Shocking: How Bellwether Counties Voted In 2020 Reveals Something Is Very Wrong With Projections

(Right Country) – Nothing about the 2020 election is normal.

No, it’s not just the pandemic or unprecedented partisan division that made this general election unique.

The way people voted, how many people supposedly voted, and who bellwether counties voted for all point to something being seriously amiss with the media projection of Joe Biden as the winner.

The Wall Street Journal found that, out of the 19 bellwether counties that have gone for the winner of a general election every single time since 1980, all but a single one voted for Trump, according to PJ Media.

What are the odds that, if every single vote counted across the nation is completely legitimate, every single bellwether county was wrong after being consistently right for forty years?

That seems highly suspicious at best.

The one outlier was Washington state’s Clallam County, who voted for Biden.

However, Vigo County in Indiana, who has only failed to vote along with the winner of a general election twice since 1888—and the last time in 1952—was apparently wrong a third time, that is, if Trump genuinely lost the presidential election.

The Journal also noted that just 2.5% of the nation’s counties flipped from one party in 2016 to the other in 2020. Most of those that flipped were by narrow margins.

What’s more, bellwether states Ohio and Florida also went for Trump.

Ohio has only voted for a presidential election’s losing candidate twice since 1896.

And both of those times was a similar close call.

In 1960, the state voted for Richard Nixon who lost by a hair to John F. Kennedy.

And in 1944, the state had voted for Thomas Dewey in his now-infamous loss to Harry Truman.

You combine this with reports of very suspicious “glitches” to accusations of downright voter fraud and you have an election that millions of Americans are right to have absolutely no faith in.

The Democrats may have gotten out over their skis a little too far on this one.

When the Trump campaign is finished pursuing their lawsuits, demands for investigations, and recounts, it could get all new kinds of crazy up in here.

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  1. We all already know the election was fixed for Biden to win. What we need is for it to be proved, and thrown out. After all that, we need it repaired so it can and will never happen again. This is insanity. We are already living in the Communist states of America and I for one of many am not liking it at all.

  2. If the Democrats are will to use the Chinese plaque against America I believe it is time to re-think and possibly re-purpose the Democrat party.


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