Senate Report Drops Massive Bombshells After Year-Long Investigation Into Hunter Biden

(Right Country) – The year-long Senate investigation into Hunter Biden and his dealings with Ukraine has come to the conclusion that Biden’s efforts to profit off of foreign business deals during his father’s vice presidency raised concern among US government officials, who cited an ethical conflict of interest and even flagged concerns about possible criminal activity including bribery and sex trafficking.

The Republican-led Senate Homeland and Government Affairs and Senate Finance Committees delivered the much-anticipated report which included many major revelations that suggest Obama administration officials ignored obvious warning signs indicating ethical conflicts and possible extortion risks involving Joe Biden’s family.

Potentially the most damning discovery is that the US Treasury Department flagged payments collected overseas by Hunter Biden and his business partner Devon Archer for possible illicit activities.

Just the News has more:

The so-called Suspicious Activity Reports flagged millions of dollars in transactions from the Ukrainian gas company Burisma Holdings, a Russian oligarch named Yelena Baturina, and Chinese businessmen with ties to Beijing’s communist government, the report said. Senate investigators have yet to determine if the FBI or others investigated the concerns.

“The Treasury records acquired by the Chairmen show potential criminal activity relating to transactions among and between Hunter Biden, his family, and his associates with Ukrainian, Russian, Kazakh and Chinese nationals,” the 87-page report disclosed, confirming an earlier report in Just the News.

The report, citing U.S. government records, also raised concerns about possible ties to sex and human trafficking rings. “Hunter Biden paid nonresident women who were nationals of Russia or other Eastern European countries and who appear to be linked to an Eastern European prostitution or human trafficking ring,” the report said.

An attorney for Hunter Biden has yet to respond to a [sic] emailed request for comment.

Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee Chairman Ron Johnson told Just the News Wednesday morning that the sheer volume of suspicious activity in Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings left the Vice President vulnerable to illicit influence or extortion. 

“The report raises serious questions that former Vice President Biden needs to answer. There are simply too many potential conflict of interest, counterintelligence and extortion threats to ignore,” he said. 

You can read the full report below:

The findings of this report should prove to voters without a doubt that Joe Biden and his family are corrupt to the core and have made millions, possibly billions, of dollars off of illegal, unethical or otherwise corrupt foreign business dealings, and this report just focused on Ukraine. What on earth would an investigation into the Biden’s dealings with China uncover?

Not only does this report prove just how corrupt the Biden’s are it further demonstrates just how hypocritical the left truly is. They tried to impeach the dually elected sitting President of the United States on fabricated charges of “quid pro quo” but spent years turning a blind eye to the blatant and provable corruption that Hunter Biden was taking part in and the possible connection all it had to his father, the Vice President at the time.

The Senate has an obligation to uncover these crimes and the American people deserve to know the truth before the election.


  1. Biden just going to lie about it and Hillary will do the same she let 4 American to die in Benghazi and still running her mouth a lifetime f—ing America we can put the mad dog down but we can`t put away Hillary why is that ??? we know why

  2. How has this been able to continue. Biden is on film talking about withholding US Funds unless the investigator is fired, which did happen. Where is he. Why has Hunter not gone to any of the few events of Biden or even in the basement. I really want to know what went on in the meeting in Oval Office when Biden mentioned LOgan Act. Everything that he says is fed to him. He is a shell of a person and is clearly not able to lead our country

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