Report: FBI Agent Commits ‘Suicide’ After Allegedly Discovering Clinton Foundation Looted Billions From Treasury

(BLP) – A blockbuster report from True Pundit indicates that an FBI agent who committed “suicide” was involved in uncovering a massive Clinton foundation money-laundering conspiracy that allegedly plundered the U.S. Treasury out of billions.

FBI Special Agent Sal Cincinelli allegedly committed suicide last year in stunning news that shocked his family. Cincinelli was found dead at the Container Bar in Austin, Texas “with at least one gunshot wound” in July 2019. He had quit a life as a high-powered Wall Street trader to join the FBI and help clean up the corrupt financial industry.

Mike Moore, who writes at True Pundit under the alias Thomas Paine, broke the news on his podcast that Cincinelli may have lost his life due to his work investigating the Clintons.

“So we’re finding that deceased top FBI Special Agent Sal Cincinelli was a member of a team that was investigating the Clinton Foundation and had witnessed and investigated the fact that large amounts of money were being moved by Hillary Clinton through the Clinton Foundation, coming in coming out, that trace back to the State Dept. during the time that she was Secretary of State,” Moore said on his podcast.

“This is the first time or the first proof that anybody has that she was actually taking money from public money from the State Dept. while she was Secretary of State and moving it around to her cronies linked to the Clinton Foundation, the Clinton cartel and Cincinelli was part of the FBI who was looking into this,” he added. “And incredibly, this has been on the desk of Attorney General William Barr who hasn’t done anything with it.”

The allegations, which have been substantiated by sources that have spoken to True Pundit, are that billions in taxpayer dollars were taken from the U.S. Treasury and placed into the coffers of the Clinton Administration.

“We are talking about billions of dollars that were stolen, siphoned, funneled,” a top-level federal source said. “Not millions. Billions. It’s absolutely massive and other members of the Obama administration are involved.”

Federal agents are reportedly very frustrated that the Department of Justice is overlooking the scandal, with AG Barr – who had previously worked under globalist President George H.W. Bush – apparently maintaining the status quo within the deep state.

“You look at the size of this corruption and realize why Hillary warehoused all her State Dept. emails on a private server and destroyed thousands upon thousands of emails so that no one could get a look at the side deals,” Moore said.

Cincinelli may be the latest man whose name could be added to the Clinton kill count, as people who investigate the Clintons or get in the way of their pursuit of power tend to turn up dead in mysterious fashion.


  1. What the hell is William Barr up to. Sure doesn’t seem like he gives a rat’s ass about the corrupt deep state in DC especially that association with DOJ/FBI. He is allowing Christopher Wray to hide as much as possible under the rug and whitewash everything else. I thought he was to be the great “cleaner upper” of the DOJ/FBI. Seems like he is the exact opposite!!!

      • Barr and others are waiting for Durham report that will give details of investigations & connections. FISA court is busy. Don’t give up yet. This is world wide & has been behind the scenes for +50 yrs. DOJ wont investigate itself. Need outside investigations of inside workings. It will take its toll but will come out in the end. White hats are in control..

      • I am with bill on this. Barr has a lot on his plate, but he moves with determination that may seem slow to outside observers. If there is more than smoke here, Barr will find it.

      • I agree, for now. Patience. There is probably no way for anyone outside of DOJ/ FBI to really know what Barr may or may not be doing about this. Sometimes when this sort of info is “delivered”, it is best to “take note” of it, then sit quietly, while doing other tasks and allowing the “players” to have enough rope to hang themselves. The longer they believe they are “getting away with something” the more careless, arrogant and unguarded they may become.

      • EXACTLY .. Barr isn’t like the dems and it takes time to build an iron clad case. When he can make his charge .. she will have no where to go but to prison where she belongs.

