Sidney Powell Demands To See Record Of Georgia Zoom Meeting; Here’s The Reason Why

(Right Country) – Attorney Sidney Powell, currently representing Gen. Michael Flynn, has been working hard on attempting to prove that the current presidential election is being stolen by the Democratic Party through various instances of voter fraud.

Powell has now posted up an open letter to Georgia Secretary of state Brad Raffensperger and has revealed that she’s set to file a lawsuit in the state.

According to BizPacReview, Powell is accusing state officials of “refusing to perform a real audit,” and has requested to be given records from a Zoom meeting that took place the day of an “open records act request” she posted on social media.

Powell has been extremely vocal about her criticism of Raffensperger and Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp. She recently spoke with Lou Dobbs on Fox Business where she said that the lawsuit, which she described as a “massive document” would be filed on Wednesday.

“Please consider this an open records act request for the #Zoom meeting of today’s date with electors & your refusal to perform a real audit to include envelopes & all documents required,” the attorney posted on Tuesday.

The tweet was directed to Raffensperger, who is a Republican, or at least claims to be one, finishing off the tweet with #TrumpLandslide.

There were a total of 5 million ballots cast in the state of Georgia. Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden only beat President Trump by 12,670 votes, which were tallied after a hand recount of every ballot.

Powell is working hard to ensure that the election system we cherish and hold so dear is preserved and protected from the dirty, underhanded thievery and cheating being carried out by radical left-wing Democrats who want nothing more than to see our nation destroyed and rebuilt in the image of Marx.

Our president is also fighting, personally, to ensure that every instance of voter fraud is investigated. If he loses fair and square, that’s one. But it certainly seems as if this whole thing is being torn away from him, despite the strong showing of support he had on election night.

All we can do at this point is hope and pray that the truth is revealed and those responsible for this wickedness are held accountable for their actions.

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  1. now all this is just something to make people distrust the entire system, when in fact in Georgia a Republican controlled state in every aspect of the Government, and even the Governor said every law was followed to the letter.

    • The “system” hasn’t been trusted for a long time. Trump was elected because of the “system”. And he’s beating the hell out it by himself practically. And the other 150 million of us and our secret weapon. The “system” hates all of it! And us. They can’t believe it’s over. They had it all set up. They thought.

  2. Ms Powell you are my HERO , bury these living thieves .im an 87 year old Korean vet and I’m sick to see my country going into theshitter , and if sleepy joe takes over with his Obama whores it’s all over for the USA . Thank you for your hard work .we A Erica should love our country and support you .dedicated American from the old days .

  3. The signatures need to be audited in EVERY swing state including Georgia. The left does not want this to happen and will do everything to block it. Why? Because it will reveal that there were hundreds of thousands if not millions of illegal votes.

    In Wayne county (Detroit) Michigan, 71% of the precints cannot balance their votes. There are more ballots than registered voters.

    The evidence for voting fraud lies in the signatures. If these cannot be audited, then it will be difficult to prove voter fraud. Let us see the signatures!

    • The problem is that the signatures have been separated from the ballots so there is no way to know for sure which ballots are legal and which were added after the fact causing the excessive number of ballots. The only way to fix the problem is an in person do over of the voting for those areas in question whether it is one township or the entire state.

  4. God Bless you Sidney, but do not lose your faith!! Remember what the Lord said, “Before they hated you, they hated me”…hope our President remembers this and keeps the faith!!

  5. We all know President Trump won this election and is being cheated out of it. I just pray that these totally evil people will be found out and brought to justice. We cannot allow this to continue. Please Sidney continue the fight and win this election for this wonderful President. Keep praying for this to be won by these dedicated people who are trying to save our freedom

  6. The governor and Secretary of State are caught being corrupt politicians. They will never be re elected. I know 5 people in the county I live, when they went to vote on Election Day only to be told they had already voted by mail. The only election that was filled out was for President. Biden hid in his basement and never took any question about his corruption or his sons. When he did show his face no one was there. Me and my wife got a mail in ballot and did not ask for one. The mail man I know in town, delivered 20 mail in ballots to one address. It was definitely stolen. Say a prayer that the truth comes out. If Biden goes in, we are through

  7. Battle hymn of the republic this election result if cannot be righted peacefully in the court room then our fight for continued freedom and liberty must be settled on the battle field this will settle this argument once and for all by providing amendment to the constitution provisions that prevent fraud and thievery of every Americans legitimate right to vote and it legitimate right to be counted

  8. We must persue all indicators of voter fraud until the truth is revealed and faith in the integrity of our system of government is restored. Only then can we confidently move forward and make America great again.

  9. Now that’s a woman that should run for president someday! She knows right from wrong and she has balls. I would back her any day. Ty, Sydney! You are a modern day hero. Next, let me just add, this alleged scheme involved Republicans too. Anyone who is blocking discovery in this lawsuit or Pres Trump’s lawsuit should be suspect they are complicit, irregardless of their political party ( Mitt Romney we see you.) I’m not sure I want those highly unmotivated to find transparency legislators in the swing states choosing electors if it comes to that either, even if Republican. They may be covering their asses bc they may have cheated to win as well and sold out Pres Trump and their party in the process. Also, someone needs to look into Cali and New York voter fraud… You can’t tell me the people in those states were happy w their tyrant leaders and therefore voted in the democratic party overwhelmingly again! Finally, who is willng to make an aggregate tape of recordings across the world of what the mass media has been saying about covid? If it all comes up the same, word for word, in massive amounts, we know covid lockdowns and masking was a plan to destroy nations by globalists, specifically America by unseating the current president. Then we have to stand up to it and say we won’t be cowed by a virus that people survive 98.957% of the time.


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