Rick Scott Smashes Big Tech Over ‘Different Standards’ For Conservatives And Dictators

(Right Country) – Sen. Rick Scott made an appearance on “Fox & Friends” Thursday morning where he totally savaged social media giant Twitter and other big tech companies like Facebook for employing a different set of standards for conservative voices on their platforms than they do for liberals.

According to a report from Breitbart, Scott stated there’s “no recourse” if a user’s account gets blocked or suspended. He went on in the conversation to point out that Twitter allows dictators to make calls for violence while temporarily suspending White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany’s account simply for sharing a NY Post story about Hunter Biden.

“First off, you know there’s no recourse,” the senator said. “If you get your Twitter account blocked, if you get your Facebook eliminated, there’s no recourse. And by the way … they completely misrepresent the facts. They sit there and censor Trump, and you know, press secretary Kayleigh [McEnany] and Susan B. Anthony List, but if you’re the ayatollah of Iran and you talk about eliminating Israel, which seems pretty violent, that’s OK. Maduro bragging about violence against protesters in Venezuela, that’s OK. The Chinese government lying about what’s happened to the Uighurs, that’s OK. So, they are completely disingenuous, and they have a different standard for conservatives and a different standard for dictators. It doesn’t make any sense, and there’s no recourse.”

“It’s interesting that the Democrats don’t believe they’re being censored, so they’re all OK with it,” Scott continued. “Our First Amendment is the freedom of speech and so they are deciding what the freedom of speech is. They’re acting sort of like the Communist Party of China. And so something is going to happen. … Something’s going to change.”

The scary part is the fact that the progressive movement has been planning the hostile hijacking of our culture for decades. They played the long game, infiltrating many different areas of our society, like Hollywood, the media, etc., slowly spreading their influence until they gained control of all these areas.

Now they have the power to silence their opposition. It’s terrifying. However, we must be diligent in opposing it and holding these individuals accountable for their lack of consistency while exposing the truth of their motives to the world at large. We, too, must play a long game and work on recovering our place in culture.

The only way to win politically is to win culturally. Conservatives have not paid enough attention to this over the last few decades. It’s time to change that.

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