Oakland Mayor Doesn’t Just Want To “Defund” Police, She Wants To Replace Police. Here’s Why.

(Right Country) – Mayor Libby Schaaf of Oakland, California, has declared that it’s not enough to simply defund the police.

She wants to “replace the police.”

No, really.

Breitbart reports that Schaaf was joined by Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and several other Democrat mayors on a Zoom meeting to discuss police reform.

“The meeting included Stockton, California, Mayor Michael Tubbs; and Columbia, South Carolina Mayor Steve Benjamin, along with Schaaf and Garcetti. It also included Rep. Karen Bass (D-LA), chair of the Congressional Black Caucus, who is considered a potential vice presidential candidate for presumptive Democratic Party nominee Joe Biden,” Breitbart notes.

Schaff spoke of “the evil of structural racism, that is everywhere, including in our justice system.” She declared that “snap decisions” by police were more likely to be influenced by racial bias.

She bragged that her city, which has been notoriously crime-ridden for decades, has reduced the number of discretionary stops of African Americans by 62%, although she didn’t actually get into the impact of this on the city’s high violent crime rate, which rose 7% last year.

She then declared that Oakland plans not only to “reform the police,” but to “replace the police” with alternative forms of intervention, like using trained mental health professionals.

Schaaf also voiced her support for the repeal of California’s Proposition 209, which prevents state government and universities from using race as a criterion.

She declared that “we have systemically stolen or blocked black residents from actually being successful, and that is what a lot of this anger is about.”

Shaaf vowed to become more “intentional about race” as her city seeks solutions.

Bass, meanwhile, discussed federal legislative measures to end police chokeholds and no-knock raids, as well as “qualified immunity” that protects law enforcement officers from prosecution.

Tubbs echoed a claim frequently used by Black Lives Matter activists that the institution of policing in the United States began with “slave patrol.”

He discussed how Stockton’s experiments with issuing a guaranteed basic income and called poverty a form of “violence” (wut).

Garcetti asked Bass to further explain what “defund the police” really means.

She replied that there wa a “spectrum” of views on the meaning of this hot-button phrase and that some believe in the full abolition of police departments.

Meanwhile, others believe in “reinvestments” in communities by shifting budgets from policing to other issues.

Breitbart notes of their own reporting on the call:

In response to a question from Breitbart News, Rep. Bass claimed that Democratic Party leaders had spoken out against violence in the Black Lives Matter protests.

She also brought up the issue of dismantling statutes. “I don’t want to see them come down through vandalism,” she said, although she said that she would like there to be a discussion of figures like Andrew Jackson, whose statue was targeted the previous evening by protesters in Washington, DC.

Breitbart News asked Mayor Schaff whether the Democratic Party had a particular problem with racism, given that the “systemic racism” she complained about existed in cities governed for generations by Democrats.

She answered that racism did not discriminate by political party.

Featured image credit: facebook.com/oaklandpoliceca


  1. When Schaaf states she will be more intentional about race it does nothing but foster racism and exacerbate the problem. When will the left give up on making everything about race and actually get something done other than line their pockets with graft and corruption.

  2. oaklamd is rife with homelessness, tents and trash everywhere, and graffiti dominatingthe the city and roads in /out of the city. What a 3rd world shithole😡😡😡😡 She must rely love the trash and whatever she is paid. Does no good for the city. Another worthless female damnrat mayor

  3. The saddest thing is that your mayor has no real knowledge or facts concerning BLM, our history, our current laws or the rights of citizens. For that matter she is ignorant of what mental health intervention would be. Why in the world do people in CA vote for those obviously unqualified for a place in government ? We see so many people coming out of CA who are virtually illiterate in civics, government, and history. To me this is a critical problem, as elected officials there do not understand where their actions are taking them — until it is too late.

  4. I wish people would quit voting for Democrats, they haven’t had a good idea maybe ever but surely not in the last 25 years.

  5. Police Don’t have anything to do with why certain people aren’t successful. That seems to be your excuse for your own poor governing. Why don’t you control the people living in your district. Just like demoncRats … Always blaming someone else and Not taking responsibility for their poor decisions.

  6. The whole agenda of the Democratic party is buying voters. They do this by keeping people on welfare free money, food, health insurance. By doing this they are reliant on the government. Why work when it’s free. This is why there is no advancement in certain communities. So let them defund the Police voted community by community. The communities that vote yes will no longer exist an this may be a good thing. The politicians that back this should be made to move in these communities.

  7. These libraturds have been destroying one of the finest Police Departments in the country for years now. OPD had rules against use of racial slurs, overt racism, use of un necessary force etc. years ago and did a very good job of enforcing those rules. Now I don’t understand how they even have one good competant officer left!!! When I was there we had good mixture of officers, good FTOs and good supervisors. Now all this mayor wants is kiss ass do nothing people. I won’t even call them police officers. I guess I’m just getting too old to put up with this garbage. These politicians bad mouth and browbeat the departments until all of the men and women would became police officers to “PROTECT AND TO SERVE” the people give up and leave. OPD used to have a great reputation among other police departments. We used to say that OPD was a great place to be from, now it’s changed to Oakland is a great place to be from…a in AWAY FROM!!!

  8. The growing number of Mayors in America wanting to or have decided to replace the police departments with social workers and/or mental health workers is so over and above the realm of sensibility it is scary !!! I can only see such police replacements being shot one the spot by the perpetrator with the gun !!!! This will only generate more violent crimes with No Arrests !!!! We The people will be the victims !!!! How can such individuals such as these mayors be elected to begin with ?!?!?
    Wake Up America and be Very, Very, Very careful for what and for who you vote for !!! Voting across party lines is viable in today’s Anti-American Political Environment !!!! Our Freedoms, Our Constitution and Our America is in the Coming Elections !!!! Ask specific questions about future elected city, state and federal level candidates as to where they stand on issues that concern Americas future !! I agree there are candidates on both sides of the isle Demoncrats and Republican RINO’s (Republicans In name Only) who Must be Challenged !! Now Is Our Time To Fight Back For The True America Way!!!
    However, if you are a registered voter Please do vote !!!

  9. Schaaf has clearly identified herself as a Democrat dictator and a racist pig. Just perfect to be mayor of Oakland.

  10. These Democratic mayors should have been in the movie the one that flew over the cuckoos nest. They would have been the stars of the movie because they are nuts! Saying that I hope they do everything they say because their cities will burn to the ground and will not exist in the next 5 years. These mayors won’t have jobs because If you don’t need police why do you need mayors they are non essential! Wait and see every Democratic City will be in ruins in the next 5 years. You get what you vote for! All police should quit in every city run by a Democratic mayor. Give all these mayors the middle finger and hope the burn and loot liberals pillage their cities. If this shit keeps up every large city will be in ruins. Democrats think these thugs care about democrats, think again! When democrats start being beat up and murdered by the POS that are causing all of this destruction they will be the first in line saying shoot to kill these POS people! Mark my word this will happen because even if Biden wins in November these POS people won’t stop the burning and looting until they are stoped by shoot to kill, if these people die what is society losing ? NOTHING!!!!!!

  11. Stupidity in the State of California. What’s new, you elect those people and let them do as they please. You keep electing them. So when you need police call the mayors and the council members for assistance in crimes and shootings. I’d post their phone numbers and addresses for everyone to see. Liberals will take everything you have and keep taking till your with nothing else.

  12. Why stop there? How about getting rid of these white mayors and city counselors! Just remove yourselves and give your seat to a black, brown, or Asian. I also have a hard time believing you will get trained therapists out there for the pay LEO’s got. Removing Democrats from office is the best move all colors can do!!!


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