Muslim Teen Accused Of Starting Aussie Grass Fire Laughs As He Leaves Court On Tuesday

(Gateway Pundit) – Muslim teen Fadi Zraika was seen laughing as he left court on Tuesday in Sydney.

Fadi and his brother Abraham are accused a starting a fire at a Guildford park in December.

The brothers set off fireworks that started the park on fire.

They were arrested at a fast food restaurant.

Fadi Zraika (pictured above) was seen laughing as he left court on Tuesday.

The Daily Telegraph reported:

Western Sydney teen Fadi Zraika — one of the two teens accused of lighting a grass fire at a Guildford park while bushfires ravaged NSW — laughed outside court today after appearing on multiple charges.

Police allege Fadi and Abraham Zreika, both 18, set off fireworks that sparked a grass fire at Bright Park, Guildford, on December 22.

Police were called to the park about 2.40pm after reports of several loud explosions and saw fireworks exploding and several small grassfires that spread rapidly in sudden winds.

The Rural Fire Service doused the fires.

Zraika, of Villawood, and Zreika, of Merrylands, were arrested at a fast food restaurant in Merrylands.


  1. They definitely deserve a life sentence and a prison that has been known for years of hard labor and they don’t deserve to have a meaningful life They’ve should have never been aloud in the country because of their damage from past years ago they are a disgrace to the human race

    • Please stop hating muslims for no reason.
      How easily you can say “They are a disgrace to the human race”
      Millions of muslims live in USA. How many bad muslims you have seen here.
      May be one in a million, Muslims are the most innocent & neglected people in the world and not at all harmful for human race.

      • Interesting comment. Enlighten me, 99% Christian Middle East in 632a.d., 100% Christian Asia Minor as of 1492. Where are these Christians?? Your ignorance is absolutely racist.
        You’ve never lived or survived massacres and genocide in the hands of Islam so you spew your bullshit

  2. Not enough info in this article. He could have been laughing because he was found not guilty. Has the trial begun or finished? Out on bail? Need more info to have a meaningful opinion.

  3. Why Not bring up the fact that he is Muslim? If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck must be a…..! Muslims are taking over the world, read about Sweden, for some reason they are protected! America is next, unless President Donald Trump has anything to say! Hmm two brothers same age living in different towns in Australia, busy dad!!!!

  4. Holly do you know for a fact that the fires, started by fireworks, were started on purpose. How many fires do we see, and hear of every 4th of July? Too many. They were fires started by fireworks, that were being used by people from different races, socioeconomic background, etc. Please refrain yourself from making stupid remarks like the ones you just did. By what you wrote here, leads me to believe you’re as big a racist as Donald(duck) Trump. Don’t stoop down to his level.

    • Art please give me an example of his racism? If he hated black and brown people so much why is their unemployment the lowest it has ever been? their wages are higher and he even helped in a prison reform and has given more money to black colleges than Berry ever did.

    • First of all Donald the sitting Duck has and will always be a racist. If you ever bothered to look into past history of NY and the Trumps-Daddy dearest and Donny-were brought to court for discriminating against black in housing. Fred was arrested at a KKK meeting in NY- Trump himself has made so many comments when he wasn’t President-against blacks-taking out full page ads in NY Times for Central Park 5 kids, wrongly accused of rape-and Trump asked for the death penalty and refused to back down once they were proved innocent. That whole Obama”birther” LIE (!) started with this racist. Was supported by David Duke, whom he pretended not to know so he wouldn’t “lose” the white supremacy vote-a huge part of his following. Oh, that the Charlottesville, people with torches, Screaming Jews will not replace us” one girl, Heather Heyer murdered and this despicable crap said “there was good people on both sides”. Muslim ban-(except where HE profits MBS!) calling Mexican’s rapists, murderers…”infestation”-a word Hitler used. This article about this 18 yr old with fireworks in a park-and the FIRST word of it is; Muslim just made me sick! Same baiting-all the time-for people to form ugly opinions so it’s easier to dehumanize them-It worked in Nazi Germany really well. Didn’t read about WHITE person shoots 22 in El Paso, or WHITE shooter, kills 9 in Dayton Ohio. Pittsburgh, a WHITE man killed 11 worshipers at a synagogue had taken to social media to accuse a Jewish organization that helps to resettle migrants of bringing “invaders” to “kill our people.” This is Trump speaking to a fringe element of crazies who listen to his spews. Unemployment means taking several jobs that are still underpaying their workers. As for donating to black colleges, Donald Trump hasn’t donated to anything but his own FAKE charity-which he was fined $1 million for fraud-just a few months ago-along with Trump Univ. fined $25 million for a scam to take funds from poor people trying to get ahead. Trump is a grifter and con. He’ll say anything, do anything-if it scores points for him and his pocket. That’s it. He’s a disgrace and so is this stupid article-with it’s lead.

    • You did stoop even lower. It doesn’t matter what country or race you are. You are down talking Our President. And by you including him in this, which has nothing to do with him, shows how smart you are. Stay on topic or shut it

  5. USA Today says a teen started the fire. Race was not mentioned. He was a volunteer fire fighter.
    However this website never gives you the truth anyway. It’s probably some 300 pound guy sitting on his bed.

  6. USA Today?? They’re Leftist news reporting has receded almost to the same level as CNN. At that rate I would expect it soon to be down around Huffington Post or National Inquirer sub-standards.

  7. Thus World is a much more dangerous place today with such Evil around every corner, especially with Radical Islamists practicing the most heinous human rights assaults in recent history! The UN & NATO are poorly run ineffectual while sometimes contributing to the Evil! We do better ourselves with chosen Allies we can depend on!

  8. I read 180 people started fires in different areas of Australia. The Prime Minister ask them to leave . Australia is a English speaking country and a Christian one . The people are getting tired of the Muslism ways that can form to their ways or leave Wednesday was what she told them .


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