New Book Authors Claim They Found “Shocking” Financial Ties Between Russia And This President (Hint: It’s Not Trump)

(Right Country) – The left has been insisting since 2015 that President Trump colluded with Russia to win the presidential election. They tried to prove as much but when the rubber met the road it turned out there was no evidence of any such collusion. Not only that, it has slowly but surely come to light that the DNC and Hillary Clinton’s campaign funded the infamous cooked-up Steele Dossier that was the basis of several FISA warrants that we now know were illegally obtained.

On top of that, FBI agents and higher-ups were involved with framing General Mike Flynn to make it appear as though the claim that Trump colluded with Russia was credible. After all of this, the evidence only ever seems to point to a massive set-up carried out by the Deep State.

There was no evidence and there is still no evidence against President Trump, no matter what the leftist shills in Congress insist. The icing on this corrupt cake is that the co-authors of a new book say they found “shocking” financial ties between the Obama administration and Russia.

It was Obama and his administration that were colluding with Russia all along.

The Washington Examiner has more:

Seamus Bruner, who wrote Fallout: Nuclear Bribes, Russian Spies, and the Washington Lies that Enriched the Clinton and Biden Dynasties with investigative journalist John Solomon, said they set out to determine why Democrats in Congress seemed to “hammer this point endlessly of Russia collusion” as well as the Ukraine-focused impeachment of President Trump.

He appeared alongside Peter Schweizer, president of the Government Accountability Institute, in an interview with Fox News host Steve Hilton, who asked for highlights to inform views as they think about former Vice President Joe Biden’s bid for the White House.

“We set out to find the answer to one question, which was why Ukraine and why Russia? Why did the Democrats in Congress and the media seem to just hammer this point endlessly of Russia collusion? And what we found was shocking. We found at least a dozen examples of Obama giveaways to [Russian President Vladimir] Putin and failures in Ukraine, and we found at least 10 Obama-Biden operatives working directly for the Russians or getting paid by the Russians,” Bruner said in a segment that aired Sunday evening.

He named multiple people, including Amos Hochstein, a former energy adviser to Biden, as officials he believes had questionable ties to Russia and its quest for uranium.

The book by Bruner and Solomon, which was published by Simon & Schuster, examines the Uranium One deal, the Russia collusion narrative, and the Ukraine-related impeachment fight, which ended in Trump’s acquittal earlier this year.

U.S. Attorney John Huber was tasked in November 2017 to review the FBI’s corruption investigation into the 2010 Uranium One deal and allegations that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton orchestrated a “quid pro quo.” The sale of Uranium One, a Toronto-based company with U.S. mine holdings, to Russian state-owned company Rosatom, was the focus of great controversy and scrutiny from Republicans who claimed that Clinton helped coax a nine-agency review board not to block the deal and that the Clinton Foundation may have stood to benefit from it.

Huber’s investigation, which has been shrouded in mystery compared to other politically charged investigations involving federal law enforcement, has not led to any criminal charges or any “known impacts,” the Washington Post reported in January.

Schweizer, who wrote his own book about the Uranium One deal in 2015, said Bruner’s findings speak “to the problem that we have of high-level international corruption, in this case talking about the Clintons and the Bidens and how they use their relationship with corrupt foreign regimes and oligarchs to enrich themselves.”

Is anybody shocked? We aren’t either. It’s where the signs have been pointing all along. Yet, lifelong Democrats are either too lazy or incapable of doing basic internet searches into this stuff. They would rather be loyal to their party despite all of the overt corruption. Dems vilify President Trump but make no mistake it is them that are corrupt. Anybody who is still spouting off that President Trump colluded with Russia and then turns around and votes Democrat, is a hypocrite. Period.


  1. I knew all along this would come out about Obama and Russia ties. They made two big a fight over the Trump dossier and pounded it into the ground day after day. It was a cover up; look there don’t look here.

    • “Tell Vlad I’ll have more flexibility after the election” meant exactly that. Barry “not one scintilla of scandal in my administration” Soetoro.

  2. I believe that Bill Barr want to wait until after the election for the indictments to come out. Of course, if the indictments came out before the election, that would make the corrupt Democrats act even crazier in order to prevent the re-election of President Trump. As it is, it’s bad enough that we have the corrupt left and corrupt media trying to keep this COVID-19 business going as long as possible to keep people down so that the corrupt Democrats can try to sleaze their way to a win in November. You better believe, if they won, this country would be a total nightmare. You think things are bad now. Can you imagine if you had the rioters and looters everywhere with businesses shut down and tyrants on the left telling you how to live you life. Wow. Just be prepared. That’s why it’s very important to vote for President Trump and vote for all Republicans in November. We need a red sweep to knock out the blue sickness we are feeling. #Trump2020. #VoteRed.

  3. There are not enough of these demonrat asses to get a retard into office. All of the decent people in this country know who to vote for. Republicans all the way. MAGA

  4. Remember the comment Obama made to Putin back before Obamas re election. When he thought the mic was off, but wasn’t. Obama stated to Putin ” I will have more leeway after the election”. That comment explains a lot that is coming out now after the fact.


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