RNC Chairwoman Makes Major Move To Challenge Results Of Michigan Election

(Right Country) – Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel has called on the Michigan Board of State Canvassers to delay certifying the state’s election results on Saturday.

This comes as the Trump campaign legal team engages in a number of legal skirmishes around the country challenging the outcome of the presidental election in various states.

Michigan is a state that reportedly went for Biden, yet a number of concerning so-called “irregularities” in the state has caught the attention of the RNC.

McDaniel, herself a native of Michigan, issued a letter cosigned by Michigan’s GOP Chairwoman, Laura Cox.

The leaders called on the board to delay the certification by 14 days to allow for a complete audit and probe into “numerical anomalies and credible reports of procedural irregularities,” WND reports.

“To simply gloss over these irregularities now without a thorough audit would only foster feelings of distrust among Michigan’s electorate,” the letter stated.

WND notes that Republicans are specifically objecting to what they say may be an errant vote total due to the flood of mail-in ballots.

McDaniel has also criticized the prevention of Republican poll watchers from being able to observe the ballots being tallied.

“Part of being able to observe is actually seeing the ballots,” she explained earlier this month, as NPR reported.

Currently, Michigan’s results show that former Vice President Joe Biden supposedly beat out President Donald Trump in the state that the then-political newcomer won in 2016 against Hillary Clinton.

WND notes that “Trump failed to convince Michigan lawmakers to appoint electors in his favor or otherwise change the state’s results after they said that they would abide by the state’s certification laws.”

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  1. Check out everything but make sure its done with a bipartisan group not just by one party or a organization with ties to one party. I am sure it will change nothing but at least some will be convinced the election was legal and open to inspection. Yet some will not be convinced about the same election if it comes out the same, they will just make up more unfounded statements to try to convince others and they will convince a few.

    • Just like in 2016 with suggestions of foreign interference, but now the system is so secure and not able to be tampered with it has fewest issues, 0 interference and fewest rejections of mail in ballets of any election in US history. And with only a few months to come up with a mail in method due to pandemic for many of these regions.
      Not to mention areas with major issues just months earlier for Democrat primaries to point of almost not being able to certify the ballots, astonishingly have 0 issues with any of the votes and no rejections for any Democrat’s vote from the same areas?
      Simply amazing, not to imply a conspiracy mind you, it’s all just a coincidence I am sure

  2. Actually, these allegations have been substantiated, but mainstream media, owned by George Soros, is controlling the narrative. It’s very easy to control people if they’re not allowed to see the real “face” they are dealing with.


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