Robert Kennedy Jr. Exposes Dr. Anthony Fauci’s Crooked Past, Says He’s “Poisoned An Entire Generation Of Americans”

(Right Country) – On a recent episode of the Thomas Paine Podcast, outspoken medial freedom advocate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. dug into Dr. Anthony Fauci of the NIH and White House coronavirus task force, exposing his long history of fraud and coverups during his career in the federal government.

According to Natural News, Kennedy explained that during the course of his 50+ tenure working in public health, Fauci has operated as a tyrant, ruining the careers of countless scientists and physicians who had far more character than Fauci himself.

Fauci, who has been with the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) since 1984, is known in the inner circles of the federal government as a man who “poisoned an entire generation of Americans” Kennedy declared.

He explained of at least one instance in which the career public health official targeted a whistleblower who was trying to draw attention to the fact that America’s blood supply is tainted with strains of deadly diseases. He personally ruined the career of this individual, going on to destroy the physician’s important research on this dire issue.

Kennedy also accused Fauci of having attacked many of those who work for the public good rather than simply towing the line of Big Pharma, Bill Gates, the deep state, and the mainstream media narratives.

All this lines up chillingly with his behavior on the coronavirus task force.

Then, there are vaccines, an issue on which Kennedy has long been an outspoken critic.

He accused Fauci of abusing his position for monetary gain by procuring profitable vaccine patents. Doctors and researchers working below him who developed breakthrough technologies, Kennedy claims, were terminated so that Fauci could take over ownership of their work for his own financial gain.

“Tony Fauci has many, many vaccine patents,” Kennedy charged, explaining that Fauci now has ownership of a special protein sheet made from HIV which helps to deliver the contents of vaccines throughout the system more efficiently. This protein sheet was not developed by Fauci himself, but rather another individual who was terminated after creating it.

“Tony Fauci fired [this person] and he somehow ended up owning that patent,” Kennedy said. “And that patent is now being used by some of these companies … to make vaccines for the coronavirus … that company has a 50/50 split with Tony Fauci’s agency … so Fauci’s agency will collect half the royalties on that vaccine and there’s no limit for how much the agency can collect.”

Put bluntly, Fauci is treating the federal government as his own personal cash cow, profiting royally from pandemics like the Wuhan virus, while claiming to be “regulating” Big Pharma on behalf of the American public.

“This isn’t a captured industry; it’s a subsidiary of the pharmaceutical industry,” Kennedy warned.


    • Unfortunately, an ad hominem argument such as yours only represents an inability to confront an opponent’s views with reasoned, objective analyses. If you disagree with someone, an inherently anti-intellectual response such as yours only reflects the intellectual poverty of the responder. I’m not saying your conclusion is necessarily wrong, rather that you have not made a convincing case for your view.

      • You made your post, as if you were more intelligent than Tom. What a fallacy. He gave his opinion of what he thought about the article. Everyone is entitled to their OPINION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Kennedy is completely correct about Fauci, I have heard first hand testimony from much more skilled physicians whose lives he destroyed!!!

      • He can and has repeatedly. Notice there are no lawsuits against him? There are against vaccine provider.

      • Give me a break. If you did any research you would know that Fauci has been wrong more than he’s been right. Just ask Charles Ortleb and Judy Mikovits. There is plenty of information available to back up this position.

      • Wrong, Parent. There was nothing in the article concerning Kennedy’s sanity. The comment was unproductive and he was called out for it.

        Not a great job of calling, as you point out, but deserved.

      • Okay, here y’go: Robert Kennedy has no medical credibility. The general consensus of folks who have degrees in medicine & have devoted their lives to this work is that the vaccines are safe. So, I’ll trust the actual science. I know conspiracy theories are seductive, but most of them also come with an obligatory tinfoil hat.

      • I agree w/you 100% and then “Parent” chimes in with an equally unintelligent empty response.

      • I think Kennedy is a totally sincere person and is only trying to save humanity! I have seen him put his career on hold because of this! I’m very worried about this vaccine being pushed on us and our children!

    • Is he? Well, I can see you’ve done your research, eh?
      Fauci is a FRAUD and charlatan who, along with his buddy Zionist Gates, will make billiobs off FORCED VACCINATION on a COMMON COLD VIRUS. Which is what Corona viruses are. Only this vaccination is an experimental one that will alter one’s DNA.
      Gates polio vaccine paralyzed 490,000 Indian children in India from 2000-2017. His DPT and HPV vaccines did the same and worse to children in Africa.
      And guess who made a fortune on those vaccines? Fauci and GATES of course
      Roll up that sleeve!
      Btw Kennedy is not the only one talking about Fauci or Gates. Great 4 part documentary on Gates at the Corbett Report on YouTube that is brilliant.

