One Thing That Has Become Abundantly Clear: Joe Biden And The Democrats Are Terrified Of The American People After Stealing The Election

(Right Country) – There’s been one undeniable fact that has been made crystal clear in the wake of the stolen presidential election. President Joe Biden and all of his cronies in the Democratic Party are absolutely terrified about facing the American people in the wake of the great act of thievery they have thus far managed to get away with.

As Gateway Pundit says in a new piece published on their site, it’s pretty obvious that Joe Biden didn’t actually win this election. He stole it instead. If you look at the number of records Trump managed to attain during this past year’s election, which includes most votes ever for a candidate, it just doesn’t make sense that he would lose the White House.

Then, of course, there’s the nearly endless stream of evidence — which continues to pour in — that shows Dominion voting machines actually flipped votes from Trump to Biden. In fact, in New Hampshire, Dominion machines actually shorted every single Republican candidate by a staggering 300 votes. And yet, their Department of Justice is refusing to take a look at the evidence and look into seeing if there was some kind of fraud at play.

There’s just no way that Joe Biden is the most popular U.S. president ever. He did not win this election legitimately. That much shouldn’t even be up for debate. The most obvious evidence that Biden snatched this election out of Trump’s hands through thievery comes from the fact that he’s terrified to face the American people.

Remember how much Democrats threw a fit about President Trump building a wall along the southern border to help secure our country? Well, the Biden gang now has walls built all around the nation’s capital.

If, as the Biden gang claims, Joe won more votes than any president in history, where are the voters? They say he won the election by 80 million votes. Something isn’t adding up here.

The president also says he won the state of Pennsylvania, but refuses to hold an in-person event in Butler, Pennsylvania, free to the public, the same way former President Donald Trump did. He drew a crowd of tens of thousands by the way.

“Biden won’t do this because he can’t physically or cognitively. Biden literally can’t talk without a teleprompter. He can hardly do that and Americans knew it before the election. Americans didn’t and don’t believe Joe Biden is the most popular President ever, because he’s not,” GP notes.

“But more importantly, Biden won’t be holding any events free to the public because he is absolutely afraid Americans will show up and tell him what they think of him. If Biden were to hold an open event in New York, California, or Butler, Pennsylvania, the results would be the same,” the piece goes on to say.

The truth is, Biden’s team doesn’t want the rest of the country to know what Americans really think about Biden. They’re hiding behind fences because they know they’ve done wrong and they are terrified of being held accountable for it.

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  1. Sadly,too many people are so selfish or ignorant to count their blessings and all that has been given to them.The devil is having his way (for now).Soon I hope the day of reckoning will come and restore what is right.


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