    • One thing we have to realize and appreciate is, The AG has been up to his eyeballs in all kinds of crap with the democrats deflections with the impeachment of the President, But after the 2020 election and after Trump wins a second term, all bets will be off, and I believe that some of the corruption will be dealt with, there is a good reason the democrats are pursuing Trump with a vengeance. They know if the let up the focus will shift to their own misdeeds, and they can’t allow that to happen. They think if they can cause the American people to distrust Trump, and make him out as a danger to American democracy, they have a chance to win in November. If that happens and a democrat wins election in 2020, all the corruption will fade away, and that’s what democrats are counting on.

    • I felt the same way until realizing that the Barr Durham team case has to be so air- tight because if one detail is wrong, the entire bunch walks. I wrote President Trump about that very issue; the public becoming weary needing Barr to speed up. Well I got my response. No one will walk. Let Barr do his meticulous thing and if we indeed have a two-tiered system then there is always CeeWYah2

    • Could be waiting on her until other indictments are given out! 8 last week of low level DOJ/SOS. One has been detained /in hiding until trial

    • Patience. You don’t jump in with both feet until you test the waters and investigate the depth of said water. We want an investigation that encompasses everything and not just part. Thorough investigation is key.

    • Imagine how infested and powerful the DEEP seeded corruption is in USA all tethered to all corrupt governments around the world.
      Strategic patience is a must Trump Team has ONE SHOT to get it right …a huge net over many …no loop holes ….no escape……it takes time. Slow but sure.
      Like taking down the mafia ….but corrupt powerful wealthy GANG are 100 times worse ….MORE POWEFUL AND A HUGE MASSIVE SWAMP !
      We got to get it RIGHT !
      #trusttrump #trustbarr #DRAININGSWAMP

  2. I think Barr will let all the b.s come out. Remember – he has assigned someone to do this. YOU KNOW GOVERNMENT NEVER GETS IN A HURRY.

  3. Got to say …. I am shocked…. !!!!…. that Bill Barr has not moved to
    investigate the death of FBI Agent Cincinelli.
    The Clinton Foundation is already is suspected of causing 32 Deaths
    of people just on the cusp of exposing their ill-gotten gains …!!!
    These Oligarts …!!! ….. can actually bring the US to it’s knees …!!!
    …Trump …. IS OUR ONLY HOPE ….!!! ….. GOD BLESS ….!!!
    Give him the strength, courage and wisdom to save the US ….!!!!

  4. Another investigator of the Clinton crime cabal suicided. The deep state strikes again aided by the slimy MSM and the socialist left. This horse manure must stop NOW! There is overwhelming evidence of nefarious actions committed by the Clintons and collusion of the alphabet government agencies to cover it up. We, as patriots and intelligent citizens, must demand an above the board investigation into the Clinton foundation’s theft and the murderous cabal instigated to hide it. Ripping this nefarious organization out of our society is not only required but is fundamentally equitable if we are to survive as a free and fair people!

  5. How long do we have to wait before justice is served to these corrupt politicians? I’d like to see them punished to the highest extent of the law.

  6. With everything else that William Barr has on his desk at the moment…; fictional FISA investigaton, false collusion reports by the DEMORATS, SLANDEROUS IMPEACHMENT by the same…BIDEN MOB, et al, at least he has the right people on the cases. This one I’m sure will come to roost on one of his peoples desks to put together so to not let even air escape their scrutiny.

  7. This is poorly written. It says that state department money went to the Clinton “administration.” That cannot be right. And there are no details.Someone needs to review this stuff before it is posted.

  8. This is poorly written too!OCT 18 2016 Hillorys massive meltdown”If that bas…d wins, we all hang from nooses”..many sources search it out.

  9. There was a report shortly after Hillary left the state dept that millions of dollars were unaccounted for that was three years ago, YET NO ONE FOLLOWED UP ON THE MISSING FUNDS SOUNDS NORMAL FOR THE CLINTONS NEVER MIND THOSE WERE TAXPAYER DOLLARS UNACCOUNTED FOR AND SHE WAS NEVER QUESTIONED ABOUT IT, Could it be thats why she deleted 30 thousand emails and destroyed the devices they were sent and received on. Where is AG BARR?

