Seattle CHOP Leaders Tell Anarchists To Go Home And Vote For This “Revolutionary” Candidate

(Right Country) – Looks like the autonomous nation CHOP is reaching the end of it’s line. After a raucous weekend in which two people were shot, one fatally, the leftist Seattle mayor, Jenny Durkan, seems to have finally come to some sense and decided it’s time to put an end to the little liberal dystopia make-believe land.

For weeks now far-left radicals and domestic terrorist groups like Black Lives Matter and Antifa have taken over a 6-block area in Seattle’s downtown. They set up physical borders and set up armed “militia” members to guard them while declaring it a police-free autonomous nation independent of the US. The world’s smallest independent country had a laundry list of radical leftist demands for the city and state they had abdicated from, such as defunding and disbanding the police departments and even requested help from the US on multiple occasions for food and emergency services.

While they thought themselves to be the Little Nation That Could, CHOP was plagued with the natural consequences of a society void of actual law and order, chaos and violence, which have led to its ultimate, and inevitable, demise. Nonetheless, leaders of CHOP seem to think their Orwellian experiment was a success! None of their demands were even so much as entertained and violent crime increased threefold in the area but CHOP leaders are focusing on the positives, apparently.

Before the nation is completely dismantled, CHOP leaders issued a heartwarming goodbye to all their loyal anarchists who made CHOP possible and also encouraged them to go home and vote for “revolutionary change” by electing Joe Biden come November.

“The CHOP project is now concluded,” a message posted on the official CHOP Twitter account said. “While we expect a very small handful of holdouts may try to remain in the CHOP no further organizing will be occurring to support this presence and the number on-site will be too small to be more than an annoyance for pedestrians rather than a zonal blockade.”

An important message from #CHOP #CHOPSeattle. Please amplify. Thank you for your support over the last two weeks.
#ChopWasASuccess #CHOPcomms #CHOPCHAZ  #BlackLivesMatter

— Capitol Hill Occupied Protest (Official Account) (@CHOPOfficialSEA) June 24, 2020

At the end of the message leaders urged protesters to vote for “revolutionary change” by electing Joe Biden, but as Newswars points out, this is a very strange and contradictory directive given that Biden is a veteran of the political establishment.

More from Newswars:

Despite Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan declaring the occupation to be a “summer of love,” violent crime skyrocketed by 300% and residents reported hearing gunshots and the screams of women likely being raped on a regular basis.

After numerous complaints from locals who said they were living in fear of their safety, Durkan was forced to do a 180 and order cops back in to reclaim control.

CHOP, which always felt like some weird chimera of the Burning Man festival and Charlie Manson’s Spahn Ranch, is over.

In summary, the utopian experiment has once again proved that Communism, on whatever scale it is attempted, always descends into violent mob rule.

But do you think leftists will wake up and see the reality of the situation? Not a chance.


  1. So called Chop is the best thing that ever happened to the Republican party…it was a huge gift and Chop should do more. What these chop asses don’t realize are the millions of conservative people..a sleeping giant!!

  2. Encouraging their useful idiots to vote for Biden. Like we didn’t see that coming. It does prove one thing, Biden’s VP pick will be a radical stupid jackass like themselves.
    The plan is going forward. Biden will be declared incompetent and the AOC style VP will be president. Republicans, don’t be discouraged or content. Vote straight republican party on Nov. 3, 2020! Failure to do so will result in complete anarchy.

  3. Of course they want them to vote for Joe Biden. Between his dementia, and the fact that the Democrat Party has become the party of Anarchists, and Socialists/Communists, this is EXACTLY what THEY want, and need !

  4. Joe Biden – Who declares you ain’t black if you don’t vote for him. Who declares that Christians should be registered as a terrorist group. Who signed a 3 strikes you’re out bill that incarcerated thousands of blacks for petty crimes. Who wants free this and free that, but baby, that free is coming straight out of taxpayers pockets, which means it ain’t free. You’re paying for free.
    Joe Biden whose dementia is so bad that he has to hide from the world so that no one can see how bad it actually is. Who is such a puppet that he’ll agree to anything in order to win and will immediately forget what he agreed to and therefore will accomplish nothing.
    Trump could have accomplished a lot if he didn’t have to fight the democrats to do what he promised to do to help America recover. Is he perfect? No. Far from it. Is he an eloquent speaker? No. Far from it. Does he love this country? Absolutely. If you live your freedom, please don’t vote for Biden.

  5. And this is all a surprise….

    What a beautiful farce. America tolerating this abhorrent behavior makes it the laughing stock of the world..

  6. Seattle will lose not only it’s tax paying businesses but millions of dollars from the tourist industry, simply because the “Elected Officials” did not perform the jobs they were elected to perform. They gained the publics trust during their campaigns and made promises. It is up to the voters now to remove these incompetent politicians from office and replace them with people that will support the needs of the people and city in their care. Seattle was a beautiful city and a must see location in the world before the anarchists were “allowed” to run rampant, now it’s a dangerous place to avoid. Mayor, the demise of Seattle is on your watch, you are to blame, no one else.


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