President Of Chicago Police Union Shows He Has A Spine, Stands Up For Trump Supporters

(Right Country) – The always indignant leftists, now joined by the full roster of DC establishment swamp creatures, wasted absolutely no time at all denouncing the storming of the Capitol Wednesday.

They not only called those who broke into the Capitol building “traitors” and accused them of insurrection and treason, they are using the event as a cover to, once again, remove President Trump from office and label him a criminal.

Though there have been many reports and videos suggesting that those who actually stormed the Capitol were Antifa thugs disguised as Trump supporters, the President of Chicago’s Police Union has defended those involved.

John Catanzara spoke to Chicago’s WBEZ public radio station under the assumption that those who stormed the Capitol were, in fact, Trump supporters. He essentially chalked the incident up to people feeling incredibly frustrated over the fact that “an election was stolen, somehow, some way.”

He went on to say that there is no way he will ever be convinced that Joe Biden won the election and said he has no doubt that “something shady happened in this election.”

He said the people at the Capitol did not engage in any arson, nothing was burnt or looted and there was, in the end, “very little destruction of property.”

He admitted that while he personally agrees that the election was fraudulent and stolen, he says it all comes down to evidence. He said without concrete evidence of voter fraud “shame on” those that partook in the Capitol Hill riot but that “it was out of frustration.”

There is actual evidence of voter fraud but it is heavily suppressed by nearly all media outlets and it doesn’t seem to matter what the allegations or evidence are any way. There doesn’t seem to be anybody willing to have enough integrity to give the election a fair investigation.

Catanraza went on to defend the Trump supporters at the Capitol pointing out that there was no violence and that nothing was destroyed inside the building itself.

He said that it’s “beyond ridiculous and ignorant” for any politicians to be accusing the protesters of treason and that, at worst, they committed trespassing.

If those who stormed the Capitol were actually Trump supporters this is a pretty solid take on what went down.

Trump supporters are feeling frustrations and fears that they never thought they would ever have to feel as Americans. The fact that it appears as though the corrupt establishment has actually got away with stealing the election is a terrifying thought to grapple with.

Patriots are fearful of the future. We are fully aware of the left’s radical agenda and now, not only has the left stolen the election, it appears there are many in Washington who have never really been loyal to Trump all along.

They’ve turned their backs on him and us and it’s starting to look like we will soon have no advocates in the government that is supposed to be for the people and by the people.

If it were Trump supporters who stormed the Capitol, albeit a very small fraction of them, can we really blame them?

Americans everywhere are wondering what we’re supposed to do now and with the riots that have plagued America over the course of 2020, some may view that as our only recourse.

These are uncertain times for sure. We must stand united against corruption now more than ever.

Copyright 2020.

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  1. This what happens in these countries to turn communist.
    Vietnam over a million people were exterminated by the communist party after we bailed on them and by the way it was the democrat party and the press that forced us to leave without finishing the job. North Vietnam was within a week or two of surrendering.

    The Weather under ground now known as Antifa and BLM is calling for the extermination of all of us who don’t buy onto the new world order approach. Bill Aires himself called for that.

  2. The woman that was,murdered by Capital police was a vet, she was standing in a crowd. The policeman, if he was, was in plainclothes, and had NO identifying markings. What was he doing in the police lineup? The Damage was all done by BLM and Antifa boot jackers paid for by Soros, and the Chinese Communist Party.

  3. I tried to warn people to be wary of Antifa infiltrators, but they allowed emotion to carry them, and the communists who were allowed in deceived some of the protestors into following them in. The front line of people you can see entering have ALL been found in various photographs at Antifa and BLM events. A big, fat bearded guy with a Soviet tattoo on his hand is a KNOWN Philly Antifa member.

    We cannot run about without a leadership that understands strategy. We cannot protest without a PLAN. Had there been a strict set of guidelines given to heads of various conservative groups, Antifa and the Deep State wouldn’t have been able to trick anyone into joining them.

    This is why we need ORGANIZATION. This is why we need to treat this AS A FORMAL CONFLICT. No one wins a battle by running in wildly, having no idea where they are going or what they’re going to do once they get there. Identify the enemy in each battle, find their weaknesses and where they are vulnerable, gather intel upon them, try to hear THEIR plans, then formulate the strategy to crush them. ONLY THEN do you attack.

    If you know everything is fixed against you, that is only more motivation to enact even STRICTER control measures over your movements, because you should already know they’re going to use everything they can against you.

  4. Thank you Mr. J. Cantazara for speaking up for Trump supporters against the corrupt Democrats in Congress and fake News Media. And I Thank also the few Republicans with spine who also were willing to speak up for 75 million Americans! You are all my kind of heroes 🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️❤️

  5. The break-in showed absolutely NO resemblance to any Trump supporter demonstration. They are always peaceful, walking, talking, singing, carrying flags or banners in support of him. This had to be Antifa, BLM and radical, enraged senseless mobsters that infiltrated the conservative protesters disguised with MAGA paraphernalia. No real Trump supporter would do damage to our beautiful Capitol or act in this manner.

  6. This was a set up from democrats and republicans corrupted politicians to go after a duly elected USA President namely Donald J Trump . They are all in the treason and insurrection to remove our President . Joe Biden didn’t won the election – any smart American knows that and for politicians to be clamoring of treason and violence while all along the year 2020 they let Antifa and BLM do as they pleased and turned their face the other way letting utterly destruction take effect under the guises of “ peaceful protestors “ not my words but the words of many politicians who are complicit in this “coup de etat” against President Trump .

  7. Their words – they hate President Trump because of their decades of corruption and he was going to expose them and their corruption.

    Democrats In their own words:

    “There will be blood in the streets.” ~Loretta Lynch
    “Who says protests have to be peaceful?” ~Chris Cuomo
    “There needs to be unrest in the streets.” ~Ayanna Pressley
    “Protesters should not let up.” ~Kamala Harris
    “I just don’t know why there aren’t uprisings all over this country. Maybe there should be.”~ Nancy Pelosi
    “You get out and create a crowd and you push back on them and you tell them they are not welcome anymore, anywhere.”~ Maxine Waters

    “Go home with love and in peace. Remember this day forever!” President Trump – banned from Twitter for inciting violence


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