Nancy Pelosi Makes Announcement That Has Rocked D.C. — End Of An Era?

(Right Country) – The Democrats have been seeking to destroy President Trump and anyone who supports him for the last four years. They have shown that they will stop at nothing and they have absolutely no boundaries.

It’s truly amusing, however, because the Democrats themselves are entrenched in a civil war between the far-left progressives of the Party and the establishment “moderates.”

Over the last four years, it’s become pretty clear who has been winning that battle as the moderates have moved steadily further and further left.

Establishment Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has had clear battles with “the Squad,” the self-proclaimed progressive, socialist sect of the far-left and now she seems to finally be accepting her defeat.

While holding on to whatever thread she can, she is going to run again to retain her position as Speaker of the House but Wednesday during a news conference, Pelosi declared this will be the last time she seeks it.

Apparently, she has recognized that even though she is as corrupt as the best of them, her time as a congressional leader is about up. She just isn’t radical enough.

Wednesday, Pelosi told Capitol Hill reporters that she plans to “abide by those limits” that she placed upon herself. The Western Journal notes that she was encouraged to place the limits by many in her own caucus in 2018.

Her term limits as Speaker of the House came as a result of the ideological battles waging within the Democratic Party. In 2018, Democrats saw a slight blue wave during the midterms as the far-left progressives expanded their presence and influence in the House.

Pelosi stated Wednesday that there had been conversations in 2018 about putting limits on leadership roles and chairs of committees but that nothing ever came of it. She declared, however, that “whether it passes or not, I will abide by the limits that are there.”

Over the course of her 33 years in Congress, Pelosi has served as House speaker twice and since Election Night has been extended by another two-year term.

On Wednesday, House Democrats voted unanimously for her to retain her current position. Now is, after all, probably not the best time to institute a major change. Democrats lost more than a dozen seats in the House this cycle which many within the Party have attributed to the far-left stances of some members.

Pelosi’s position isn’t official until she receives a full floor vote in January when members of the 117th Congress take their oaths of office.

Rep. Gerry Connolly of Virginia says that the reason no one challenged Pelosi retaining her seat is because everyone in the House is thankful for Pelosi being the “Rock of Gibraltar” over the last four “turbulent” years.

We can’t help but chuckle at such comical sentiment. Nancy Pelosi has been no such thing and there would have been no turbulence over the last four years had the Democrats not completely lost their minds under President Trump.

It is literally because of the Democrats that things have been “turbulent” and now they’re scrambling to distance themselves from the radical left which cost them substantial losses this election.

Connolly stated, “I think that’s really why the idea of challenging her has not resurfaced and is not likely to.”

No, Gerry, the reason no one has brought up challenging her is because the Democrats can’t afford someone any further to the left than Pelosi taking up the position of Speaker of the House right now.

Had Democrats won big on Election Night, like they thought they were going to, make no mistake about it, Pelosi would be out.

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  1. What a lying sack of crap!! Before she won Speaker of the House this last term, she said that was it. So, now what? That didn’t happen? Senility kicking into overdrive? Have you really looked at her lately? She’s in bad shape….old, old, old. There isn’t enough cover-up to help that anymore.

  2. Nancy would be the first to admit she is a card covering communist..heck, her life long friend was head of the communist party before she openly wept at his funeral!! She supports Antifa and BLM goons and wouldn’t shed a tear if young conservative suburbanite mothers and children were placed in concentration camps.

  3. NP is the picture of term limits! This works for both sides. Her venom and hatred for Trump over these past 4 years was not curtailed the slightest, even when she said she “prays for him”! I believe she prays for his demise! She is a bitter, hateful, power hungry old woman and unbecoming of a member of our House! Her elitist actions (hairgate and ice creamgate) just show how out of touch she is with the American people!

  4. The only better thing she could do is to RESIGN IMMEDIATELY and go home to wash her own dishes and eat her ice cream. She would be better at that. Her legacy is nothing but turmoil and turbulence and damage to America.

    • Evelyn – I had pretty much the same thought – the sooner she wanders off to her fancy kitchen and stays there the better off we will all be.

  5. She is better to step down and let someone take over that really care the citizens of the country regardless of these political party.. Remember NP everyone’s in the country pay your salary and for many years in Congress you failed to do you job.. Just take a look of your district and I never witnessed in adult life that the homeless people skyrocket and you people look the other way…


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