President Trump’s Tweet In Farsi Is Most Liked Persian Tweet In History — Obama Turned His Back On The Iranian People

(Gateway Pundit) – In 2009 Iranian protesters took to the street by the thousands to protest the brutal Khamenei regime. The protesters chanted, “Obama, Obama are you with the regime or with us?”

They quickly discovered that Obama was with the regime.

In 2010 the Iranian protesters chanted a new message to Obama saying: “Hossein, Hossein, stop trying to talk to our murderers!”

But Obama never cared about the freedom protesters.

Obama was too busy working on a deal to give the Ayatollah Khamenei $120 billion US dollars.

This weekend Iranian democracy protesters took to the street again to protest freedom from the regime.

President Trump sent them his support – in Farsi!

The tweet is the most Liked Persian tweet in history with over 307,000 likes.


  1. The DevilCrates need to go. They lie ,cheat, and steal.
    We need a flat tax. No loopholes you make money, pay taxes on it. No more freeloading, let everyone go sign up for all giveaways again snap and other and bring there birth certificates.

    • John Sims your heart is in the right place but a “Fair Tax” is far more efficient and gets the government out of your wallet. Further the “Fair Tax” becomes self-limiting as government revenues will go down as they try to raise the tax, people quit spending as much!

  2. Any kind of tax is not good for consumers. Nothing fair or flat about taxing hard working Americans. To the 50% of people who pay no income tax, I say charge them a minimum say, $50 bucks a year. Everyone should have some skin in the game!

    • Carolyn, That is the point of the ‘Fair tax’. You spend money, you pay a tax. This people who pay no income tax now will be paying something, a bit more than $50. These people who benefit from our system will pay it back, too.

  3. Iranian reaction? Really? In the light of that, we as a country really have to look long and hard at the last presidential actions! Actions speak louder than worthless words!😡


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