Reminder: “President-Elect” Joe Biden Formally Indicted In A Class A Felony Offense

(Right Country) – This is just a friendly reminder that this “president-elect” the mainstream media complex has decided to crown themselves, pending reliable official results of the presidential election, was once formally indicted of a class A felony offense in the Ukraine.

Just, you know.

In case all the dementia, media manipulation, and rampant allegations of voter fraud got you distracted from how crooked the man the left is trying to install in the White House really is.

Do I have your attention yet?

The Gateway Pundit recently offered this reminder, pointing back to May, when the former Vice President was formally listed in Ukraine as being suspected of Class A felony charges.

Yes, this was when he was the presumptive nominee for the Democrat Party’s presidential ticket.

The next time someone tries to tell you that corporate legacy media is honestly interested in reporting the truth with no bias, just point to the lengths they went to throughout Biden’s candidacy to completely ignore the glaring issues with his candidacy.

Like the fact that he was engaged in a literal quid pro quo relationship in the Ukraine, something for which the party that nominated him just six months prior had been impeaching a sitting United States president for allegedly doing.

Biden himself admitted the role he played in the firing of Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin to the Council on Foreign Relations after he left office.

He bragged to the crowd that he had threatened to withhold millions in aid from the Eastern European nation if Shokin was not ousted, and “son of a b*tch,” in the former veep’s own words, “they fired him.”

What he did not note at the time was that Shokin just so happens to have been investigating Burisma Holdings—yes, that Burisma Holdings, where Biden’s son Hunter sat on the board despite having no experience or expertise in either the energy sector or Ukraine, at all.

Well, last week, NBC News reported that a criminal probe into Joe Biden had been closed.

Because—that’s right—he stood formally accused of having forced Shokin’s firing in 2016, according to a police spokesperson.

I’m sorry, this man was running for President of the United States, not to mention against a man who was accused for three years straight of colluding with foreign entities, and he stood accused of foreign meddling with barely a whisper of coverage from the mainstream media.

And they want to clutch their pearls when we call them fake news?!

These people are literally rigging elections with their heaping piles of flat-out lies and propaganda that they so wrongly parade as “news.”

The Gateway Pundit was on it.

They reported it back in May:

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  1. Dear Heavenly Father,Please keep your people and this nation safe from the tyranny that threatens this republic, we ask this in Jesus name….Amen!

  2. Lord here us and defend this nation which sends thousands of missionaries into the field that are white for harvest.


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