Shocking Survey Reveals What People Think Coronavirus Is Really About

(Right Country) – If you’re concerned about civil liberties, there’s a very good chance that your Spidey sense has been tingling since day one of the pandemic.

While there are varying opinions on the severity of the virus, there is no doubt that it has been leveraged to apply severely tyrannical–and often, totally nonsensical–coronavirus restrictions we’ve been assured would “slow the spread.”

It all made sense at first when we were dealing with a new virus that China and the World Health Organization had not been forthcoming about.

Then, as deaths plummeted, symptoms got milder, treatments were made available, and the restrictions dragged on, it became undeniable that the pandemic was being used as a political ploy.

All this has, undoubtedly, led to many to reject everything they hear about the virus and develop conspiracy theories about what’s really behind it.

This is not to say the virus hasn’t been very real or that the conspiracy theorists are correct, but it is quite worthy of note that, at this stage of the pandemic, there are many who believe the whole thing is a “hoax.”

Summit News reports that a survey conducted by Cambridge University and published in the Royal Society Open Science journal reveals that just one in eight Britishers believe that the coronavirus pandemic is a conspiracy on the part of the global elite to enable governments to mandate forced vaccination.

One in five, according to the survey, would reject any COVID vaccine.

The researchers attributed this belief to “misinformation,” which certainly has to be at least partly true, however understandable it might be that many would believe the government will end up mandating a COVID vaccine, or at least trying to.

The entire pandemic has been rife with confusion, misinformation, double-standards, and lies on the part of government officials, and much of it has surrounded forcing citizens to do or not do something that would otherwise be well within their rights.

They’ve managed to completely disrupt and upend our lives? Why wouldn’t they also cross the bridge into forced vaccination?

“Certain misinformation claims are consistently seen as reliable by substantial sections of the public,” declared the study’s co-author, Dr. Sander van der Linden.

“We find a clear link between believing coronavirus conspiracies and hesitancy around any future vaccine,” he added.

The study points to “social media echo chambers” and asserts that people will believe anything they read on their feeds without scrutinizing the information.

This is entirely true in this day and age, and causes additional confusion in a world where the mainstream and legacy media outlets are just as difficult to trust as the YouTube videos our cousins are always posting about the COVID vaccine and the Mark of the Beast.

The study also found that 23 people believe that the virus escaped from the Wuhan lab where it had been designed deliberately.

Of course, it’s hard for millions of global citizens to ignore the fact that the coronavirus originated in Wuhan, China, where there just so happens to be a virology lab that has been studying coronavirus in bats that even received funding from the Obama administration.

Just some food for thought, as Summit News has documented.

Interestingly, however, they note that the study actually lumped this in with the theory from the beginning of the pandemic that 5G had been making people more vulnerable to the coronavirus crisis and theories that breathing in hot air could cure the virus (that’s a new one!).

Around 8% of those surveyed believed that 5G weakened the immune system, while 7% believed the hot air theory.

Finally, the survey noted that those who are less mathematically fluent are more likely to believe this “misinformation,” and that a population with improved analytical skills could better sift through “fake news.”

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  1. Bet that “you’re being manipulated for the political gain of the demonrats (DNC) and you’ll win! Period. It’s so simple a child can figure it out. What’s not so simple, is what to DO about it!? You have democrat politicians who are willing to “kill you” for their own (power) gain. What does that tell you? You’re not represented by a government “of the people, by the people, for the people” you’re being manipulated by “self serving egocentric power hungry maniacs” who’d kill their own mothers “for money & power!” They lived in the swamp (where not just anyone “could get in” & indeed, not many really “want to” it’s icky!) Trump came in… drained their home… upended their “ways” and killed alot of their money making schemes (thus pummeling their LIVELYHOODS) and they’re understandably PISSED OFF ABOUT IT! LOL. But screw them! Every time I hear one of them say “our founding fathers… or the Constitution…” I just want to wretch! They SO “HAVE NO IDEA” what the founding fathers would’ve DONE TO THEM “for their insolence and malfeasance!” Treason! They’d have said! The moment you mentioned killing babies! Let alone ANY of their OTHER nepharious thought processes! And OMG!… the fact that THEY “DON’T BELIEVE IN GOD!” Heathens! They’d burn ’em at the stake! Witches! LOL
    So… Trump 2020 and someone (better even!) 2024! God Bless America 🇺🇸

  2. Notice how the Democrats had nothing else to talk about during their convention except the coronavirus and Trump. This tells me that they needed the coronavirus in order to use it against President Trump and America. With evil globalists like Bill Gates and George Soros funding this operation, they could care less about the average person. It’s all about their evil globalists plan to kill off large numbers of people through a pandemic in order to save the planet, and to give more power to China by destroying America. This is why Americans need to support President Trump in large numbers, otherwise the evil globalists and Democrats will end America as we know it.


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