New Mexico State GOP Chair Has Very Compelling Prediction For State In 2020 Election

(Right Country) – The chairman of the New Mexico State Republican Party, Steve Pearce, believes that his state will go for Trump in November’s crucial general election.

“We are 100 days from the election today. New Mexico is a battleground state. How is the president doing in New Mexico?” Pearce was asked by Breitbart News Daily on Saturday.

“One hundred days out I still say that President Trump is going to win New Mexico and New Mexico is going to carry him over the top. I think it’s going to be very close nationally, but we’ll carry him over the top,” Pearce replied.

Breitbart explains that “New Mexico’s five electoral college votes went to Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in 2016, who defeated President Trump in the state by a margin of eight points, 48 percent to 40 percent.”

“In the U.S. Senate race, the last poll that we ran about four weeks ago was about four points, so our candidate is within four points at this stage of the game. That’s just tremendous news. I think that Congressman Ben Ray Lujan (D-NM-2) has been more of a national figure than one here in the state. The Second [Congressional] District is dead even in the last poll that came out last week. If you noticed, I think it was the Washington Post rated that the seat most likely to flip this year, the number one seat most likely to flip,” Pearce added.

“I’m feeling like New Mexico is going to turn red in this election,” he added.

The host then asked Pearce about Operation Legend in his state.

“New Mexico is also in the news this week because Albuquerque is one of the cities that President Trump is sending federal agents to as part of Operation Legend. The Democrats in the state, whether it be Democrat Sen. Martin Heinrich (D-NM) or Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller, they’ve been out there attacking President Trump and the federal law enforcement officers, calling them ‘storm troopers’ or ‘secret police,’ all sorts of nasty terminology for those who seek to restore law and order to the crime ridden city there. Tell us what’s going on in Albuquerque, with the president sending in federal law enforcement officers to help restore order,” Pearce was asked.

“The comments by the senator, Senator Heinrich, and the mayor, Mayor Keller, are just totally irresponsible,” Pearce replied.

He continued, “Albuquerque is number one in crime, violent crime and car thefts. So you’ve got a huge problem. But then you also have a strong presence of Antifa. They’ve come in here, they busted out windows in about a mile long march through the center of town. You put that against the backdrop that we probably have more federal installations in New Mexico than anywhere else. The federal government has a strong vested interest in making sure that New Mexico crime is low and that their facilities are safe. Some of their facilities are just top secret. You can imagine having the hordes at the gate, like they’re doing in Portland every night, trying to burn down that federal building.”

“The sheriff was well advised to go to President Trump to meet with him. Sheriff Manny Gonzales is a Democrat,” Pearce also noted, “And yet when this Democrat goes and sits down with the president to try to figure out how to secure these national facilities, these federal installations, they call for him to step down, for him to resign. He knows the situation. . . The mayor himself had gone to the governor last year and asked for more help because he couldn’t keep peace in the streets. The district attorney in Albuquerque has filed for more federal prosecutors to come in. He’s had his own prosecutors there. He’s asking for them to be certified to go in to federal court.

“Everything says that Albuquerque is straining the limits of law enforcement and the Justice Department, so to ask for help just seemed practical,” Pearce underscored.

“And yet the public officials here are referring to them as ‘storm troopers.’ That’s just going to incite violence when they do come in, because most people don’t think about the fuller picture. They just listen to what the elected officials say. It’s just a sad day for New Mexico, really, to see our U.S. Senator using terms like ‘storm trooper,’” he added.

“Speaking of the crime wave we’re seeing in cities across the country, you’ve mentioned the rise in car thefts and other crimes in Albuquerque. We’re seeing this in a lot of other Democrat-run cities across the country,” the host noted.

“In Chicago a funeral was shot up. Fourteen people were shot and severely hurt at a funeral in Chicago. We’re seeing rising numbers of shootings and killings and murders in places like New York, in places like Chicago, in places like Los Angeles. We see the craziness out in Portland,” he continued.

“Tell us about the contrast here and why voting is so important,” he said to Pearce.

“You’re seeing the Democrats say defund police. Republicans are saying defend the police. If you’ve got a rogue policeman, hold him accountable, get him out,” Pearce replied.

“Voting Republican says one holds criminals accountable. You vote for Democrats, they say we’re going to defund the police, we’re going to send in social workers. I will guarantee the first time they send a social worker into some of these domestic violence cases, that’s one of the most dangerous times of all for the police. They’re trained in it. They have the knowledge of the use of force, when to use it, when not to use it. You send in a social worker to that, you’re just asking for chaos,” Pearce added.

“You’re seeing right now the breakdown of law and order in many of the Democrat controlled cities because they don’t believe in punishing criminals,” Pearce concluded.


  1. Maybe just maybe enough old time democrats will realize that their old party No longer exist. Or perhaps realize they have been lied to for decades. Hopefully they will vote for law and order if not then they get what they deserve. Elections have consequences.

      • Ooohhhh…we have total faith in what you say dumb ass TRUMP will win in a landslide once more Hillary was better than Biden and she lost to a landslide so ha ha ha

      • Hey Cheetoh head, while you are in never never land, say hello to Peter Pan for me. Biden belongs in a retirement home, not the oval office.

  2. I am an old time democrat from two generations of democrats and I am a minority but I stopped voting democrats because of what the party has become. I WILL NOT vote democrat in Nov 2020

  3. Surprises me that New Mexico and Arizona have a heavy democrat voting block. I realize that the 2 states have seen a slow invasion of California dummycrats but there comes a point when the communist hand writing is clearing being displayed. Why it took so long for people to see the truth is what surprises me.

  4. Strange that so many “Kookiefornia” trans plants are now opting for life in New Mexico “Kookiefornia” is a tax happy paradise once led by Gov.”Moonbeam”and now by San Francisco indoctrinated Newsome. What’s their plan? Do they want to make NM an eastern extension of “Kookiefornia”. Wow! just think, you’ll have Pelosi as your Senator.

  5. Sounds like that SHERIFF has the citizens of his county’s best interest at heart. How refreshing for a person elected as a democrat. Shows that love of your constituents and dedication to the laws (Constitution) have NO PARTY AFFILIATION. Sounds like this SHERIFF wants all the help he can get to allow his deputies “TO PROTECT AND TO SERVE” the citizens who elected him. A shining example doing the right thing not the easy thing. I sincerely hope that Mr Pearce is correct and the Republicans can “run the board” in New Mexico.


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