More Proof We Cannot Trust Anything But In-Person Voting… This Is Scary

(Right Country) – It was pretty creepy when, at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, long before we had any idea what the full extent of the virus’ impact on everyday life was to be, the Democrats almost instantly began discussing the introduction of increased mail-in voting options.

Yes, Americans should absolutely have access to absentee voting options, and during a pandemic especially.

But such measures are already available, and pushing through widespread measures to introduce new mail-in options for voting, such as sending out ballots without them being requested or—and this is the important part—to people who can’t even vote or maybe aren’t even alive anymore, is what has raised concern.

Since the prospect of increased mail-in voting came on to the scene early this year, there have been numerous incidents of “errors” and suspicious mailings in addition to instances of ballots being tampered with or even dumped.

In some cases, by USPS workers themselves.

Folks, vote like your life depended on it…and vote in-person.

Here is yet another incident that gives us pause about the safety of mail-in voting.

Over 100 absentee ballots in Louisville, Kentucky were found in a dumpster on Thursday morning, having been disposed of by a mail carrier.

Planet Free Will reports that according to a representative of the U.S. Postal Service Office of the Inspector General, the 112 ballots were discovered by special agents who were responding to a report from a construction worker who found the undelivered mail in the Jeffersontown area of Louisville.

USPS confirmed to local news that the individual responsible for disposing of the undelivered mail was indeed an employee of the postal service.

They have been terminated.

Special Agent Scott Balfour of the USPS told Newsweek that the ballots had been returned to USPS and delivered to the intended recipients on Thursday.

“When the investigation is concluded, the case will be presented for federal prosecution to the U.S. Attorney’s Office,” Balfour said of the terminated USPS employee.

Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie (R) weighed in on this shocking incident on Twitter:

Planet Free Will notes that this is just the latest suck incident of ballots turning up in suspicious locations.

In Mesa County, Colorado recently, a resident came across a stack of ballots hidden in some bushes while he was out walking his dog.

“There was ballots from multiple addresses on roads that were anywhere from a half to a mile away from where they were found,” he told local media.

The Mesa County Clerk and Recorder’s Office attempted to pour cold water on the disturbing discovery.

“This is an isolated incident. It has been going on for a little bit of time, a short period of time, where vandals are going into mailboxes,” they said in a statement.

Meanwhile in Nampa, Idaho, police say that there has been a sudden jump in incidents of mail theft as mail containing ballots appear to be targeted.

In Greenville, Wisconsin, a USPS investigation was opened after three trays of mail were found in a ditch. A spokesman for the service confirmed that the mail included absentee ballots.

You also may recall an incident in which several ballots cast by members of the military—who had pulled the proverbial lever for President Donald Trump, by the way—were found trashed in Pennsylvania, the DOJ revealed at the time.

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  1. In-person voting is the oldest and best method. Show your ID and know that your vote is counting for the person you voted for. There are too many people out there who have a personal agenda and will go to extremes to negate any ballots.

  2. One Hundred Fifty MILLION ‘mail in’ ballots being passed out like candy. What could possibly go worng?
    BTW – that is 25 million more ballots than were cast last time. Never mind all of the other things that have already gone wrong, what effect will this have on the down ballot elections? Seems to me that the left is not only trying to steal the national election but ALL of the local, county and state elections as well.

  3. I guess the Dems can blame Trump/Russia for the dumped ballots like everything else. We thought there was vote tampering with the machines last time, mail-in voting puts that fraud to shame.


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