Senator Amy Klobuchar Uses Confirmation Hearing To Slam President Trump And Peddle These Lies

(Right Country) – The Supreme Court confirmation process of Judge Amy Coney Barrett is officially underway as Senators gave their opening statements Monday morning. While Republican Senators stayed on topic and focused on the SCOTUS and Barrett, Democrats used the opportunity to slam President Trump and politicize the entire process. Among these Democratic Senators was former failed presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar (MN) who used her time speaking to push the tired, oft-debunked lie that President Trump has “refused to condemn white supremacists” as well as other disproven false narratives.

“We have a president who divides our country each and every day. He has called our military suckers and losers. He’s refused to condemn white supremacists, and he has the gall to hold up a Bible as a prop in front of a church instead of heeding its words, to act justly,” Klobuchar said.

As various media outlets have recently highlighted, not only has President Trump condemned white supremacy and racism but he has done so more than any other President in American history.

Here’s more from Breitbart:

Two days after the incident in Charlottesville, Virginia, in 2017, Trump said, “Racism is evil and those who cause violence in its name are criminals and thugs, including the KKK, neo-Nazis, white supremacists, and other hate groups”:

A month later, the president signed a congressional resolution condemning white supremacy.

In 2019, following shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, Trump said, “In one voice, our nation must condemn racism, bigotry and white supremacy.”

“These sinister ideologies must be defeated. Hate has no place in America. Hatred warps the mind, ravages the heart, and devours the soul,” he added.

During the first presidential debate, moderator Chris Wallace asked Trump, “But are you willing tonight to condemn white supremacists and militia group and to say that they need to stand down and not add to the violence in a number of these cities as we saw in Kenosha and as we’ve seen in Portland?”

Trump responded, “Sure, I’m prepared to do it.”

Klobuchar also said Trump called fallen soldiers “suckers and losers” — an uncorroborated claim popularized by the Atlantic. As Breitbart News reported, “more a dozen current and former Trump administration officials have publicly and demonstratively denied the claims in the Atlantic article — including former National Security Adviser John Bolton, who has become a Trump critic.”

Klobuchar also claimed that Trump used a Bible as a prop, though she did not mention the fact that Trump chose to walk to St. John’s Episcopal Church as a response to protesters setting it ablaze.

Klobuchar continued her tirade saying, “We are dealing with a president who doesn’t think truth matters.”

“And he has allies in Congress who in the past defended our democracy but are now doing his bidding,” she continued, slamming the GOP for starting the confirmation process despite some members saying in Obama’s final year that the “president in the election year should wait” until after the election to move with a Supreme Court nominee. Of course, the circumstances were completely different then but don’t count on Democrats to be mindful of details or truth.

Injustice, she continued, can move at “lightning speed, as we are seeing here today.” She also spoke to Americans watching the hearing from home that they cannot “separate this hearing from the moment we’re in and from the judge he’s trying to rush through.”

“This is a rush to put in a justice,” she said, and then noting the “profound impact” it could have on their lives in regards to school choice, healthcare, marriage and, of course, abortion.

“We have a president who has refused to commit to a peaceful transfer of power after an election. Every candidate does that. But not this guy,” she said, blasting Trump for firing or replacing inspector generals, an attorney general, FBI director, and now “going after their replacements.”

Naturally, she didn’t point out the fact that Joe Biden has said he will not concede should he lose on Election Day. Klobuchar perfectly illustrates the reason why it’s so important for Congress to do their job and confirm Judge Barrett. The left is coming completely unhinged. The level of propaganda being touted as fact is beyond appalling. Should the seat be left vacant, America would be in for the biggest constitutional crisis in our history after the election.

It’s time to vote out the lying, unscrupulous politicians like Klobuchar.


  1. My first reaction is that the next Repububican that got the microphone should have called her out for her lies but on second thought that is probably what the Dems would want. To pull the whole process down in the mud. Perhaps Graham should have just thanked her for her fictitious ramblings

  2. This woman just reinforced the reason this hearing needs to confirm Judge Barrett. She reiterated all the lies that Kamala got slammed for in her debate with VP Pence. When will the Dems admit that they are sore losers?

    • RMC – when? – NEVER. These ‘hearings’ – which are likely to change none of their votes – are simply yet another chance for the dems to pontificate and try to sway some potential general voters. What it really is doing is showing their true colors. They are being petty, partisan, vile, vicious and vindictive as is their usual practice.

  3. We apologize for her in Minnesota! She has not called out Ilhan for one crime! We need to drain the lakes in St.Paul! We have a real nest of venomous politicians like Klobuchar! A loser figuratively and literally!

    • She is the rocket scientist that sponsored the lead bill back a decade or so ago. At the time she made a public statement that she didn’t realize how that would affect events like a young woman who did motocross and wanted to buy a new bike but couldn’t because she was too young and it had a battery. SURPRISE, Amy! Batteries have lead! I live in the Communist State of Minnesota as well. Along with the likes of Governor Walz and the mayors of Mpls and St Paul, our fellow residents have elected a bunch of doozies. I have retreated to the northern part of the state where there remains at least some sanity.

    • Fritz – some of us appreciate your attempt but we still remember y’all voted the body in as governor and crazy al as senator, not to mention the current governor. Maybe the rest of us should be demanding reparations for those actions. Nah, just clamp down on the nuts in Minneapolis and restore some sanity and we’ll call it even 😉

  4. Damn she likes to hear herself talk a lot. I thought this was a confirmation hearing.
    What a bimbo. Not so Great fairy tale, off subject and without any substance.
    She needs to get a real job. Not very good at this one!

  5. Why do they just keep spewing the lies that have been disproven time and time again but their hatred of Trump overrules everything. I thought they were there to question Amy. So sad!!!! They have disrespected the office of the Presidency for almost 4 years now. If this was done to Obama all Hell would have broken loose.

    • Claire it is simple TDS. Orange man bad. Even with unsupported anonymous claims that are denied by every person physically present, even his decenters. Anything Trump says is a lie, no matter how much evidence supporting it. And Democrats according to MSM everything they say is factual in their odd minds. Like Biden’s Ukraine issue forcing them to dismiss the Attorney going after his son’s finance group. Which he admitted, well actually gloated about on TV. But this has been debunked when he said it wasn’t true.

  6. I guess since she lost in the primaries (actually getting her butt beat) by an old man with dementia that can’t remember he is actually running for President and not the senate. That must really hurt. But, typical dems response getting nasty a much uglier if possible (taking a chapter out of hillary’s book) keep blaming others and clowns in the party will start to build momentum with the lie in the future.
    Amy is ten times the women and many times the lawyer and will make one of the most spectacular Supreme Court Judges ever (She should have been the Chief Justice since he does not seem to read the law but reads tea leaves in his judgements).

  7. Watching this cow in action makes me embarrassed that the rest of the world realize thaa 1/2 of our government (like the voters that put these clowns into office) are mental rejects.

  8. This pee brained little socialist witch is nothing more than one of many political turd stains on my home state of Minnesota. Time for the political “Shout,” “Tide” & Chlorox with bleach!
    PS: the moderators apparently did not like my previous main comment & deleted it! DAMN!

  9. What a whiner! I guess she’s a sore loser after getting beat by a senile has-been who’s accomplished nothing in 47 years. I thought this was a hearing about the SCOTUS nominee not a forum to vent your frustrations about our current president and his (and AMERICANS) agenda. The Democrats just can’t let it go and they certainly don’t let the facts get in the way. What a miserable piece of humanity…


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