Shocking Video Shows Americans Shopping In Full Panic Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

(Right Country) – As the coronavirus continues to spread within our borders, American people are panicking and headed to big box stores to prepare.

Long lines that have been seen in nations like China, Japan, South Korea, and around the world are also being spotted as Americans try to stock up on food and medical supplies.

On Saturday, the US Surgeon General urged average Americans to “stop buying masks,” explaining in a Tweet that they’re actually ineffective at preventing communication of the virus.

Despite being told by the CDC not to panic, Americans are still lining up. One video circulating online shows a frantic scene at a Costco in Brooklyn, New York.

Brooklyn residents braved the freezing cold to stock up on goods and supplies.

Earlier this week, Hawaii residents also shopped in a panic to prepare for a potential widespread outbreak.

Earlier this week, Summit News reported:

Fears over the coronavirus impacting supply chains have continued to drive panic buying of food, water, toilet paper and surgical masks across numerous major countries today.

More than 50 countries now have confirmed coronavirus cases, with the worst hit countries outside of China being Iran and Italy. BBC News reports that at least 210 people in Iran had died from the virus, way higher than official government figures.

This has prompted panic buying as customers desperately stock up on supplies in anticipation of potential shortages.

Photos out of northern California show shelves being emptied of respirators and bottled water.

Face masks are also completely sold out in numerous stores.


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