      • Gates polio vaccine paralyzed 490,000 Indian children in India from 2000-2017.

        In 85, over a million from Africa and India were given AIDS by Fauci from his AIDS vax shot.

        These two are a fitting and dangerous pair.
        The fact that these two civilians both run about, doing as they please tells us they are somehow being protected from obeying laws. We’re seeing this same attitude from members of Gov whether local, state, or Fed as well as all the agencies (FBI, CIA, IRS et al) and celebrities too. They’ve not even been spoken to about they’re crimes, large and small.
        I’ll give a for instance. Pelosi rips those presidential papers ON TV no less.
        This is a federal crime. The penalty is instant removal from office, possible jail and fines, and the banishment from serving ANY public office ever again.

        But not a word was said to her, let alone the law be fulfilled and I guarantee you that the majority of voters would love for her to be out of office.

      • I can back that info up. I have pdf that fauci knew chloquine works for vaccine and treatment both. Nobody had to die.

      • I totally agree with Robert Kennedy. These people are cashing out from mandatory vaccines. I believe, Dr Fauci need to retire. God knows of his intention. … it’s showing that he is he is a tool in promoting Gates agenda. He needs to retire and thank you Dr Fauci for your service.

      • Right!!! Kennedy has been calling out Big Pharma for a while. So, glad I have listened to him… I had my best check up in years after reducing the meds I was on.. And using healthy food as medicine.

    • If you can prove this why is he still in the position to tell us what’s going on never trusted him anyway just asking the question he should be fired and replaced it interesting that they didn’t test on rats or animals just straight to humans ty


    • In Netflix “Filthy Rich”, Dershowitz is a accused pedophile by underage girl. He and his opinion are demented.

    • Your comment isn’t based upon the evidence that proves out Kennedy’s Claims about Faucis horrible background and continuing efforts for self recognition and money from patents developed by others employed at FDA CDC NIH who Fauci Fired and then filed patents through connected patent tribunals who need investigating into allowing a federal employee to steal federal information used to acquire ILLEGAL PATENTS

  1. I am independent who detests Bill Gates and his newly overt support for the CCP and globalism. If Fauci has ties to deep state practices it should be investigated.
    But why don’t these victimized physicians/staff sue him?
    What is imbalanced is the fact that no one from the lawbreaking left is being investigated for obvious infractions. So its hard to support prosecuting anyone as long as the rest go scot free. Double standards trump double jeopardy today.

  2. The left’s unconditional love for Fauci arouses suspicions. Thanks to Robert F. Kennedy Jr. for drilling down beneath the affable surface to the dirty underbelly of the “good” doctor’s career.

    • Robert Kennedy despoils the Kennedy name. He’s an anti-vaxxer loony tune. Fits right in with the deplorables and capital protesters. Pinheads.

      • And exactly how many cases have you tried and won in Federal court? Just because he’s a lawyer doesn’t mean he is wrong or stupid…

      • I don’t care, but I have said, Fauci has out lived his welcome. It was going to be million, killed, then didn’t want the pills used, Trump said yes, Fauci wants lockdown till a vaccine. Trump says no. I’m sick of that worm, now we are opening to fast. Bet he’s got the Democraps Governors on speed dial. Trump says open. The Red states are. Blue states no.

      • Kennedy is not an anti-vaxxer. See how you just disregarded him without listening? He is for informed consent and safe vaccines. Yes, he rails against the damage some have caused but he asks for a reasonable discussion… and studies!! No vaccine today has had a proper study done on it.

      • Shows how little you know.. Kennedy is not an anti vaxxer. He believes in vaccines but safe vaccines.. I would like him even more if he was anti-vaccines..

      • You are a libtard because Trump will have open ears to buy parison like Kennedy I believe he’s already on to Fauci‘s bullshit and the Gates foundation is going down as well along with the world health organization in the world back are all tied together it’s been proven!

      • Nothing Wrong with being an anti-vaxxer. Anyone who has a brain, knows the damages vaccines can cause and have caused. All one has to do, is look past their pieholes and review the monetary awards handed down by the vaccine courts, in the billions, to-date. Its amazing… the stupidity of some humans and then, spew their mindless content on the net, for all to see.
        I wonder when Researchers will come up with an inoculation for Stupidity ? eh, Cheetoh Head…

  3. This article has peaked my suspicions. While watching Dr. Fauci do interviews and the nightly updates he came over as a tyrant ( do as I say and not as I do). I have expressed my thoughts to my spouse and a few associates. I also have wondered if he and Dr. Birx are part of the Deep State.

