri for brandishing firearms while telling protestors to leave their property. It’s become a huge national story. Maybe this group had peaceful intent, but the country has seen a ton of violence. The group entered their gate and marched up to their front door. I think these homeowners were totally within their rights (although they might want to work on trigger discipline).

Reeves added, “Private property still exists in this country and the 2nd Amendment is not for hunting—it’s for self defense.”

According to Breitbart News, Mark McCloskey and his wife brandish their firearms, a rifle and a handgun respectively, in front of their property as hundreds of protesters moved through their neighborhood.

Some reports said that the protesters were threatening their property.

According to the New York Post, the couple are now under investigation.

St. Louis Prosecutor Kimberly Gardner said, “I am alarmed at the events that occurred over the weekend, where peaceful protestors were met by guns.”

Garner added, “We must protect the right to peacefully protest, and any attempt to chill it through intimidation or threat of deadly force will not be tolerated.”

Yup, the governor had it right. While every gun owner should make sure that they are well-trained in how to safely wield their firearms, their failure to do so is the only reason this couple should be shamed.

Their understanding of their Second Amendment rights wanted for nothing, that’s for sure.


  1. How does anyone know when a “peaceful protest” will suddenly turn violent? After what we’ve all witnessed across the country? Looting, arson, murder? So we wait until we’re set upon by the mob and left to die on the street? I don’t think so. Guns are a warning to anyone with bad intent.

  2. The prosecutor obviously has no real experience with mobs. They can turn violent in an instant; all it takes is one bhot head to trigger the mob.

    Maybe municipal administrative law officials should be required to to have training in how to deal with mobs and mob violence, just as police are now being trained in this area.


  4. Has anyone tried to buy 9mm ammo. You can’t. Sold out. Please wake up and get The hell off of people’s property. Or look down a barrel

  5. “The group entered their gate and marched up to their front door.”

    No they did not “enter the gate” They broke down the gate. That is breaking and entering. The wrong people are being investigated!!! Call in the complainants under the guise of testifying against the gun wielding couple and when they arrive arrest them on charges of defiant trespass!!!

  6. why are these protesters allowed to break the law,this is trespass at minimum ,criminal mischief, forceful entry to private property is a crime. so what they are saying by vilifying this couple is the protesters or mobs posing as protesters can go anywhere they like take whatever they want, if you resist their efforts you will be the criminal. this has nothing to do with race,this is criminals being given free rein.

    • Simple. Democrats take the path of least resistance. The couple is easier to target than a BLM mob. Doing what is ethically right is almost never in their menu of options.

  7. So, who cares about trigger fingers and whatever other BS you see or hear. They felt terrorized and did what your supposed do, instinctively. Why risk that. They moved into their space, they deserved to be shot. Sorry left wing libs but they were threatened and those animals broke into their private space. You demorats can spin that any way you want but that’s what happened. If they invade private property they need to be shot.

    • What is truly funny is this couple are full blown Liberals who donate to BLM. Yet, their Leftist friends are jumping all over their actions That probably explains their poor gun handling, also. New purchase due to riots.

  8. Apparently Dems no longer believe in private property. That IS pure Communism. I just wonder if Gardner et al would be okay with a few people tearing down her gate, threatening her (and her dog’s) life? Or is she “more equal” than others in this regard as we’ve seen in Portland when the “protestors “ got a little too close to Mayor Wheeler’s home territory…

  9. After seeing how ‘peaceful’ the protests were in other places the prosecutor should save her dire warnings for possible troublemakers, not homeowners who were just trying to “stay home and stay safe.” They didn’t shoot anybody, and everybody got to go home that day. Their house was still intact in the aftermath. Can the prosecutor give assurances that they would have been safer without the gun?


  11. One thing that is left out in the article is that the couple live in a gated community. Then the BLM/Antifa punks broke down a steel gate to get onto this couple’s property. One of the punks was waving a gun and threatening to shoot the couple, their dog, and burn the house down. Why doesn’t PETA condemn BLM/Antifa for at least threatening to kill an animal? Shows that liberal organization is full of raw sewage. Watching the video it also appears a BLM is taking aim at the couple, but doesn’t clearly show a firearm. This guy is a lawyer. He could’ve shot first and asked questions later and beat the rap.

  12. The people under Gardner’s region should demand that he resign immediately. He was elected under the guise that he would “support and defend” the Constitution, and has failed miserably.

  13. Kimberly Gardner must be a total idiot.
    What does she think people are supposed to do when someone breaks into their property! Serve them lunch..
    They got what they deserved
    .I cannot believe that they will be investigated for doing the right thing.
    If they are investigated, that would be totally wrong.

  14. What is missing from this video, is the group coming to their house. We don’t know what had been said or done, before the standoff happened. Would they have sprayed graffiti, broken windows out, or set fire to something on their property? We don’t know. the video was shot by one of the gang members. How long had this standoff gone on? I doubt it was that short an encounter. We never heard the threat of coming on the people’s property and killing the couple; even though the couple said the threat was against them. That changes the whole narrative. You make a threat like that, move toward the couple, and outnumber them as the crowd did; you don’t have to wait for them to try and come in your house. It may vary from state to state; but an imminent threat by a disparity of force, should give the couple the right to shoot the people in the yard. You don’t have to run back in your house and hide. With numbers of the terrorists being that great and make a deadly threat; you have the right to defend yourself first and them run for cover, if needed.

  15. The BLM protests here in Atlanta started out as “peaceful “ until the thugs started trashing the CNN building (poetic justice!), breaking into a closed restaurant to steal liquor and setting police cars on fire. By the next morning they had looted and trashed buildings all across the Atlanta area. A few weeks later a“peaceful “ protest over a police shooting in a Wendy’s parking lot ended up with the restaurant being burned down and looting and gun fights all over the area. Firefighters and police couldn’t respond because the damn thugs were blocking all the roads. If you’re waiting for 911 to rescue you you’re screwed !

  16. they were wrong yes, the Second Amendment say the have a right to protect their property but they didn’t break in or anything they were just protesting and walking by their house if they tried that would be a different story but people are over reacting and they were plus if you don’t know how to use a gun then you shouldn’t have one, salesmen come up to people homes all the time but we don’t try to shot them. a peaceful protest is not a robbery or mugging and they should be arrested because they jumped the gun because they thought they were going to hurt them they aren’t out to hurt anyone just trying to get their message out ya, some are rubbing, burning down the house, and breaking but not all of them are we need to stop judging all black people for nothing. not everyone is a bad people

  17. I have viewed several “versions” of that video and have YET to see ANY of the ‘peaceful’ protesters acting in a peaceful manner! If I were in that couples shoes,I would’ve started shooting ‘rats’ the second they stepped off the road onto my property! Rather be judged by 12 than be carried by 6!


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