New York School Advocates For “White Abolition” And For White Kids To Become Race “Traitors”

(Right Country) – The social justice warriors of 21st century America don’t want “equality” at all. They want special privileges and exalted status for minorities, specifically black people.

The radical Black Lives Matter agenda has crept its way into the public education system and under Joe Biden it’s likely only going to get much, much worse.

Investigative journalist Christopher Rufo has discovered just how bad things already are in some areas of the country where liberals are running the show.

Rufo obtained a principal’s notice from a New York public school in which the principal was encouraging white parents and students to become “traitors” to their race and advocated for “white abolition.”

Could you imagine if this type of deranged propaganda was aimed at black Americans or any other race? It’d be considered genocide and there would be collective outrage coast to coast.

The principal of East Side Community School in New York sent the notice to parents which classified white people into eight different groups: White Supremacist, White Voyeur, White Privilege, White Benefit, White Confessional, White Critical, White Traitor, and White Abolition.

The goal of this sick piece of propaganda is to indoctrinate children into believing that being white is a crime and that the only way to atone for it is by becoming a “traitor” and then advocating for their own destruction and extinction.

The propaganda read, “There is a regime of whiteness, and there are action-oriented white identities. People who identify with whiteness are one of these. It’s about time we build an ethnography of whiteness, since white people have been the ones writing about and governing Others.”

In a tweet in which he shared the notice, Rufo pointed out that this is the “new language of public education.”

President Trump attempted to ban this kind of racist, evil indoctrination but with him being defeated by the stolen election, Democrats are rushing full-steam ahead to re-implement dangerous critical race theory back into US public schools.

Rufo has garnered a lot of attention for bringing awareness to this type of indoctrination. In one interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, Rufo said that “critical race theory has become, in essence, the default ideology of the federal bureaucracy and is now being weaponized against the American people.”

He pointed out that even though President Trump had denounced this kind of thinking in liberal hot-spots overrun with BLM and Antifa rioters and demonstrators, Trump hadn’t taken enough measures to root it out within his own administration.

However, under Joe Biden, not only will his regime embrace critical race theory but it will become the norm. Public schools across the country will soon be forced to teach this kind of dangerous garbage and children everywhere are in danger of growing up hating themselves for being born white.

I doubt very much that this was the future of “equality” that Martin Luther King Jr. once dreamed about.

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  1. Plain evil. He needs to be brought up on charges of destruction to kids minds, fired, and convicted. I was made in Gods Image whether I was born black or white rich or poor. This is plain satanic.

  2. Just despicable! The few trying to divide the many. I will not break. Will a black person come up and rescue a white person today based on all the hate and division being escalated among the youth?


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