Rep. Elise Stefanik Has Proof Joe Biden Is Lying To The American Public

(Right Country) – Joe Biden has decided to take the path of complete denial in the face of well-supported allegations that his son, Hunter Biden, was profiting handsomely from his foreign policy endeavors during the time that the elder Biden was serving in the Obama administration.

He has dismissed the whole thing as a “smear campaign” although he is unable to claim that the emails found on a laptop and published earlier this month that supposedly belonged to Hunter were inauthentic.

No one has.

Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) is calling Joe out for claiming, flat-out, during last week’s presidential debate that he had never done anything unethical in relation to the allegations linked to his son and the Ukrainian oil and gas giant Burisma Holdings.

Speaking with Fox and Friends over the weekend, Stefanik revealed she has proof that the former vice president is lying.

“Well, my response is Joe Biden is lying to the American people. I was the member of Congress that asked every single witness in the impeachment hearings whether there was a conflict of interest or at least an appearance of a conflict of interest because of Hunter Biden serving on the board of Burisma. And every single witness said yes, there was a conflict of interest or the appearance of a conflict of interest,” she explained, as BizPac Review reported.

Stefanik became a breakout star of the sham impeachment hearings in the House, as she closely scrutinized the witnesses trotted out before the House Intelligence Committee by Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA).

She explained to the hosts of Fox and Friends that even the Obama administration acknowledged the conflict of interest when former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch, was prepared for her confirmation hearings.

“This is a Joe Biden running from his record and trying to wipe away this very clear conflict of interest,” Stefanik declared.

The alleged Biden corruption reaches far beyond Ukraine, she went on to explain. However, social media and mainstream media outlets alike are working hard to suppress this.

“It’s also now Chinese communist government and the Chinese Communist Party. The American people deserve answers, and no amount of censorship from Big Tech should take away from the fact that Joe Biden needs to answer these questions for the American people,” she concluded.

Just before last week’s debate, a former business partner to Hunter Biden came forward alleging that Joe, despite what he’s said, was involved in his son’s business dealings overseas.

In the final days of a general election, this should be explosive news, splashed over every single cable news program opener and front page alike, not to mention top trending on social media.

But no.

This is 2020, and Big Tech and the mainstream media alike are actively working to suppress the most damning information on the Democrat’s candidate for president.

Let that sink in.

Copyright 2020.


    • jay – I’d settle for the lock up and strict rules for the tech guys to have to live by. You know, the same sort of rules that us mere mortals have to operate under.

  1. I would also like to have a follow up question to ,Biden’s claim that his open taxes. How about your hidden accounts under your wife name as well as the possible Foundation accounts that you as well as most wealthy people form as tax shelters.

  2. Biden’s tag for when he is lying is he almost squints his eye and furrows his brows. Then he opens his eyes really wide when he starts talking. Almost like he is amazed with the story he is telling.
    Kamala laughs that goofy laugh almost as if you are amusing to be asking such a question and obviously she is telling the truth. Watch them when they talk.

  3. Well well well whoever is a glass house must be careful when playing with stones you used the word “unethical”! Who displays ethical behavior “sleepy” Jo or downplaying Donald with alternative facts? Who is the best ethical Biden or Trump? You guys are hilarious. Did you say China? Well who has a secret bank account there? Not Biden…


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