  4. Fauci and Birx are part of the deep state–as is Pence –which will come out later….Trump is wise–he is keeping his enemies close–and letting THEM take the blame for the policies they are creating–before he exposes them. He is doing the same with the Governors. he is allowing them to expose themselves as the Anti-Constitutionalists they are–so all the people can see who supports Constitutional rights above all–and who does not; and all right before an election!! Brilliant!! THEY will take the blame for their over reaching policies, not Trump, as the Deep State had hoped….

    • Trump is just as bad. He sold out. As soon as he shut down the safety commission for vaccines that RFK jr was going to be the head of I knew he was compromised

      • Matt you are right. Notice how Fauci is still there in the White House. Until Trump kicks Fauci and his minions out, and challenge the credibility of infectious disease science, why should anybody support him?

    • Good question. Seems everyone in the DC SWAMP has an agenda Not sure Kennedy is lily white either. Dynasty continues for Kennedys

    • There is a theory out there that the coup in 1963 deposed the powerful group that the Kennedy’s were a part of. Now it’s payback time. IMHO Trump passed over RFK Jr so as to play the Lao Tzu game with the opposing team. RFK is probably doing more good OUTSIDE the system…

  5. Dr Fauci can not be trusted. He is one cause of the current economic crisis by using false models of infections which was used to influence POTUS and governors to shut down the economy. The focus should have been on protecting the people at risk and the elderly like in nursing homes. Fact is most people do not have severe symptoms and do not die. Just like the flu which most people have had, we develop antibodies. More people like the 22 million who have lost their jobs will be the most affected in the end. Now, Kennedy has exposed who the real Dr. Fauci is. Corrupt.

  6. If those who created the things you say Fauci stole and is profiting from lay out the Facts. The scientists harmed have no redress if they hide from public scrutiny.

  7. Kristin, I’m in total agreement with you. Fauci may well be part of something more sinister and Brix too but the fact that Robert Jr. told me about it completely distorts his view in my opinion. I’d rather hear it from Maxine Waters if I was to believe it at all and I believe nothing Waters says….. that is if she can say it at all. In fact it appears to me that Robert Jr, may have been drinking when he wrote this article

  8. This is almost funny coming from a member of one of the most infamous and corrupt families in America. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black…! Selling hooch illegally, Ruining lives, having affairs while president, almost getting the world annihilated and killing a girl and getting away with it (not counting the numbers of the family that have died before their time was due).

  9. What he says is 100% true. I have seen the patents with Fauci’s name on it. He is on the board of Bill Gates vaccine company along with Dr. Birx. They are connected to big pharma and have made millions. They can not be trusted. Fauci has stolen other scientists work and claimed it as his own. He is responsible for the death of many people by giving them tainted vaccines knowingly just like Bill Gates.

  10. Dr. Fauci is a deep state political bureaucrat. The NIH and CDC are the agencies which are supposed to have us prepared for pandemics. They obviously failed to do this part of their job. They did not convince the staffs of the governors to be prepared. He should have been fired at the beginning of the pandemic.

  11. Gates is at the top of the One World globalist cabal that wants to trim down the human population by 95%. That should get you thinking about his relentless push for a mandatory vaccine for a virus less dangerous than the annual flu.

    There is no easier way to cull mankind than a worldwide, mandatory, deadly vaccine. Of course, those to be saved to serve & protect the cabal will receive a different vaccine … one that sickens but does not kill. It will all be over in three months, with nary a bug or a blade of grass disturbed.

    I say we give Gates BOTH vaccines NOW.

  12. You hit the nail on the head “WagTheHyena”!!!

    Name calling is useless… Left or right – it doesn’t matter – Educate yourselves and be armed with actual information. Period.

  13. To all that don’t understand what is being said here…there is truth in this YOUR OWN research…the person fired by fauci a number of years ago has been interviewed.. there is others that back up the story the fired person says

  14. They are. I’ve seen their pictures with Bill Gates, Hillary, an other prominent Democrat. They are DEEP STATE.

  15. Knowing all we know about Dr. (Really he gets that title) Fauci and yet his being a Democrat One World Order pusher, Americans can’t get rid of this guy. I feel sorry that President Trump got dupped into listening to his crap and now America is sitting in a hole.

