Plot Twist: Wait… California’s Electoral Votes For Biden Now Under Question?!

(Right Country) – I don’t think there are a whole lot of people out there who would struggle to believe that the deep blue population centers of our nation’s arguably most progressive state, California, overwhelmingly voted to elect Joe Biden as President.

There are a lot of questions about how Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, and Pennsylvania voted on November 3rd, 2020, but California isn’t one of the states that anyone was expecting to go to Trump anyway.

Now, however, a lawsuit is accusing officials in the Golden State of rampant violations of election code and fraud that irreparably contaminated the results of the 2020 election, WND reports.


How’s that for a plot twist?

Remember, California has 55 electoral college points, and plenty of purple counties, too.

“The lack of integrity in our elections strikes at the heart of our republic,” said Joshua Kroot of Primary Law Group, which is one of several teams working on behalf of the Election Integrity Project.

“The failure to correct this problem immediately will do irreparable injury to our nation and devastate the credibility of all elections into the distant future.”

The complaint goes beyond the the allegations levied by President Trump’s legal team and challenges the election procedure as a whole in California—and requires the votes to be decertified.

That’s the whole 55 electoral votes!

Were those to be undone, it alone could prevent Biden from being sworn in on January 20th.

Primary Law Group and another organization involved in the case charged that the November election in the state was upended by “the expansion of vote-by-mail ballots and the changes in the law to send vote-by-mail ballots to all registered voters.”

They charge that this “created a process where known ineligible voters (including deceased persons, non-citizens, and non-residents) were sent live ballots. As pas[t] elections have shown, deceased persons, non-citizens, and non-residents are often recorded as having voted in elections. That same election fraud occurred in the November 2020 election impacting the plaintiffs and all of the citizens in each of the congressional districts at issue.”

Linda Paine, president of EIPC, explained that they’d been investigating “serious problems” with the way California’s elections are conducted for 10 years.

They have over 700 signed affidavits that give evidence of election code violations, obstruction of poll watchers, failure to verify mail-in signatures, irregularities and fraud.

“We have no choice but to bring this federal lawsuit in order an attempt to restore integrity to the election process,” she stated.

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  1. You are too much of a pansy to even put your name as author of this ridiculous, fake website. Go away. You are one of the main reasons people rioted at the Capitol, based on your fake propaganda.

  2. Every electoral vote in every state is in question to me. If they would cheat in one state they would do it even more in states where they just hold control and let no free vote in to threaten their control. People are leaving those states in droves. I have a new next door neighbor from California. People are disgusted and they still keep pretending everyone loves them. They are loathed, but really good at lying and cheating and stealing and the republicans bow down and kiss their toes, and together they control who enters any race, state, congress , whatever.

  3. We as the citizens of the greatest country in the world need to raise money for legal services to overwhelm even these corrupt city judges with facts and evidence of election corruption and laws that have been passed to have corruption unfixable with removal of addresss verification signature verification state law that says if the citizens of that state vote overwhelmingly to have an investigation into a series of county irregularities That the evidence ( ballots ) are not destroyed and are transparent on video tape . Without this we are never going to have a free election but one that is decided by the deep state and this one looks like the deep state is just fine with a communist overthrow of democracy ,

  4. There has been election fraud in California for years. California has been taken over by left. This will not get anywhere fast.


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