Over A Dozen Arrested As “Peaceful Protesters” Try To Burn Down This Building

(Right Country) – Portland’s city leadership appears to have completely surrendered the city to violent rioters that the media continues to insist are “peaceful protesters.”

They’ve tried to burn down government buildings and even threatened to burn down private residences simply for displaying the American flag.

They are radical Antifa leftists who have been quite clear that their goal is to dismantle our justice system and law enforcement apparatus.

“Peaceful protester” is not only wrong, it’s laughable considering what the actual definition of what these people are is terrorists.

Over a dozen people have been arrested after these terrorists set fire to a police union building on Thursday amid months-long violence.

The Daily Caller reports:

A large mob of demonstrators used vehicles to block street traffic and vandalized local property with insignia supporting their group’s message, according to a blog post from the Portland Police Bureau (PPB).

Law enforcement ordered the crowd to disperse, but rioters set plywood used to board up the front door of the Portland Police Association ablaze, and some in the crowd were seen attempting to break into the building, the department wrote.

Officers then began to try to quell the crowd, but some in the mob reportedly climbed atop the union headquarters, PPB wrote in the post. A total of 14 people were apprehended by law enforcement for offenses including disorderly conduct, interfering with a peace officer, arson, trespassing and resisting arrest, according to police.

Portland cops did not use non-lethal munitions and the riot concluded at around 1 a.m. Friday, the blog post read.

How much longer is the left going to go on pretending like anything these rioters are doing is protected by the First Amendment?

Are the Democrats so Trump-deranged that they truly can’t bring themselves to condemn this behavior out of sheer hatred for them…or something more sinister?

Whatever the case, they need to be held accountable for their complete failure to lead.


  1. This is getting to be “old news”. It’s no longer even news. What was once something to be viewed as a radical demonstration that turned violent, has now become so prevalent that it’s nothing more than ho-hum business as usual. How did the city leaders and authorities of Portland let this get to be an every day occurrence with no end in sight? The good citizens of Portland and Oregon should have a recall on both mayor and governor. What does it take for you people to wake the hell up!

  2. Exactly!!!! I’m thinking they are not part of the WWG1WGA group but the victims you do for me at YOUR COST and I’ll collect later, attitude. They need to stand up as a community together and demand the resignations /recalls. Have you wondered what the DS HAS OFFERED these MARXIST democRATs in the NWO? they gonna run the fema obummer camps. Now who will get the air-conditioned trailers?

  3. Violence begets “VIOLENCE!” They should be dispatched (as it were) with MORE violent actions “than they’ve displayed.” They should be gunned down in the streets! It wouldn’t take but a time or two and “they WOULDN’T SHOW UP ANYMORE!” Remember, these are REAL activists (& they certainly AREN’T MARTYRS!) If they thought anything (other than catch & release “with no charges filed”) WAS “gonna happen to them…” THEY’D QUIT IN A SECOND! Case closed! But you have to start, by shooting the Mayor! The governor will be “so worried” ABOUT THAT… there won’t be any talk about ANYTHING (other than, doubling the security around the governor’s house!) So… Trump needs to send in “ripe from the middle east, KILLERS!” Let ’em MOW THESE “CRIMINALS” DOWN! Wash away the blood & their BS “black lives matter painted on t he streets” and I will BET “all the money I have” they WON’T BE BACK AGAIN! THROUGH!

  4. PEACEFUL PROTESTERS. Isn’t that an oxymoron? If they want to burn something down. try the Mayor’s Home or Governor’s Place.

  5. My only thought on this is…why didn’t Trump use the Insurrection Act at the very beginning of these “peaceful protests” to nip them in the bud? Don’t get me wrong…I am a HUGE supporter of the President, but he said he didn’t want to use this because he would be called all kinds of names…(what hasn’t he been called since the day he was elected?” Hey old adage..”Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me”. Right? I think if he had stopped this at the onset, it would have been done and over. If Antifa and BLM had been treated as the terrorist, Marxist that they are, then this whole chaotic mess would not be happening. Throw their asses in jail…end of story. And get that A**** Soros out of our country NOW..he is the one behind all this…financing these people to go from her to there, organized. etc. Send him the F*** b ack where he came from…Traitor…piece of crap

  6. Trump is playing smart. Had he used Insurrection Act and sent in National Guard the left and Dem’s would have been screaming and msm showing it in worst possible way.
    At this point Trump has done exactly what the Democrat Gov and Mayor demanded and stayed out except when it was Federal property involved.

    Now he is can do two things first telling cities that allow the anarchy and violence to go unchecked and rioters unpunished would no longer receive federal funds. Second after election he can then drop the hammer so to speak and point that the local authorities have had 6 months to quell the violent disturbances, the local authorities have 2 weeks to do their job to regain control and protect US citizens or he will invoke insurrection act. Which would also open doors to put the Mayors and Governors up for charges of Sedition for not only failing to at least attempt to stop the insurrectionist activities but in many cases actively supporting it. And if this last happens these Governors, Mayor’s and AG’s could never hold an elected, appointed or hired into a government office again per the Constitution.


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