Seattle Is Holding Racially Segregated Training; The Reason Why Is Probably The Craziest Thing You’ll Read Today

(Right Country) – So the city of Seattle decided to put on a little “racially segregated” employee “training exercise” during the month of June that was for white staffers. The goal of this training was to instruct the white folk who they can go about “undoing your own whiteness,” in order to be held accountable by people of color.

Yes, you’ve swallowed the red pill and woken up from the Matrix. Yes, you’ve followed Alice’s white rabbit down the hole into utter insanity. Yes, you’ve been swallowed whole by the mouth of madness, and this bad boy isn’t going to be throwing you up any time soon.

You know, didn’t black people fight against segregation once? Wasn’t it considered progress when we integrated? Seems like that was a thing a long time ago. So were those individuals wrong? I’m a little confused here.

Here’s more from BizPacReview:

Citing documents that were obtained via a public records request, the session was held June 12, as so-called ‘demonstrators’ had recently set up the Capitol Hill Organized Protest (CHOP) zone in the city’s district by the same name.

One of the handouts given to staffers during the session declared that “racism is not our fault but we are responsible,” while another claimed white staffers had to surrender “the land” as well as their “guaranteed physical safety” so they could become an “accomplice” for racial justice.

Christopher F. Rufo, a City Journal editor and head of the Discovery Institute’s Center on Wealth and Poverty, said he was the one who made the public records request pertaining to the training session.

He posted copies of the materials that were handed out to Seattle city staffers on his Twitter account.

“First, diversity trainers informed white participants that ‘objectivity,’ ‘individualism,’ ‘intellectualization,’ and ‘comfort’ are all vestiges of internalized racial oppression,” Rufo wrote.

Do these people not realize how nutty they sound? Has it never occurred to them how absolutely bat crap kooky it is to think you can “deprogram” your “whiteness?” Look, most of us don’t even pay attention to our color, let alone allow it to define who we are. Aren’t we supposed to transcend boundaries like that? Who cares that much about the color of their own skin that their entire identity is wrapped up in race? That’s insane.

The materials were generated by the city’s Office of Civil Rights, according to his screenshots. The two-and-a-half-hour session was called, “Training on Internalized Racial Superiority for White People.”

In an email inviting staffers to the event, the office asked that “city employees who identify as white to join this training to learn, reflect, challenge ourselves, and build skills and relationships that help us show up more fully as allies and accomplices for racial justice.”

“We’ll examine our complicity in the system of white supremacy – how we internalize and reinforce it – and begin to cultivate practices that enable us to interrupt racism in ways to be accountable to Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) folks within our community,” the email said, as Fox News reported.

Who sent the email is unclear, as the name of the sender was redacted. Rufo said “the City of Seattle has refused to provide the names of the diversity trainers, the budget for the program, or the video of the session.”

“I’m going to keep pushing—because this is exactly the kind of thought-policing they want to implement everywhere,” Rufo tweeted. “The new cultural revolution is being fought via corporate HR, city diversity training, and public school curriculums. When you find something like this in your community, expose it, criticize it, mock it, and reject it.”

So what sort of materials were these individuals exposed to to help them get rid of their whiteness? How about handouts that talk about how they should create networks with other white folks who are “practicing antiracist accomplicehood so you can talk through your struggles in the work of undoing your own whiteness?”

Trainers implored white staffers how to begin “practicing self-talk that affirms our complicity in racism.”

“Racism is not our fault but we are responsible,” a bullet point on the materials said.

To be considered “accomplices” in ‘racial justice,’ whites must surrender “comfort,” “guaranteed physical safety,” “expectations or presumptions of emotional safety,” “control over other people and the land,” and “relationships with some other white people.”

Whites were also advised to pass on “niceties from neighbors and colleagues,” “the certainty of your job,” and “accepting jobs and promotions when we are not qualified, including racial equity jobs.”

White workers were also instructed on how to “interrupt” their own whiteness by being “honest and implicate yourself either in the moment or in past experiences in which you acted or thought similarly.”

Guys, I just don’t know how much more of this I can stomach. The country is losing its collective mind over racism, creating it where it didn’t used to exist. It’s absolute insanity. Truly. What these people want folks to do cannot be done, because it’s utter nonsense. Utter. Nonsense.

This is proof that liberalism is a mental illness.



  1. Why are we doing the bidding of a Maoist organization. They could care less about blacks, they just want to destroy this country.

  2. Since when does the minority lay down the laws in this country?All we hear is more demands every day.Why doesnt someone have the balls to tell them we will consider your demands when only 10 0/0 of minority children are in a single parent home?How about the police going on strike-lets see how it works.Lock and load .Jack

  3. This is a joke right? No one can be this ignorant …” undoing your whiteness”! Oh, I got it we’re actually in a parallel universe.
    I’m about “ up to here ^” and beyond with this ridiculousness and nonsense.
    Trying to erase history. Try to “ undo your blackness “ or undo your
    browness” one cant help what color they are at birth. Ancestors are rolling over in their graves! SMDH people need to “grown up” and stop blaming everyone and everything else for their mishaps in life.
    You have two choices in life , Be part of the solution if not you choose to Be part of the problem.

  4. I’ve read articles that said many words phrases sentences and so on that sounded good but said absolutely nothing. Seattle’s new training to be unwhite sounds so similar. Crap.


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