Peter Strzok Weighs In On Whether Or Not He Thinks What The FBI Did To Trump Was Wrong; His Answer Won’t Surprise You

(Right Country) – Disgraced and totally fired FBI Agent Peter Strzok recently weighed in on whether or not he thinks what the FBI did during its investigation into possible Russian collusion was wrong or “improper.” You can probably already guess what his answer was.

Apparently, Strzok doesn’t think it was all that big of a deal to obtain the authority to surveil a former member of the president’s campaign. Would we expect anything else from a diehard progressive tool of the Democratic Party?


Via Washington Examiner:

That includes the FBI’s efforts to obtain the authority to surveil former Trump campaign associate Carter Page — despite a scathing Justice Department watchdog report and one guilty plea in U.S. Attorney John Durham’s criminal inquiry.

Strzok, who is embarking on a media blitz for his new book, was asked during a Sunday Morning interview with CBS national security correspondent David Martin on whether the problems unearthed by DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s audit of the FBI’s investigation (including 17 “significant errors or omissions” in the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act process targeting Page) represented “sloppy work” or whether it was “FBI agents trying too hard to get something on” members of President Trump’s 2016 campaign.

“I don’t think at all that it’s anything improper. You get people who are overworked, who make mistakes — and don’t get me wrong — inexcusable mistakes,” Strzok said.

Attorney General William Barr, who selected Durham to look into the origins and conduct of the Trump-Russia investigation, has said that “the evidence shows that we’re not dealing with just mistakes or sloppiness — there was something far more troubling here.”

Strzok was removed from Mueller’s team early in his investigation and later fired from the bureau after his texts with former FBI lawyer Lisa Page, with whom he was having an affair, were discovered. In one Aug. 6, 2016, exchange, Page said, “Trump should go f himself.” Strzok responded, “F Trump.” Two days later, Page texted, “[Trump’s] not ever going to become president, right? Right?!”, and Strzok replied, “No. No he’s not. We’ll stop it.”

“We concluded that Strzok’s text messages with Page indicated or created the appearance of bias against Trump,” Horowitz wrote, adding, “We did not find documentary or testimonial evidence that political bias or improper motivation influenced the FBI’s decision to seek FISA authority on Carter Page.”

Strzok oversaw the Page investigation from its start until January 2017. Horowitz asked Strzok, who made the decision to use British ex-spy Christopher Steele as a source in Crossfire Hurricane (which was the FBI’s counterintelligence investigation into links between the Trump campaign and Russia), and Strzok said that FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe “was briefed on Steele’s reporting and ‘okayed’ the Crossfire Hurricane team’s approach to use Steele in the investigation.”

Seems pretty clear the left has been on the warpath against President Trump from before he even became president. From the moment he announced his candidacy and spoken openly and evenly from his heart about helping the American people, promising to undo the work of his predecessor, the left has been gunning for him.

They’ve tried to impeach him. They launched a constant media campaign against him that’s non-stop, 24/7, and yet they have not been able to destroy him or his administration. What they have done, instead, is reveal what they are really about, and it isn’t helping the American people.

It’s helping themselves.

This will come back to haunt them in November.



  1. Peter, you are such a whiney coward. Why don’t you, just for once, call your actions for what they are: a blatant treason against the American people. Cut the excuses and the charade, man up and own what you did instead of hiding, making excuses and acting like a crybaby. You got caught. You are a loser so lose like a man.

  2. Until we get a new Attorney General strzdk and the other traitors will enjoy their freedom and their participation in this ongoing coup.
    Bush Boy Barr has no intention of indicting any of his pals in the Obama Clinton Cabal.

  3. THE Lord’s Prayer Chain:
    Speaks for itself for prayer, but should speak to our leaders for correction of our nation. At some point all this Aunt-Tiff-A/BLM communism versus capitalism has to cease or else we shall be taken over by the enemy. So someone get this to the President.
    Slow justice as men keep time is like no justice at all. There is no justice but God’s justice in Jesus Christ.
    God followed Israel in the wilderness and delivered God’s Justice. That generation was not allowed to enter the Promise Land, but the children only. Unless we come to God as a child we shall not enter into God’s Promise Land by faith.
    Violence and lawlessness outside the will of God in Jesus will receive God’s Justice. So Lord please hold Your Wrath and Justice back until the fulness of the gentiles be come in. Be merciful and full of Grace Lord.
    A wagon trek through Death Valley with a recording of the Bible playing all the way could slow down the justice of God and give some more a chance to pass through the eye of the needle. Anyone who feels they might be guilty could voluntarily sign up. At night there could be dancing and singing like in Israel. We shall overcome.
    God always gives us a choice, either be locked up for the duration of our sentence maybe forever or a trek through Death Valley being filmed for a documentary delivering Borax Soap. At the end we can wash and clean up our act like when Hollow-Wood becomes Hallowed-Wood like on Jesus Cross.
    Ol sore-us would have to go, but just ride in the one of the Conestoga Wagons and pay for it all. At ninety this would give him longer life. Moses went and was much older and still in his vigor. God told him he would not be allowed to go into the Promise Land, but to go out into the desert and lay down and die. Personally, I don’t think ol sore-us is tough enough.
    The angel Michael and satan came and argued over Moses’ body. Moses was seen later in the Transfiguration of Jesus so Michael won.
    They will be given parts to act out on their way based on stories in the Bible and paid $600 a week for bit parts or more for starring parts as the case might be. This would be in a cowboy format like the show “Rawhide” which they will have plenty either walking or riding a donkey like Jesus or Mary.
    They will be fed well on beef jerky, beans and water and sleep on their saddles under the stars like the shepherds. They will practice social distancing like the Demo-niac Communist Party is so prone to preach. Some of those demons will be blown out no doubt. What they need is some bona fide self discipline by God’s ethics especially in Hollow-Wood.
    The readers of this could start to playwrite their own one hour Cowboy TV Show based on a Bible story. TBN, Daystar and EWTN could present this show for educational purposes.
    Some might become stars in the New Death Valley Days with President Reagan doing the announcing. Very fitting. Are you tough enough for God? Could you do it? Some of us no doubt think we are so tough. We would find out. I can’t think of a better way to die. Who has the courage?
    Jesus says Watch and Pray and God will redeem the time.
    In the Name by the Body and Blood (Eucharist) per the Water of the Word Jesus we agree,
    THE Lord’s Prayer Chain


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