Poll Conducted At Des Moines Trump Rally Has The Democrats In Panic

(Right Country) – By now, if you’re like a lot of Americans, you’re probably tired of hearing about the “polls” that say Joe Biden is leading President Trump big time. If you’re also like a lot of Americans you are probably wondering who all of these Biden supporters are and why they never show up for any of his “rallies.”

Of course, Joe Biden’s campaign has been smart and used the manufactured coronavirus crisis as a cover for the lack of enthusiasm by focusing heavily on restrictions and rules like social distancing and wearing facemasks. Biden rallies often have circles marked on the floor that are measured out 6 ft. from each other.

Attendees are required to stay inside their little circles and keep their facemasks on. Biden himself gives entire speeches, which are never all that long, wearing a facemask the whole time. Sometimes, attendees are required to stay in their vehicles as the Biden campaign has come up with the awkward and ineffective “drive-in rally.”

The Democrats have repeatedly taken shots at President Trump and his rallies where attendees are not required to wear facemasks and President Trump does not wear one to deliver his speeches.

President Trump is, after all, the President of the United States. He should not have to hide behind a mask and he most certainly can’t hide in a basement or conduct “drive-in rallies.” President Trump has made it clear he has no intention of hiding from the virus or avoiding the American people. He is our leader and he acts like it.

Everywhere he goes President Trump brings out thousands of supporters. No matter where he is in America, Trump fans flood in for the chance to hear him speak in person. It’s really quite a phenomenon.

What is even more remarkable is that President Trump’s appeal blows away party lines. Most people think of Trump rallies as being attended by droves of conservative Republican voters but as one recent poll conducted at a rally in Des Moines, Iowa has found out that simply isn’t the case.

Now we may have figured out where all the Democrats who aren’t at Biden events are hiding. They’re at Trump rallies.

Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel tweeted a post Wednesday, in which she wrote that nearly half of the more than 10,000 attendees canvassed at President Trump’s rally in Des Moines, Iowa were not Republicans.

The pundits talk about how important it is for President Trump to get certain percentages of voters from different demographics in order to win. They’ll say things like, “If President Trump gets over 30% of black men, he’ll win [insert city or state here]” as just an example. Imagine how big he will win if he gets a massive percentage of Democrat voters!

McDaniel pointed out that these national polls that show Biden leading by big margins are just simply not taking into account that many, many independents and Democrats are actually leaning towards voting for President Trump.

When a Democratic pollster calls a registered Democrat there is probably a decent amount of hesitation in admitting that their vote is going to President Trump, and understandably so. In many of these cases these voters may just say they are voting for Biden to appease the pollster and get off the phone. After all, we’ve all seen how loving and accepting liberals are.

McDaniel also pointed out that a quarter of those in attendance at the rally didn’t vote in the 2016 election and almost 14% said they haven’t voted in the last 4 elections. Bringing out new voters is also a trait that President Trump has shown he possesses this time around.

This should encourage conservatives everywhere. The media paints a bleak picture and it seems everywhere we turn we are being lied to about how successful Joe Biden’s campaign is. The truth is, Biden’s campaign is in the toilet along with the entire Democratic Party. People are fleeing the left in droves.

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  1. Praise the Lord!! I pray you are right. We cannot allow these socialists to persecute our president any Longer.
    Just because they do not like him is not a reason to throw away our freedoms. We as a nation are all better off in the last four years.
    God bless America!!

  2. Like him or not, PRESIDENT TRUMP is the Real Deal. He’s proved himself to be a tireless worker and campaigner, and really enjoys the people. BIDEN? Be serious … This guy brings NOTHING to his (so called) ” RALLIES “. He’s lucky if he gets a few dozen people. The key Question with this underachieving PHONY is “what is there to get excited about this guy?” You never see a crowd making noise, you never see anyone react with enthusiasm over what he says (or worse yet, what he PROMISES he’s going to DO) He is a 90 year old yawner, while TRUMP has the get up and go of a 50 year old.

    I voted on Friday — who do YOU think I cast my ballot for? (HINT: it wasn’t the guy they force to live in a F’ING BASEMENT) TRUMP IN 2020, NOW MORE THAN EVER !!

  3. There are hidden Trump voters. This election will turn on getting these voters out in the swing states. Total vote count means nothing.

  4. President Trump must be re-elected because our American values and way of life depends on it. The democrat party has been taken over by radical socialists AKA Communists and should never be elected to anything, not even for dog catcher. Remember, if you put a democrat in charge of the Sahara desert there would be a shortage of sand in a few short months.

  5. President Trump is definitely the real deal. You may not how it says some stuff but he tells the truth. Just look at “Russia Gate”,Impeachment,and Ukraine all lies and he stood there and defended himself. Now he has ACB to get confirmed and it will happen. I like his swagger and takes no guff from anyone.

    Best of all this President fights for us and keeps America FIRST!!!!

  6. It just proves that AMERICANS from all walks of life have had enough of the Democrats and their evil socialist schemes. You’ll never hear about this poll from the mainstream media- they want us to think that Trump doesn’t stand a chance. Hmm, I seem to remember the same thing four years ago when Hillary Clinton was supposed to be a shoo-in. You can’t keep dumping on people and lying forever without it catching up to you and that’s finally happening to the Democrats and their liberal agenda. We the people are not as stupid as they think- remember this when you go to the voting booth!

  7. Obama said one thing about senile Joe that I have to believe, when he said, do not under estimate Joe’s ability to f**k things up. Senile Joe has been a lair, crook and an idiot his whole life. He was not given the nickname of doofus for no reason. Now with the onset of dementia he cannot tell his sister from his wife. Who in their right mind would want him to be president of this country?
    Since senile Joe is an idiot. It is only fitting that he surround himself with other idiots. My alley cat has better morals than dirty Harris has. Her past is so bad that the liberals had to rewrite her complete Wikipedia profile. Does that sound like someone that you would want to be president.


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