New York Times “Honors” Memorial Day By Accusing The Military Of Celebrating White Supremacy. The Pentagon Hits Back…Hard

(Right Country) – The Pentagon is slamming the New York Times after they issued a Memorial Day weekend editorial which suggested that the fine men and women of the US armed forces celebrate white supremacy.

The basis for this wild, inflammatory claim is that the US military hasn’t renamed bases which honor Confederate figures and other officers who have racism in their history.

While it certainly is worthwhile having a discussion about the names of these bases, it shows such a sick degree of privilege and tone deafness to bash the entire institution of the US military in such a way on memorial day weekend.

Talk about not taking time to honor the sacrifices that keep us free to write such insulting smut in our free papers.

The painfully long Sunday editorial denounced several US military installations as an “embarrassing artifact of the time when the military itself embraced anti-American values.”

“Military installations that celebrate white supremacist traitors have loomed steadily larger in the civic landscape since the country began closing smaller bases and consolidating its forces on larger ones. … It is long past time for those bases to be renamed,” the newspaper wrote.

Well, the Pentagon did not take too kindly to this poorly-timed attack.

Pentagon spokesman Jonathan Hoffman lashed out in a series of tweets slamming the Times for the piece.

“On a solemn day for remembering those that have given their lives for our country fighting against tyranny and subjugation, the NYT has more than a million possible stories of the ultimate sacrifice by American patriots that they could tell. But they don’t,” Hoffman tweeted.

He added: “The Department of Defense is the most diverse meritocracy in the country and the most powerful force for good in world history. We have many stories of valor still waiting to be told this Memorial Day weekend.”


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