Roasted: Rudy Giuliani Brutally Destroys CNN Reporter After This Absurd Question

(Right Country) – The fake news outlets have been refusing to report any actual facts surrounding the obvious and blatant corruption that took place during the 2020 presidential election. They are no longer “news” outlets at all actually but rather the propaganda machine for the left.

They’ve taken it upon themselves to declare Joe Biden the winner of the election and have been vehemently referring to him as “president-elect” since. They’ve also declared that this was the “most secure” election in history.

There is no integrity left in the mainstream media and they have become a complete joke. That’s probably why Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani had a good laugh at a reporter during a press conference Thursday after the reporter said he was from CNN.

While taking questions from the press Thursday, Giuliani was asked by one reporter, “Sir, is it your goal here to pressure officials or lawmakers in battleground States to block or delay certifications so that the GOP can pick their own electors? Is that the end game here?”

Former New York City mayor Giuliani responded by asking what publication the reporter was with to which the reporter replied, “CNN.”

Giuliani and several others couldn’t control their amusement and burst out laughing. Here is a reporter from CNN completely disregarding all of the evidence discussed at the conference and accusing the Trump team of essentially trying to manipulate the win.

No wonder no one in the room can take them seriously.

When the laughter stopped, Giuliani then lambasted the journalist and CNN in his response. He stated that the Trump team’s goal is to get around the “outrageous iron curtain of censorship” and provide the American people with the facts.

He then slammed the reporter and said that if CNN was actually a “fair and honest network” they would have been reporting on the evidence and facts for the last two weeks.

He explained that the affidavits are real testimony or real things that have happened and that are now part of public record. He then indicted CNN in “concealing them” and “covering them up” and blasted them saying that his team’s role is to do their job since they don’t do it.

Ouch. The truth hurts.

The liars at CNN already know all of these facts, however, and willfully make the decision to deceive and mislead the American people every day.

Joe Biden doesn’t stand a chance at stealing this election without the help of his media lapdogs. The truth is, they’ve done most of the work for him by brainwashing millions of Americans into believing outright lies.

They should be ashamed but instead they’re patting themselves on the back. They’ve determined to do whatever it takes to help the Democrats defeat President Trump and it looks like they’ve done a darn good job at that thus far. Dangerously large chunks of the American people actually believe their lies.

Unfortunately for them, the truth always has a funny way of coming to light. In due time, President Trump will be vindicated once again, just like he has been every time the Democrats have attacked or sabotaged him over the last four years.

Copyright 2020.


  1. I heard Rudy on the facts they have and evidence. Now uts a matter if pursuing the matter in court. Hope they don’t stop. Hate the left making this to be a fiction and not just reporting the real news. People can see thru them and their the liars and cheaters because like you said the truth will come out.


  3. Tom, #1 Biden is not an idiot. He is an elderly man with senile dementia that the Dems are using (shame on them). Agree Harris has strong Commie ideas. Do not use God and hate in the same sentence. God does not condom hatred. OMG, I do it like them but to wish death on those lost souls is pure evil. Comments like yours is feeding the radical Dems
    God tells us to pray for your enemies.

  4. Where in the USA is hunter biden???? Why has he not been interviewed by the media??? Maybe someone should ask joe b where his son is??? Maybe then we can get to the bottom of his business deals with foreign governments and joe’s apparent part in all of this. So Rudy G what have u got on the Biden criminal enterprise??? An enquiring mind wants to know…

  5. Another act of Anti-American Activities by The Democrat, Communist, Socialist, Nazi, ANTIFA loving Terrorist Party!!

    Enjoy your FREEDOM while you still can, if Joe Biden and Kamala Harris make it into the White House OUR FREEDOM will be stolen just like the 2020 election!!!

    • Our FREEDOM will be stolen if we allow it. It takes courageous men/women to take a stand. Start by disobeying the controlling mandates of power hungry politicans, men and women who have nothing to show but their ineptness, who’ve never had a job that produced something of value. They need to be shown the door. From someone who saw socialism, communism, whose grandparents were serfs under malignant dictatorships. Our children abused by lack of education. All in the playbook, keep the populace ignorant, dependent and hungry.

  6. Fraud is obvious, but the election commission or any other high gubernamental office will accept it. Right now the world see it as a rumor, but if it proven, the democracy of the USA will be a joke to other countries. They rather sacrifice the will of the people than accepting the truth.


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