New Analysis On Donations For Biden And Trump Proves Perplexing Shift In American Political Paradigm

(Right Country) – It remains a mystery why some average, every day Americans seem to put so much stock in what wealthy, elite Hollywood celebrities and professional athletes have to say about politics. Ever since 2016, it seems as though celebrities aren’t just actors, singers and athletes but are also political experts although all that they really mostly know is that “orange man bad.”

What is baffling is why on earth middle-class America seems to think that these wealthy elites who live inside their little affluent bubbles give a hoot about what’s best for them. Doesn’t it raise any red flags that the wealthiest people in America vehemently throw all of their weight behind the Democratic Party?

Just think about it. The Democrats, especially within the last four years, have gone full-throttle with their calls for heavier taxes for the wealthiest taxpayers, which would include Hollywood celebrities, Silicon Valley technocrats, and professional athletes. Yet, these very people are the ones who so zealously support the Democrats. Why would that be?

You’d think middle-class, working Americans might be just a little skeptical of Hollywood’s and Silicon Valley’s seemingly contradictory support for a political party who literally says they want to take away wealth from the wealthy.

These wealthy individuals, as it turns out, don’t just support Joe Biden on social media, they support him through their wallets also. BizPac Review reports that the overwhelming majority of donations to Biden’s campaign have come from the country’s richest zip codes with the bulk of them located on the east and west coasts.

According to an analysis by The New York Times, of more than 25 million donations to Biden’s campaign between April 1 and October 14, the bulk of these came from urban, well-educated and wealthy portions of the country. Which would explain why they think they have the right to lecture Americans on what is “right” and “wrong” and who we should vote for.

On the other hand, using an interactive map published by the Time, the majority of President Trump’s donors are from the south, upper Midwest, and areas of western states not along the coast illustrating just how much different parts of the country are in contrast with others.

“The findings paint a portrait of two candidates who are, in many ways, financing their campaigns from two different Americas,” the Times reported, adding that the “financial base” of the Trump campaign is Texas.

Naturally, the Time report went on to mischaracterize the shift in support for President Trump pointing out that for years the base of the Republican Party had been mostly white, affluent, college-educated voters and that voters who earn at least $100,000 have traditionally sided with Republicans.

But, the report goes on to say, “under Mr. Trump, Republicans have hemorrhaged support from white voters with college degrees, who polls show have been repelled by his embrace of a politics of cultural division and racial grievance.”

Oh brother. The Times just can’t ever run a straight news piece without turning it into nauseating propaganda. The reality is that it is the left that is causing and “embracing” racial and cultural division as they continue to defend and make excuses for Antifa and the Marxist Black Lives Matter movement.

Trump, as BizPac Review points out, has pushed the “America first” idea that “lifted all boats equally across demographics and racial groups, according to years’ worth of economic and other data.”

The Times report highlights a major shift in the paradigm and reveals that the Republican Party, which liberals love to decry as the “party of the wealthy” is most definitely not that. It also brings up the matter of Joe Biden claiming to be from blue-collar Scranton, PA and presenting himself as a man for the working class when, in fact, his campaign is funded by the country’s most wealthy and progressive individuals.

Perhaps this is why President Trump often reminds Americans that Biden is beholden to his donor class.

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