More Trouble For Michigan Governor Whitmer As Health Professionals Turn Up The Heat

(Right Country) – Michigan dictator Governor Gretchen Whitmer is really starting to feel the heat over her overreaching abuse of powers but it does not appear she is showing any signs of backing down.

Not only are Michigan residents showing up in droves to protest the tyrant governor’s authoritarian orders but she is facing one legal battle after another. Most recently a group of health practices and one patient filed a lawsuit against Whitmer over her overreaching shutdown orders that are “risking lives and imperiling health.”

The Daily Wire has the details:

The owners of Grand Health Partners, Wellston Medical Center, and Primary Health Services, and Jeffery Gulick filed the lawsuit against Whitmer, State Attorney General Dana Nessel, and state health director Robert Gordon on Tuesday. The plaintiffs are pushing the governor to lift her ban on “non-essential” treatments, warning that the ban is endangering the lives of many patients.

“This shutdown is risking lives and imperiling health,” Grand Health Partners president and surgeon Dr. Randal Baker told Up North Live. “The curve has been flattened. There will likely be spikes of cases in the future, but we can’t shut down non-COVID health care every time. We need to reassess the best practices to save the most lives, particularly where COVID-19 cases are low.”

Whitmer banned elective surgeries throughout Michigan on March 20 while anticipating a flood of patients infected with the coronavirus. The administration expected a wave of hospitalizations that could overflow the state’s healthcare system. More than a month later, Whitmer has left the same strict rules in place and has extended them through May 28.

“Graphics depicted that while Governor Whitmer’s administration anticipated 220,000 patients being hospitalized without social distancing efforts, there had only been 3,000 hospitalizations as of April 27. That is less than 1.4% of the projected COVID-19 hospitalizations underlying the Governor’s declared states of emergency and disaster,” the lawsuit says.

Hospitals, clinics, and other medical providers across the state are struggling financially as they are forced to turn away all but the most serious illnesses and those with flu-like symptoms that may be COVID-19. Last month, Hillsdale Hospital Vice President and COO Jeremiah Hodshire wrote an open letter to Whitmer pleading with her to relax the ban on elective surgeries, citing financial strain.

“If there is one thing that we need now more than ever, it’s patients using our services instead of living in fear of leaving their homes while their health needs are left unmet,” Hodshire wrote. He said her “reckless and senseless” executive order banned his hospital from performing the procedures that generate one-fifth of its net income.

Hospitals in the state are losing roughly $300 million in addition to spending about $100 million a week on additional supplies because of the coronavirus, according to the Michigan Health and Hospital Association.

“Medical providers are on the brink of financial ruin, facing extreme revenue shortages caused by the Governor’s order forcing the postponement or cancellation of so-called ‘non-essential’ procedures. Thousands of healthcare workers across Michigan have been furloughed or laid off,” the lawsuit asserts.

“Not only has this shutdown harmed my employees and my practice, but it has put my patients directly at risk,” said Jordan Warnsholz, owner of Wellston Medical Center and Primary Health Services. “These oppressive executive orders are meant to save lives, but instead, they are endangering many of them.”

The only thing Governor Whitmer seems to care about is the leftist agenda. Despite the fact that she was elected for the people, by the people she is most definitely serving her agenda instead of the people.


  1. Some, like Whitmer were cheering for the virus to be bad – hoping it would have a negative effect on Resident Trump’s chances for re-election. Others. like Cuomo in New York and Wolf in Pennsylavania actively undertook actions that made the disease worse in their states. Cuomo ordering COVID-19 positive patients to be sent back to their nursing homes wwas the biggest single factor in New York’s 2800 plus deaths in nursing homes. Too bad Michigan does not have a recall statute like California.

  2. Whitmer is just an example of what it will be like to live under Democrat rule if one gets elected anytime in the near future as President! The Democrats are out of control and we have to end their reign once and for all! Wake up people these liberal Democrats do not care about you, all they want is power and control over your lives! They will make the decisions and you will obey!

  3. Whitmer is just another example of what you can expect when the Democrats are in power. They don’t give a rat’s ass about the economy,our country and especially you as an individual. They’re obsessed with their liberal agenda and their hatred for Trump. Remember this when it’s time to vote!


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