  10. Just wait till after the 2020 election. It’s strategy. Go after Clinton now and risk energizing the dems. Look at what this joke of an impeachment has done to bolster the President. Everyone knows both Clintons are extremely dirty and yes she is a “nasty” woman.

  11. Bush Boy Barr is one of them.
    Nuthin gonna happen to any Obama Clinton Cabal member until after the election when Trump appoints a new Attorney General.
    Then we’ll see justice.

  12. I think it’s time Hildabeast gets a taste of her own medicine, maybe a “lead” pill traveling down her throat at 2000+ feet per second.

  13. Barr may be a deep state operative. Trump had no political experience before his election and has been steered in the wrong direction before. Trey Gowdy would have been my pick.

  14. I think will have the most fireworks in the most beautiful with fireworks right after 20 20 election maybe before but I think after demo rats I’ll be getting ground up happy happy happy. GO WILLIAM BARR.
    Isn’t it sweet how you were didn’t have anything more to say after bar was appointed

  15. These “suicides” are piling up quickly that we need some great forensic people and detectives on Bill Barr’s Team. The Dim Dems have caused too many murders and felonies for a hardworking, albeit, overworked DOJ. The Clintons and many at the FBI require more people to work the “cold” cases.

  16. To understand the “coincidences” surrounding the Clinton machine, ask yourself how likely is it that more than 57 people who either were close to Bill, Hilllary or were investigating them committed suicide or died under “mysterious” circumstances.


  18. There were supposedly up to 150 questionable deaths in Arkansas before they even left that state… including possibly 25 good state troopers. Topics mostly included 1) drugs delivered to small airports and 2) questionable real estate deals.

  19. In plain English, the swamp is greater then anyone could have imagined. It’s international and the criminal swamp is intermeshed in businesses and financial institutions through the US. The swamp crime ring protected Epstein. There is no end to the swamp tentacles. Patience my friends, patience. For those who believe in prayer, pray like your life depended on it— because it does!

  20. We’re in a good spot. I have faith in President Trump and Barr. Just make sure ALL of your Republican friends vote this year and every two years. Also, keep being vocal with positives involving Donald Trump, we need a land slide, the House and Senate, and more Conservative Judges. If the other side wins, we ALL get poverty!

  21. Que pena que la humanidad se dedique a querer arreglar el país, la política en todas sus ramas es corruptas, quienes lo nieguen son ciegos espirituales, estamos en un sistema donde el líder máximo es corrupto y adicto a crear empresas , dar empleo a inmigrantes y no pagarles irse a bancarrota para no pagar impuestos, desprecia a nuestros hermanos latinos h usa a los que le conviene, mentiroso compulsivo, abusador de mujeres que ahora dice fueron relaciones consensuales, todos los representantes, demócratas y republicanos son corruptos, reciben coimes de empresas que estafan al pueblo y todos estos señores piden justicia? Ante todo, dediquense a hacer patria y cuidar sus familias, somos peregrinos en la tierra, busquemos del reino de Dios y su justicia y todo nos será dado, no gratis por supuesto, el trabajo honesto es primordial, sin tener a Cristo en nuestras vidas nada es posible, miren la tragedia del gran Kobe Bryant, en un segundo partió a la presencia del Altísimo junto a su hermosa niña,. dejó un legado de amor y servicio en su entorno, El amor y la armonía y levantarse de los fracasos y pruebas nos edifican, el segundo gran mandamiento dijo nuestro Maestro y Señor es: Amaos los unos a los otros y no hagais a otros lo que no quieres te hagan a ti o tus seres queridos,. Todo tiene su tiempo. Sabiduría y Reflexión necesitamos todo en este tiempo.


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