Must-Watch Campaign Ad Slams Joe Biden And Kamala Harris For “Fanning The Flames Of Violence” Amid Riots

(Right Country) – The violence and rioting in America continues. Monday night, following a fatal police shooting, rioters rocked Philadelphia looting stores, setting fires, and attacking police. Over 30 police officers were injured throughout the ordeal, one of which was run down by a pickup truck. The violence and unrest showed no signs of slowing down into Tuesday night.

The White House issued a statement early Wednesday morning as police in Philadelphia have become completely overwhelmed, outnumbered, and unable to get a handle on the situation. There are over 1,000 people looting stores and the violence against police has escalated to incredibly dangerous levels.

In the statement, the White House said they are ready and prepared to send federal assistance upon request to help the city get the situation under control. The Trump administration called the riots “the most recent consequence of the liberal Democrat’s war against the police.”

Make no mistake, that is exactly what these riots are and that is exactly why the Democrats refuse to call them out for what they really are. They have stuck with their absurd “peaceful protest” talking point since the rioting began in the spring. The destruction has reached billions of dollars worth of damages in major cities across the country and caused small business owners immeasurable suffering, while the police have been injured by violent attacks and rioters and protesters have been killed.

Yet, Democrats remain unmoved to act. In the first presidential debate, Joe Biden refused to even acknowledge the existence of Antifa calling the organization “just an idea.” When asked by moderator Chris Wallace if he had picked up the phone and called government officials in cities like Portland or Seattle and insisted the violence be put to a stop, Biden skated the question by saying he’s no longer an elected official. Biden is a coward and his running mate Kamala Harris is no better.

President Trump pointed this out in his latest ad that highlights the destruction and violence not only being permitted by the Democrats but also encouraged.

The ad starts out by saying that “While American cities burned, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris fanned the flames.” It goes on to show a highlight reel of some of the most violent images over the last 7 months from riots across the US that Democrats like Biden and Harris have insisted are just peaceful protests.

When city and state officials like Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan or Oregon Governor Kate Brown refused to accept federal assistance because “orange man bad” Joe Biden and Kamala Harris did nothing to encourage them to accept help to end the violence. While their cities literally burned to the ground around them, they held firm in their hatred of President Trump and even demonized the National Guard.

They even had the nerve to suggest that it is actually President Trump that is responsible for instigating the violence with his “threats” to send in the National Guard. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris stayed silent and allowed the anarchy to continue unchecked.

Biden and Harris have turned their backs on law enforcement, as this latest ad points out. Not only that but they have embraced these leftist radicals with open arms.

President Trump has and will continue to back the blue while Joe Biden and Kamala Harris fan the flames of extremist violence and domestic terrorism by bailing out agitators and refusing to condemn the violence. The ad asserts that Joe Biden cannot be trusted to uphold the law and based on what we have seen thus far, that is an entirely accurate statement.

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  1. Sums it up in a nutshell. That’s exactly what’s going on. The Dems refuse to quell the riots or call out the terrorist Antifa and BLM and denounce them. In fact, Biden even went so far as to call Antifa an idea. Ideas don’t physically destroy and burn cities… The wrong ideas only destroy minds. They are encouraging violence by not doing anything about it. They do not want law and order as part of their agenda. This is what America will look like if the Dems take over. Vote for Trump because he will keep America safe for us freedom-loving citizens.

  2. Powerful statement! Well done and right to the point . This advertisement nailed it !
    It shows the Biden America – a nation of lawlessness and despair and we Americans don’t want that for our country . Powerful !

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