  16. I think understanding the background of a person who is driving policy is pertainent to whether or not we can trust him. That being said, there are many people who disagree with Fauci on many policy actions he is driving. Kennedy is just concerned about the public health including the concerns about immunizations being the only focus about getting over COVID-19. And points out Fauci’s bad past.

  17. Spot on Mr. Kennedy! The truth is coming out. Trump knows what’s up with vaccines & big pharma. Drs. & scientists that go against the vaccine agenda get suicided. People don’t do their own research but rather listen to drs. who are paid to vaccinate their patients & don’t learn about their dangers in med school funded by who else…big pharma. This info. is all out there in books, documentaries & scientific journals. Of course these have been censored to keep you in the dark. Do your homework!! Vaccines are a eugenics program & it is coming to an end.

  18. Fauci has money invested in that Chinese lab that gave us this virus, his wife has ties to the same lab. He is friends with Bill Gates & Soros. So as far as I’m concerned I don’t want anything he has a hand in.

  19. Read the book “Plague of Corruption–Restoring Faith in the Promise of Science” by Dr. Judy Mikovits, virologist, to understand what this talented and illustrious woman went through when Dr. Fauci tried to silence her. She used to work with him but under the direction of a supervisor. When she would not turn over some very important vaccine research she and the other man had been working on (because the other party was away at the time and had not approved it), she was apprehended, due to Fauci’s false accusations evidently, and was put in jail with no actual charges ever being filed. During the 5 days that she was imprisoned, her home was raided and her work stolen. Later, Dr. Fauci is the one who ended up with her material, used as his own. She was under a gag order for years and could only more recently explain what went on. She has been interviewed by a number of people and has told her story, but Facebook, etc. keep removing such interviews.

    • Mikovits is not a credible scientists. Credible ones do not alter their data to make their science seem valid. Read the real story not just her side.

      • When she later objected to the findings, it was said of her that she changed the funding ex post facto. I do not trust Fauci

        You do not know what you are writing about. The whole Mikovits charge came about because her experiments with a coronavirus was done with one mouse virus and was replicated several times. Another doctor used a similar but different synthesized virus and came up with a negative conclusion. Fauci a long time denier that’s a virus originally could infect humans, set up a big replication study. Mikovits was to be one of the researchers, but later Fauci banned her from taking a part in it. He also arranged the cohort so that the subjects most likely to be effected were excluded. When the negative report was written, ’ name, as a member of the research team was included. She neither took a part in the research nor endorsed the findings.

  20. Most people won’t want to hear or believe this, but all that is happening is described in that Wonderful Good Book….the Bible. Read it!!!

  21. How does this information NOT surprise me!!
    The Federal Government is Full of these type of people for years dating back to after WWII.
    The People need to DEMAND a Federal Employee Accountability Act where duly convicted person mandatory Loss ALL benefits they have acquired and serve time in Federal prison with NO prole available.

  22. Fauci, Gates,Birks are deep state. Their vaccine will have some Covid virus in it plus a chip. Kennedy is trying to warn us. I believe Judy Macovic.( wrong spelling). I pray Trump is on to them.

  23. Before I or hopefully others accept Robert Kennedy Jr’s advice. Know that he is a big proponent and mover in the Anti-Vaxxer movement with many contradictory claims. He is not a scientist and does not believe in science. If he did, I do not believe he would be such a “idol” in that community of non believers of science–the anti-vaxxers who still believe that vaccines are the reason we have increased cases of autism in the United States. “Be wary of those voices who are not here to join the United States, but trying to split us all apart” is my newest motto.

  24. The Word GOVERN MENTAL Says it all .take control of your own lives before it is to late . cause what you all are sowning is what yous all are going to be reaping .

  25. Robert Kennedy Jr is one of the greatest moral authorities of our time. I have nothing but deep respect for his sacrifice and his work. Fauci, however, is on the other end of the scale when it comes to integrity.

  26. Wow the Bots and trolls are out in force …Kennedy hit a nerve! No I’ll change that to an artery. Hahahahaha please Mr Avi is it? You can have my vaccine along with yours…youll be singing soprano by the time you hit the door.

  27. For some facts read Dr. Paul Thomas’ book, “The Vaccine-Friendly Plan” which shows that with a few changes to the current CDC children’s vaccine schedule autism can be virtually eliminated [likely due to neurologic effects of vaccine adjuvants like aluminum].
    No double-blind, placebo-controlled safety studies were ever done on any childhood vaccine, and follow up programs are woefully inadequate to expose adverse events.
    Just say “no” to the current vaccine schedule.
    Robert Jones, M.D., pediatrician

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