President Trump Scolds Republicans Over Handling Of Leftist Mobs; What He Really Called Them Will Make Dems Furious

(Right Country) – Say what you will about President Donald Trump, but he’s a man who tells you the truth, especially when it comes to how he feels about something. It’s sort of refreshing to meet a politician who will tell you exactly what’s on his mind, even if what he thinks is sort of ugly and raw. That’s something we’ve not had in national leadership for a long, long time.

Heck, maybe we’ve never had it before, since our Founding Fathers era anyway.

President Trump recently spoke out on Thursday about the lack of a tough response on what he called leftist “terrorist” mobs that have been destroying America in violent riots over the last month or so.

You can almost guarantee the left-wing media is going to pounce all over his use of the word “terrorist” in reference to the Black Lives Matter rioters, but hey, if the shoe fits, wear it.

Here’s more from Breitbart:

“These people are vandals, they’re agitators, they’re terrorists, in a sense,” Trump said.

The president commented on the rioting during a town hall with Fox News host Sean Hannity on Thursday in response to a question from a Wisconsin resident who questioned the president on the latest round of violence in their state.

State Sen. Tim Carpenter, D-Milwaukee, was allegedly beaten Wednesday night by a group of violent protesters when he took a video of them.

“The person that they beat up was a Democrat who happened to be gay. And he was probably there rooting him on or something,” Trump said, referring to Carpenter.

He said that Carpenter, a Democrat, probably supported the protesters.

“Democrats think it’s wonderful that they’re destroying our country. It’s a very sick thing that’s going on,” he said.

Here’s the thing these protesters don’t understand. All of them attended a government run public school and imbibed entertainment from top progressives who had an agenda to brainwash them with. They have been indoctrinated to be servants of the state, loyal to it, buying into the belief that the government can solve all of our problems. They have been led to believe that the state is our parent and it will kiss the boo-boo and make it all better.

Thus, they have become useful idiots, pawns for the upper echelon of this movement that wants to destroy America and replace it with a socialistic alternative. Socialism is just one step away from Communism which is what these folks really want. Total government control. Nobody wins in that sort of system. In that sort of set up we all become oppressed slaves, color no longer a factor.

The president also warned Republicans that they had to get tougher with the mobs.

“Republicans have to get tougher, and I’m telling them all the time, because they’re sitting back. They want to be politically correct. They think it’s terrible to say something bad,” he said.

Trump said he would continue to escalate the use of force against the mobs taking to the streets, comparing unrest to the rise of socialism in countries like Venezuela.

“You can’t be politically correct anymore, because we’re really fighting something that’s very dangerous,” he said.

Trump’s last statement there really brings this home. We are definitely dealing with something dangerous. Socialism is a tool of destruction. It’s the doctrine of demons. And like Satan himself it appears like an angel of light, claiming to be able to help you build paradise on earth, devoid of God, man calling all the shots. The problem is, just like in the Garden of Eden, it’s all a lie.



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