Oh, Now Walls Work? Look What Just Got Put Up In Washington, D.C.

(Right Country) – There is no doubt that, in the chapter of the history books about President Donald Trump’s initial run for office, The Wall will be a focal point of the narrative.

Trump’s plans to build a “big, beautiful” wall along our Southern border was cheered by Americans who understand the situation on our border—and loudly decried as racists by those apparently more interested in fueling illegal human and illicit goods trafficking.

It set the tone of the hysterical left’s reaction to his campaign, then his candidacy, then his presidency—fantastical accusations of morality so fallacious, the millions of supporters who agreed with his common-sense, America First policies began to distrust them more than ever before.

And they blame the left for the division in our country?

Constructing a barrier on the border is something so commonplace for a nation intending to secure its sovereign borders that several nations around the world have employed such a mechanism to do so, including Mexico.

It was also largely supported by establishment Democrats like Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi until about five minutes before Trump decided to run for office.

Yet when Trump proposed it, suddenly such a suggestion was tantamount to suggesting rounding up minorities and re-imposing Jim Crow segregation laws and the WWII Japanese Internment camps all rolled into one.

Nevermind those millions of industrious, law-abiding legal immigrants that Trump always emphatically supported, many of whom just so happen to be people of color.

Yes, this was the launch of an era of cognitive dissonance.

Now, at what is apparently the end of this state of the Trump era at least, it appears that suddenly walls work.

“After telling us for more than four years that ‘walls don’t work,’ the Democrats in charge of everything have discovered the usefulness of physical barriers to keep unwanted people from breaching borders,” PJ Media explains.

“That’s right, the Capitol is now surrounded by seven-foot-tall ‘unscalable’ fencing to ensure that The People don’t set foot anywhere near the People’s House again, after some maniacs broke in—no thanks to Capitol Police, who appeared to abandon their posts.”

You’ve got to be kidding.

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  1. Cognitive Dissonance is an accurate appraisal of their entire liberal experience. But let’s be even more clear. Liberal Democrats, especially their politicians, are just plain rotten assed hypocritical cretins who are very aware of their hypocrisy and are actually proud of it. I can visualize these low life “public servants” meeting at the local D.C. pub after a hard “work day
    “ of lying and and raising a hearty toast to their group think addiction.

  2. Those ‘elected’ people conveniently forget that they are protected (more or less) by armed personnel yet they still think they are oh so important that they also need walls (paid for by us no less) to further protect them but no walls for us plain old ordinary people. Well unless we pay for them ourselves. Same applies to armed guards – most of us can’t afford them but the professional pols want to restrict or eliminate our Right To Keep And Bear Arms
    They ALWAYS forget that their ‘jobs’ were open when they got them and there are plenty of other folks who can and will do those jobs.

  3. if you think because someone gains entry to a government office he is qualified or even knowledgeable, forget it! if you want to know who an “elected” person is, the elected person is no more knowledgeable or qualified than yourself or your next door neighbor. anyone can get elected” if he can get enough other equally stupids to push the election button for him. remember “politics” ,at least the U.S. brand, which we all have been subjected to our entire lives is bullshit, plain and simple!!! a thing U.S.lawyers are ” very qualified “at.

  4. The fence is absolutely the funniest thing I’ve seen today. In the video everyone is speaking Spanish, I think they said the f ing idiot gringos think this fence will stop the illegals thier crazy, I left a few screws out of the fence so everyone could get through LOL dumb gringo Pelosi and Biden.


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