President Trump Slams Never-Trumper Mitt Romney After These Shameless Comments

(Right Country) – Over the weekend, relentless Never Trumper Mitt Romney lashed out yet again at President Donald Trump.

This time around, the shameless RINO slammed Trump for firing Obama holdovers at the State Department.

Earlier this year, Trump fired State Department Intelligence Community Inspector General Michael Atkinson, and last week, he nixed Inspector General Steve Linick from the State Department.

Atkinson, of course, was the ICIG behind the Ukrain impeachment scandal.

To this day, Atkinson’s secret testimony has yet to be released by Adam Schiff.

On Friday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo fired Inspector General Steve Linick who had served as IG of the State Department since 2013.

The Gateway Pundit notes:

Linick played a role in the faux impeachment of President Trump over Ukraine.

Linick requested an urgent meeting with Congressional Democrat staffers. During the meeting Linick handed over documents related to the Trump administration and Ukraine.

The entire impeachment was a scam to divert attention away from the Biden Crime Family and Hunter Biden’s pay-for-play with Burisma Holdings.

Linick was an anti-Trump hack who should have been removed months ago.

Linick was under investigation by DOD last year for mishandling sensitive information.

On Saturday, Romney slammed Trump for removing these clearly corrupt IGs.

He called the moves “a threat to accountable democracy and a fissure in the constitutional balance of power.”

Romney accused Trump of having fired these IGs “without good cause.”

The president has every right to fire these IGs, who serve at his pleasure.

Well, Trump hit back hard.

The tweet is now pinned to the top of Trump’s Twitter page, and was hailed by distinguished conservative commentator, Mark Levin.


  1. Romney is a toothless dog who fails to recognize those that feed him. He and his cohorts (those that “use him” to their benefit) in the senate and house (i.e., Schumer, Pelosi, Schiff, Waters, etc.) are long time “holdovers” who need to be voted out of office. They are the best examples of our need for term limits in Congress. Romney is not just a “RINO”, he is a “DINO” who needs to be replaced by a young and upcoming Republican who will support Trump and his Keep America Great agenda. Dems (those that are hard working “voters”), your leadership uses fools like Romney to usher in their socialist and pro-abortion/pro-LGBTQ agenda. If you have grown tired of where your leadership is taking your party, then walk away (you were not born a Democrat, it was your choice and you have the freedom to “change” that choice) – keep in mind, one of your “leaders” boasts about eating expensive ice cream out of her $24,000 refrigerator – while you may not even have money to feed your family. Take away their power by taking away your vote. I did and you can too, it only takes a single step in the right direction (away from the Democratic party).


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