Prominent Pastor Claims Prophetic Vision About Trump That Gives Us All Hope

(Right Country) – Prominent Los Angeles, California pastor, Shawn Bolz, has a history of prophesizing on major public events, most notably the conversion of Kanye West. Recently he sat down with Fox News to explain his prophesy regarding President Trump.

Bolz, a founding pastor of Expression 58, is a major proponent of modern-day prophecy and claims that, “Prophecy is the ability to connect to the God of the Bible in real-time.”

Believe what you will about the existence of modern-day prophets, one thing is for sure, his recent prophecy about Donald Trump is a safe bet, and one we’re happy to make.

Fox News reports:

Bolz has another high-profile prophecy about President Trump, who is largely supported by evangelicals.

“I felt like Trump was going to be president twice and that he would have an encounter in his second term, more of an encounter for God and who he is and for his family,” Bolz said. “There’s going to be more boldness in the second term and it’s going to be disruptive, but I think it’s helpful because there’s so many systems in place that are old and tired, and need to be knocked down.”

The pastor said Trump will tackle immigration, finances and tax issues that will be “markers in his presidency.” He will be met with a lot of protests but ultimately have a positive impact.

After Trump took historic action moving the U.S. Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, Bolz said Trump is going to continue fighting for Israel and establishing more credibility for the Jewish State in the Middle East, partly because Trump isn’t afraid of the backlash.

Trump will “fight for Israel until they have a lot more than what they’ve had” in what’s been a hostile environment.

“I believe we’re about to hit — there’s going to be a wave of Christians and conservative people who feel empowered — where they’ve been marginalized or outside of discussions … There’s going to be a pendulum swing over the next 10 years back to the middle,” Bolz said, adding, “There’s been a war in the culture and people are wanting to fight for that.”

He also said he believes God is going to empower people who aren’t typically chosen to solve problems on social justice issues like extreme poverty, homelessness, and foster care.

“There’s going to be great solutions that politicians have tried to solve with money,” Bolz said. “God’s going to use people that have incredible creativity.”

We like the sound of Bolz’ prophecy. We can all be hopeful that there will be a culture swing closer to the middle as the left’s hijacking of society has reached absurd heights. Biological males being allowed to physically compete in sports against women, a push for biological males who claim to be transgender to be imprisoned in female jails, drag queens in schools and libraries, children being allowed to decide which gender they are and then being put on dangerous drugs to transition. It’s utter madness.

It does, however, seem as though the tides are changing as many states are beginning to fight back against the LGBT agenda and abortion through legislation.

America is fed up with the extreme left and Trump’s victory in November seems like a done deal already. Let’s hope Bolz proves right on this one.



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